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Top Posts of the Week

With the nice weather out in Seattle, I have been spending less time on  the computer and more time outside and with great company! Obviously by doing that, I have gotten behind on posts for the week. Apologies. Instead of making an individual post for each, we’re doing a roundup and playing catch up!


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‘Friends’ Will Return For A Comeback Season

NBC has confirmed that ‘Friends’ will return for a complete comeback season on the network. The series will be revived in 2014, but there is no word yet on whether or not the full cast will be coming back. Wait a second – can they really have a ‘Friends’ with a brand new cast? I think not… looks like we’ll have to see!


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Song Attachments

Every now and then, a song will come along that may or may not change your life, but it may just change the way you live your life. This song has been around for sometime now this year, but every time I hear The Head and the Heart’s “Lost In My Mind,” I go nuts. I turn up the volume in the car and I belt this song at the top of my lungs so much that it embarrasses my own brother sitting next to me in the driver’s seat. I find myself breaking down into a little  folk dance that I make up on the spot and if I’m in public, I don’t clap my hands to the beat of the rhythm because I’m so sloppy and I love this song way too much to even care.

When I hear this song I am reminded of one of my favorite moments from this summer when I watched them live for the first time at Capitol Hill Block Party surrounded by my boys: Max, Mathew, Evan and darling Jen. I’m in a sea of hundreds of people on a hot hot Friday; I was nowhere near the stage, but for the first time, in a long time – I felt like THIS was home. My home throws their own music festival and I get to be there with my neighbors, the locals, the people I go to school with and my best friends. I knock back my head and all I see in the sky is nothing, but at the same time EVERYTHING. It was perfection in a form that I’ve never even seen before in my life. I probably could’ve gotten hosed in the face (which happened later on at Block Party that weekend) and would’ve been fine with it. I know people are still might be unhappy with Block Party because it interferes with their weekend and relaxation bulls***, but I think that this music festival is such a gift to the neighborhood. It’s been almost a month and I’m still talking about it.

I’m so proud of Seattle music. I’m not even sure if that’s the correct word I want to be using right now, but I realize every day how lucky I am to be immersed in this type of community filled with such passionate and talented people. Anyways, I don’t want to hide it. I can’t keep you from this song and this is the only way I know how to share it.

Sometimes I wonder what it would look like for an outside person to read one of my posts. I’m sure if I ever took the time to read my posts out loud, I would probably delete all of them for fear of sounding corny, cliche, or vulnerable.

Ehhh f-it. Enjoy this song. Enjoy your life. Last year’s pick was Local Natives – Wide Eyes

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I have talented friends

Yow Yow! has been such a wonderful outlet for me throughout my college career. It has allowed me to share bits of the world with the friends in my life and it has connected me to some amazing people that are doing pretty incredible stuff in their own lives. For a little over two and a half years, I have shared with you my own experiences attending college and living in the city, but these days, I want to spend less time talking about me and more time telling you about all of the wonderful people in my life.

Back in January, I discovered that my friend Philina had been recording some of her original songs in her YouTube videos. When I first met her four years ago, she was a fashionista, a comedian, and an artist who would later on become one of the sources of my inspiration. I mean, what couldn’t this girl do, right? Little did I know, she was bursting with a voice that could melt hearts (and faces? no not faces.) Philina just recorded a new video today and I cannot stop replaying the video. Play the video – show your friends and give her some love everyone!!

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Garden Party Goodbyes

Yesterday, my dearest friend Megan organized a garden-party themed going-away for our friends John and Lauren! It was the most adorable little set up that reminded me of something straight out of the themed event blogs that I peruse so I thought that I would share with you all some of the details from it. The surprise party took place in Megan’s backyard, which was transformed with strung-up lights, strewn pictures, candles everywhere, a playlist full of assorted music that included folk, swing, and some Beach Boys, and delicious treats and champagne!

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In the News…

Gwen Stefani will be donating her custom-made John Galliano wedding gown to the Victoria and Albert Design Museum in London. [Source]

Emmanuel Alt has debuted her first cover for Paris Vogue featuring Gisele Bundchen. [Source]

Lady Gaga has designed a bracelet to support the relief efforts in Japan. [Source]

David and Victoria Beckham are expecting a little girl! Finally! [Source]

Olivia Wilde has filed for divorce from her husband Tao Ruspoli. The couple separated last month. [Source]

– The cast of Breaking Dawn have evacuated from their production set in Vancouver due to the tsunami warning. [Source]

Lauryn Hill announces spring tour. [Source]

– Canadian actors Jay Baruchel and Allison Pill are now engaged. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson was seen rebounding with soon-to-be ex-husband Pete Wentz’s friend. Sucha fail. [Source]

Friends will be joining Nick at Nite’s lineup. [Source]

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have broken up. I thought this would never happen. Justin and Mila please! [Source]

Isla Fischer and Sascha Baron Cohen have finally revealed the name of their second daughter born last August: Elula Lottie Miriam Cohen. [Source]

