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28 Nov 2012

Garance Doré The Illustrator

Garance is a woman of many talents. She’s a famous street style photographer, but behind the lense, Garance harbors another artful skill. Today the photographer and fashion blogger released a series of posters from her early career in her new online shop. These would look fantastic framed, on their own, or even in a collage. Prints are for sale for $40 and can be found here


26 Oct 2011

In the News…


– Street style photographers Scott Schuman and Garance Dore are both expanding their blogs together. [Source]

James Franco is on the cover of Flaunt’s latest issue baring his ASSets. [Source]

– Crooked teeth are so in. Go get them done. [Source]


Kevin Richardson will perform with the Backstreet Boys again for a one-time performance. [Source]

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine hates Fox News. A lot. [Source]


MTV will air True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street on Nov. 5th 6PM EST [Source]


Paranormal Activity 3 set the world record for biggest horror movie debut this past weekend raking in $54 million at the box office. [Source]


The Chocolate Box is planning a pop-up shop outside of Pacific Place for mid-fall. The Chocolate Box Express will open Nov. 12 for weekends and beginning Nov 25. daily. [Source]


– The Kardashians are expanding into home decor with their new trademarked name Kardashian Kollection Home. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan will pose for Playboy for a reported $1 million. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan arrived to court the other day with some pretty inflated cheeks. Reason for bloating? Apparently she got some dental work done and thank goodness cause her teeth were a wreck last week. [Source]

Tony Romo and Candice Crawford are expecting. [Source]

– Actress Kaley Cuoco is engaged to boyfriend Josh ‘Lazie’ Reznik. [Source]

Tara Reid confesses that she’s not actually married? [Source]

– The Oakland Police Department just went nuts on the locals participating in OccupyOakland by resorting to tear gas. [Source]

Japan’s Burger King is launching a new promotion that allows customers to eat “All the Whoppers they can in 30 minutes.” For $11, you can eat to your heart’s content. If America launched this, we’d be in big trouble. [Source]

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are dating…again? He sure likes his barely legals. [Source]

Amy Winehouse died unintentionally by consuming too much alcohol. [Source]

26 Sep 2011


[image by Tommy Ton for]

Now, this is a woman to look up to. Street style photographer Garance Dore is doing werk, drinking and smoking ALL at the same time. Everyone step aside, the HBIC is here.


02 Mar 2011

Snapshot to Fame

Have you ever wondered how to get yourself photographed by a street style photographer? How is it that some girls get snapped up regularly and yet you can’t even manage to get shot once? Having recently become a street style photographer myself, I have to tell you, it isn’t always easy from our end either. There are plenty of people on campus that dress well, but some people just have “it.” That doesn’t help you at all, but it’s the only way I know how to describe it. For one, if you’ve got a stink face, I won’t approach you at all. Most of the time, the people I photograph are the people that make me do a double take. I’m inspired by their outfit and want to recreate it myself or I am impressed by the way you have put it all together. I met a girl named Sequoia during my 20th birthday project last year and after meeting her, I saw various street style photographs of her on more than one Seattle blog. The girl was like a local celebrity! Her style was effortless and she was adorable!

So basically if you’re looking for your way into a life of fame, this might be your in. Famous street style photographer Garance Doré posted to her blog today a list of qualities that she looks for when capturing her next shot. Check it out here.

22 Jan 2010

Never too young to get into the fashion business

Street style photographer Garance Dore snapped this picture from her phone today and posted it to her Twitter while she was at Fashion Week. The caption read, “Bloggers have broken the double digits: 9 year old now front row ! (And working!)”

First Tavi, now this child… I am forever envious. It just goes to show that interest in fashion can begin at any age.


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