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23 Dec 2012

Katie’s Favorites of 2012

Favorite Style Icon: Taylor Swift

T. Swift has seriously stepped her game in 2012. Yes, she’s still sticking to the neutral colored dresses – but hey! That’s okay. It works for her. Taylor Swift is really just doing all the right things when it comes to her style these days and it helps that there are a handful of fabulous designers throwing their pieces at her. It’s awesome. I, of course, am jealous.

Runner Up: Michelle Obama / Kate Middleton

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22 Jun 2012

Song of the Day

Gemini Club – Nothing But History

Happy Friday y’all!!
Today’s Song of the Day is by one of my new favorite bands – Gemini Club. Heard the new album last night through Kevin and fell in love with this song. I’ve listened to “By Surprise” too many times, but never thought to look up the whole album until now.

14 Mar 2012

Song of the Day

Gemini Club – By Surprise

Today, I will have finally finished my winter quarter and will be on my way to my last quarter of my undergraduate college career. Nut stuff, right? So even though the weather outside is awful, inside I am celebrating – and this is the song I will be celebrating to!

Have a lovely day everyone!


  • 😶
  • By far, the healthiest brunch I’ve ever had: zucchini potato fritters with salad and asparagus (last weekend) and now I’m eating Chipotle as I type
  • My very serious look on a Sunday
  • a tough look
  • Today’s summer sun ☀️
  • Are these not the most perfect slingbacks?
  • Still taking senior photos well into my 20’s
  • not Monday
  • Monday #4

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