Greek actress Spencer Grammer is pregnant. Also, can we note that her father Kelsey Grammer’s new wife is just two years older than his daughter? Gross. [Source]

– A Mexican man has tattooed 82 images of Julia Roberts’ face onto his body. [Source]

Bath & Body Works have created a new line of lotions, shower gels, and and other products dedicated to the Twilight franchise. I swear, I have a lotion that looks exactly like the one above, but I promise it’s not called Twilight Woods. Dumb. [1 2]

– Inspired by Charlie Sheen…the Tiger Blood energy drink. [Source]

Ashley Olson and Justin Bartha have split. [Source]

American Apparel CEO Dov Charney has been slapped with a $260 million lawsuit. [Source]

Lilith Fair ends its run. [Source]

– 14-year old actress Chloe Moretz has admitted that she will probably have plastic surgery done someday by her plastic surgeon father. [Source]

Billy Ray Cyrus will appear on The View on March 18th against daughter Miley’s wishes. [Source]

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Nomz: w/ Help from Friends!

Veronica taught me how to saute my leftover chicken into a broccoli and chicken dish using cornstarch, brown sugar, and soy sauce.

My dear friend Megan and I made a zucchini dish using her grandmother’s recipe. Then we fed John. It was so yummy! We also used a zucchini from her house back in Yakima, which was HUGE and an onion that she grew from her own garden here at her house at school.

So basically… you all haven’t been getting a lot of regular posts because I’ve been cooking!

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Going the Distance

For work last night, I brought along three of my friends from home to the advanced screening of Going the Distance. I love romantic comedies – that should be apparent by now. I also saw Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman last week in The Switch, but didn’t feel like reviewing it so this will be a combo. Going the Distance was not your ordinary sugar coated cookie cutter romantic comedy. I don’t want to say that I liked it better than The Switch because it was rated R, but it highly likely that that could be one of the reasons.

I’ve discovered that the only role that Jennifer Aniston can play is Rachel Green on Friends. Maybe she’s a sitcom star and not a box office actress and that’s okay! If Friends were still running, she would be in great shape! Drew Barrymore has done a number of romantic comedies, but yet somehow each role has been unique. She has a way of bringing the character to life whether it is with Josey Gellar in Never Been Kissed or Lucy Whitmore in 50 First Days. Jennifer has been playing the same character in movies for years. Herself.

The on-screen chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Justin Long was steamy. It was cute [which was the response I got from many of the viewers afterward,] but it was more than cute. It was realistic in showing the emotions of bliss and frustration and typical challenges that long distance relationships struggle through.  Has there ever been any other movie about long distance relationships? I’m surprised it’s taken them this long. The chemistry between Jennifer and Jason not so much. It was boring. It wasn’t believable and it was also slightly awkward to the point of making me feel uncomfortable. I guess it helps a bit if you’re actually dating in real life.

The humor – you will laugh. I’ve come to the conclusion that romantic comedies rated PG-13 are pretty tame and directed at mostly women. Romantic comedies rated R like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and 40-Year-Old Virgin are aimed at both men and women. My guy friends loved it. It’s as much a guy film as it is girls. They really don’t hold back with the sexual references. It is dirty so don’t bring your kids and don’t bring your parents – it’s not that type of film. You won’t be getting any of the dry humor you received in The Switch with this one.

Don’t have weekend plans? Glad I could help you out.

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No Competition

“I bet you could fit into that sweater right there,” Beth pointed to a navy and white striped cardigan on the rack.

Beth, Wes, and I had been coming back from a late lunch. On the way back, we were talking babies so I had to point out to them my favorite boutique for toddlers Flora and Henri. The clothes were too cute we wanted them for ourselves, but we only resorted to window shopping because we don’t have babies.  Our longing gazes apparently caught the attention of a woman inside with her children.

The door chimed as she came out to us and said, “Don’t steal my ice cream?” She hastily grabbed her cup of pink Molly Moon’s Ice Cream and swiftly went back into the store.

Wait – –

Was she talking to us? Was that a joke? Did she really think that we would take – much less – eat her partially melted ice cream? Did we look like people who would do such a thing?

I didn’t even notice the ice cream there until she came out to retrieve it!

Okay miss crazy – don’t worry – we won’t steal your ice cream when we could have purchased our own right next door.


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The Dealbreaker

You’re on a date with the most perfect guy or girl. Everything has been going smoothly so far. In fact, things are so good you could probably marry the person after the first date. Or maybe not. That’s when it happens. The infamous deal breaker. It’s the one thing that stands in the way of you and your dream person. So I’m curious, what is everyone’s deal breaker? I thought I’d ask my friends:

Oh and in case you’re wondering – I can’t be with someone who doesn’t have manners, but my close friends will disagree and say that I can’t be with someone who dresses better than I do.

I can’t date someone who…

“…acts stupids on purpose.”

“…thinks he’s right about EVERYTHING; been there, done that, never EVER again.”

“…I can’t fart in front of.”

