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13 Sep 2013

The Raygun Lounge

 Photo Cred I Flickr
Photo Cred I Flickr

Having walked by it a hundred times and never putting enough effort into finding out what it was, I’ve finally discovered what the vacant space on Pine and Summit is: The Raygun Lounge.

Deemed “Seattle’s geekiest new cafe” by Thrillist, you can find yourself sipping on coffee (soon-to-be alcohol available options) while playing table top games here.

I’m a fan of Capitol Hill night life adventures but a night of games and coffee is just what any Seattle girl needs every now and then.

To find out more about The Raygun Lounge, check out thr full Thrillist article here.

25 Nov 2009

Song of the Day

Souls of Mischief – ’93 till infinity

I can’t believe how old this song is. I always find myself listening to it when I’m at home though and I’m surprised it hasn’t been posted. Enjoy!

I’m sick so I haven’t left my house yet. I am, unfortunately, missing the dance party tonight 🙁

31 Jul 2009

Mattress Dominos

My favorite part is when some of the people underestimate where the mattress before them will land and then it hits them in a sensitive spot. it’s lulzworthy.

Anyways, a group of employees from Bensons for Beds in England decided to test out mattress dominos to set a world wide record. They will most likely get it because I’m sure that wasn’t even in the book in the first place.


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