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10 Dec 2017

Blog Roundup

  • Meghan Markle: I’m More Than An ‘Other’This isn’t a new post, but this was my first time reading this. With the announcement of the royal engagement, this is a reminder of just why we love her so much. 
  • On Blonde Girls in Cheongsams [Racked]
  • 5 Lessons from Jimmy Iovine [GOOD]

  • Alexa Chung answers questions while eating spicy vegan nuggets.
  • Airlines hate your smart luggage [Gizmodo]
  • Silicon Valley is sneaking models into their holiday parties [Bloomberg] This is absolute trash and disgusting. I hate hearing about this stuff. 
  • Google is rolling out a new feature that allows celebrities to answer the most asked questions about themselves – selfie style [Engadget]
  • YouTube will launch a paid music streaming service next year [Hypebeast]
  • Apple reportedly purchasing Shazam for $401 million [Hypebeast]
  • Hangover cures from your favorite food pros [Coveteur]
25 Jun 2014

Blog Roundup

– What the biggest companies are from each state [Gizmodo]

– America’s coolest rooftop bars [Travel and Leisure] whoo Seattle!

– 10 menswear blogs every guy should know [Cool Material] I’m reading them too!

– 12 menswear Instagrammers to follow [Cool Material]

– Dov Charney to sue American Apparel [Refinery29]

– All the jobs and the money you can be making in them – a chart! [Vox]

10 Mar 2014

Could We Live in These Houses?

Vault House, USA

I spend a fair amount of time appreciating posts that feature very complex housing arrangements. The architecture is always something that you never thought that you could dream of and there is no question at all that these houses aren’t beautiful, but it never seems to feel like “a home.” Luckily for me, I don’t have to think about buying a house anytime soon anyways so I suppose I have nothing to worry about. These homes featured on this Gizmodo post are a dream. For more examples like the one above, click here.

31 Oct 2013

Electronics Can Stay “On” During Flights

It was announced this morning that the FAA has finally given permission to passengers to use their personal electronics throughout the duration of their flight. I didn’t always understand why I had to shut off my phone at the beginning and end of my flight, but I did it because it was just a rule and I didn’t think to question it. I will say, however, that my pet peeve with it was having to shut it off right in the middle of my songs. Now I’m glad to learn that I just don’t have to.

The decision couldn’t come soon enough.The ill-conceived electronics ban started back in 1991 when both the FCC and the FAA restricted airplane cellphone use, largely because no one actually knew what a cellphone was, much less how they actually worked. Better safe than sorry. A year later, though, they ran actual tests to see if there there was any valid argument for their blind terror. Surprise! There wasn’t.

To read more on this story, click here.

29 Jan 2011

Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric Try to Make Sense of the Internet…in 1994


It’s hard to imagine that we couldn’t fully understand the internet back in 1994. It was just 17 years ago, but yet the internet feels like it has been a part of our lives forever. What did people do in 1994?!

How exactly would YOU explain the internet to someone. My response would probably be to just “Google” it. Simple as that.


27 Jan 2011

175 Photos of Day Taken at Night

Gizmodo recently compiled 175 photographs that look like they were taken during the day, but in reality were actually taken at night! These photographs were made possible only through a longer exposure, which is why many of them have captured rich and vibrant colors.

To check out all of the spectacular photographs, click here. I actually had to do a double take on some of them cause I could barely believe that these were taken at night.

22 Jan 2011

Starbucks Introduces Trenta > Venti

Beginning May 3rd, 2011, Starbucks will debut their new Trenta cup in stores. At 31 oz. the new cup will only be available for cold beverages such as iced coffee, iced tea, and iced tea lemonade. Starbucks current large Venti cup is seven ounces less than what the Trenta will be. The company has also said that customers requesting the Trenta cup will pay an additional 50 cents.

According to Gizmodo, the Trenta cup is larger than a human stomach. Well, that doesn’t sound safe.


27 Jan 2010

The Apple iPad

The Apple iPad was released today. Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about this product, so I’m going to refer you to Gizmodo. Every article on there right now refers to the iPad and I can’t read it on my computer because I think there are too many people freaking out about it that it is slowing down my computer.

And Apple continues to rule our lives…



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