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Summer Time Summer Time You Make Me Feel Fine

Bye Bye Sea-Town! For the weekend, anyways!

I’ve been sitting in the same spot since I got home for about two hours now and I am ecstatic that I don’t have to think about accounting, stats, or theology. I don’t really have to think about school for three months! So this summer I’m going to go be an adult and do adult things, but what I wish I could do is travel. This might be the first summer that I won’t get a chance to go anywhere. For the past three years I’ve spent at least part of my summer time in Okinawa, Hawaii, and California.

Tomorrow one of my best friends will be leaving for her Semester at Sea trip aboard a cruise ship setting out for the Mediterranean. I couldn’t be more jealous. My other friends are leaving for Switzerland, Dublin, Costa Rica, and Ecuador this summer.

I remember when I almost turned down my month long trip to Okinawa for a month because I “didn’t want to miss out on summer w/ my friends.” I was dumb then, so my one piece of advice to you all is that if you ever have the chance to travel and this opportunity falls into your lap… TAKE IT. Take it and don’t look back because your friends will always be here, they’re not going anywhere. You’ll come back from your trip taking more away from it than you would’ve had you just stayed here with your friends trying to make up plans of things to do every night ;)

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Nice to meet you Alexis Neiers

Pretty face. Innocent look. Non-alcoholic drink. The girl looks so carefree at the wheel. Oh how a Vanity Fair shoot can be deceiving…

She could have been an Ally Hilfiger with her own reality show (Rich Girls) or a spokesperson like Lily Collins.

It’s a little too late for that now seeing as how young Alexis is about to head straight into super stardom…behind bars that is.

Alexis was the daughter of a former playmate and the director of photography for hit television show, “Friends.” She could have had everything. In fact, she did have everything. She was the definition of a LA party girl. Creating a name for herself on the party scene, E! had offered her and her friend their own reality show titled, “Pretty Wild,” to be aired in March. However, that is all on hold now as she is a suspect in the celebrity burglaries of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Rachel Bilson just to name a few. The very same ones we have been hearing about in the news. Alexis never acted alone, and she is no amateur, in fact they are professional enough to call themselves “The Bling Ring.”

“According to VF, the kids were accused of stealing $130,000 in clothes and jewelry from both Lohan and Bilson, for example. When cops arrived at Neiers’ home with a search warrant, they found a Marc Jacobs handbag allegedly belonging to Bilson and a Chanel necklace allegedly belonging to Lohan. Yet Neiers insisted to Vanity Fair, “I have receipts for everything.”

When asked how Alexis felt about this whole situation she responded, “I’m a firm believer in Karma, and I think this situation was attracted into my life because it was supposed to be a huge learning lesson for me to grow and expand as a spiritual human being. I see myself being like an Angelina Jolie but even stronger, pushing even harder for the universe and for peace and for the health of our planet. God didn’t give me these talents and looks to just sit around being a model or being famous. I want to lead a huge charity organization. I want to lead a country, for all I know.”

Yeah, good luck Alexis!



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Starbucks Refuses to Be Average

The Starbucks in University Village recently underwent a complete facelift. What used to look like your everyday Starbucks now looks like a one-of-a-kind!

There was nothing wrong with the old Starbucks. If it isn’t broken, why fix it right? Turns out this was just one of many installments that Starbucks is planning for their locations. The Starbucks team in Seattle, led by Arthur Rubinfield, president of global development,  is currently testing out the renovations for a trial run that may lead to many more redesigns for locations all over the world.

So what exactly can we expect?

The design of Roy Street Coffee opens up the store to the community.

15th Ave. Coffee & Tea, a new coffee shop design from Starbucks.

– – Over the years, we have watched Starbucks grow into an enormous chain. They are all over Seattle and all over YOUR city even. The drinks are fine, but after awhile the locations all start to look the same. What Starbucks is trying to do is to involve themselves into your community by personalizing their decor to match your tastes. They have even disguised the name a little bit (examples above) so that they will appear to be like any other local coffee shop and not just “Starbucks.”

What do we think? Do we want the generic Starbucks or do we want something a little more along Central Perk lines?


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So lately I’m not Dreaming

It started Monday morning when I woke up and wondered about how I met certain friends. The thought puzzled me all day. It’s not a big deal… you meet people everyday… and I’m sure by my senior year here I’ll have met a large portion of my class. But I’m not talking about just the friends here that I’ve met and go to school with though those are fresh in my mind. I came to a conclusion. There is a large difference between some of the relationships like when I have met these people on my own compared to when I am just merely introduced by someone else.

These stick out in my head. They have a story to tell. These stories mean so much to me. They tell me a lot about the relationship I’ve built up, where they are today, and a lot about myself.

As I continue to grow up, I notice that I am beginning to be less afraid of people. One of my goals on 43 Things is that one day I will feel comfortable enough to strike up a conversation with anyone. It wouldn’t matter who it was, where I was, I would just do it. And I think I would be really proud of myself if I could achieve this.

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