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02 Mar 2015

Wedding Mondays


So this wedding video had me at Lord Huron and from there things could only get better and better. Set in Normandy, France, this couple threw a stunner of a wedding. It’s hard to pick a favorite element from this because everything kind of happens at once – the lace dress, the floral headpieces, and oh my gosh – that first look. I’m not even sure when the first look became a wedding trend, but it is so much better than that old rule of you can’t see your partner until you walk down the aisle. But… you know me, I’m not one for traditions anyways.

So this venue is the prettiest thing we’ve ever seen. To view the entire wedding feature, click here to see everything at Green Wedding Shoes!

02 Mar 2012

Half Graffiti Hotel Room

Graffiti artist, Tilt, has recently created a masterpiece out of a French hotel room. One half of the room is completely done in graffiti and it looks AMAZING. I can’t even begin to imagine the patience and time it took to get this right. This piece of interior design along with five other pieces can be found at the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France.


23 Oct 2011

Decor Bug – Moar Please

As soon as we put up my framed Society6 prints today, my head immediately started spinning with new ideas for decorating. All I wanted were more colors, more DIY projects and of course more prints! It didn’t help today that I stumbled upon a blog featuring the French shop La Case de Cousin Paul. The store lets you customize your own garlands of colored light balls, which would make fantastic additions to any room. I’ve already found a space for them…now if I could only learn enough French so that I could order them somehow. They are also decently priced as well. A garland of 20 balls cost only 22 Euros ($30.) Prepare to swoon over the website here.

Check out this blogger’s photos from her visit to the store.

06 Jan 2011

Facebook Meet Your Match

French artist Fabien David has composed a mural full of pictures by photographing 100 pedestrians on the streets of Lyon, France. He then posted their photos to a wall for all to see. What a beautiful project and one that is so simple. It is nothing like the social networking website, but I can’t help but wonder what Facebook would have been like had it been stripped down to the basics and the foundation that it started upon. Instead of having some photograph of yourself drunkenly dancing at a party, why not have our default be one photo taken just of our face in front of a neutral background? I almost feel like you can still learn just as much about a person in a less complicated way.

To view more photos, click here.


07 Sep 2010

Look at this:

30 lb. gold fish caught by Angler Raphael Biagini in France.

Oh. My. God.


01 Jun 2010

In Random News…

Al and Tipper Gore are separating after 40 years of marriage.

Capitol Hill’s Grey Gallery is closing their current location, but hopes to relocate. [source]


Can somebody tell me the meaning behind this “Come As You Are” campaign done by McDonald’s France?

I’d really like to hear some opinions about this.

Heidi and Spencer split… and nobody cares.

03 May 2010

App for That

If you have an iPhone, you basically rule the world. I mean… there is an app for literally everything these days. Now you can have iChocolates. An iPhone can produce it that’s for sure, but just not yours. iChocolates were designed to resemble the iPhone and its many icons, but the best part is the buttons are edible. Lucky you! These chocolates were handmade in France and also made from only organic ingredients.


04 Feb 2010

Out on the Town: 2/4

Come see the French group Nouvelle Vague tonight at the King Cat Theater. They are so great. You better go see them. They’re from France after all, so if you don’t see them tonight who knows when you’ll see them next?

Before you go, listen to their hit song, “This is Not a Love Song.” $20 ADV $25 at the doors. All ages.

27 Jan 2010

You’re Welcome.

Today Ed Banger sent out an email to the mass music bloggers about the new song “Beginning of the End,” by … wait for it…Justice.

The dynamic duo Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay will reportedly have an LP out later on this year, which is hinting at the idea that this song will appear on it.

If you would like to listen to this new song, click here


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