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Blog Roundup

  • How 6 Asian Women Have Grown to Embrace Their Beauty in a World Influenced by Western Ideals [Bustle]
  • Molly Young: How I Shop [Fashionista]

  • The Ken Doll rebooted [GQ]

  • Square unveils customizable prepaid debit cards [The Verge] These are really cute!
  • How to take good photos of fireworks this coming 4th of July [GOOD]
  • Women in tech speak frankly on culture of harassment [New York Times]
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Willing to Quit Your Job for a Vacation?


If I had seen this role when I was a senior in college, I probably would have been all OVER this! Royal Caribbean is offering one exciting opportunity right now to an individual that is willing to quit their job and become their social media intern for 3 weeks. As part of the benefits, you’ll get to hang out on the cruise line for free – basically a vacation – and you’ll get paid a stipend of $3,700 for three weeks of work. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? As long as you know how to use a smartphone and know the basics of Instagram, you’d be in pretty good shape!

To apply, you need to show Royal Caribbean your best travel photo and hashtag it with the following: #RoyalCaribbean and #ExtraordinaryExplorer. The only downside to this is that you’re going to be competing with a ton of people! I just checked the Extraordinary Explorer hashtag which already has over 100,000 posts in it, but I’m sure as the competition goes on, it will be even more challenging.

Also if you work in tech, maybe you don’t have to quit your job after all! Most will need to, but if you’re at a company with an unlimited vacation policy and have a manager that doesn’t mind you taking 3 consecutive weeks off, you could pull it off.

For more details, just click here!

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Blog Roundup

  • How chefs pack their kids’ lunches [Bon Appetit]
  • Stay up to date with this Election Calendar [The Skimm]
  • Tindr for baby names! [Babyname App]
  • Just several examples of perfectionism [Bored Panda]
  • Why it’s important to remember your friends’ sad anniversaries too. [Adulting]
  • 10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has to Be [Thought Catalog]
  • The beauty standards flight attendants have to follow [Cosmopolitan]

  • A funny little story about dating [Cup of Jo]
  • How to support sexual assault survivors [Ask Men]
  • In random news, Katy Perry is moving to Seattle [Headline Brief]
  • The worst kind of bosses [GOOD]
  • A sweet husband’s kind gesture to his blind wife [GOOD]
  • What time to go to bed [calculator]
  • How to microwave leftovers [the kitchn] Yeah, I didn’t know this either.
  • The cutest way a mother could break the news to her son about being a big brother [Facebook]
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Blog Roundup

– America’s most popular tastes broken down by state [GOOD]
– How employees feel their leaders could improve in the workplace [Harvard Business Review]
– Amazon got torn apart last weekend [New York Times]
– 2015’s most annoying words [Man Repeller]

– 5 scientifically proven ways to ease a hangover [Cool Material]

– An app to keep you safe when you’re walking home alone [GOOD]

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2 Kinds of People

When I first landed on this post, I didn’t read any of it. Instead, I did the wrong thing and went through the illustrations done by @inoffensive and tried to figure out which illustration I identified with the most. I was hoping that as I went on further, I would be able to figure out what this was all about and I didn’t so I had to go all the way back to the beginning. This Tumblr of images basically shows people that we typically do choose one thing over the other and by doing so, this shows us what kind of people we are. To view all of the illustrations, click here.

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Blog Roundup

– The summer music festival economy explained. [Vox]

– Ellen Pao announces that Reddit will no long allow for negotiation in salaries during the hiring process. [Salon]

– After 3 years of dating, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have decided to go on a break. [People]

– Karlie Kloss encourages young girls to code! Yeah! [Fashionista]

– Surprised babies are more curious and eager to learn. [GOOD]

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Blog Roundup

– Because Burning Man begins this weekend and it is being completely overrun by the tech industry these days. [NY Times]

– Seattle’s 2014 indie rock bands [Seattle Mag]

– 10 SF Startups to watch [Strategy Eye]

– The Burning Man packing checklist [Fest300]

– Don’t give up on your space dreamz. I love flow charts. [GOOD]

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Every State’s Favorite Sandwich


Of course, Washington would land with the smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich. This infographic is pretty tiny, so make sure you click the photo above for a more enlarged version.

Or you can click here.



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Zen Friendly Websites You Can De-Stress To At Work

We are all notorious for this. We get into work and continue to work until the day is done. We’re so busy we don’t take a lunch, not because we’re not hungry, but because we just forget to.  It becomes so routine that we completely let a whole day slip by us. In our heads, we might think this is productive, but in reality this isn’t doing our health any good. Lifehack has provided us with 10 websites that we can refer back to throughout our work day that will not only keep us calm, but boost us to become more productive than we initially were. To check them out, click here. My favorite is Simply Rain, but that’s just because it reminds me of home!

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Amazon Constructs A Greenhouse HQ

It’s no secret that Amazon is slowly taking over South Lake Union. With the company rapidly growing, Amazon is hard at work in constructing their new buildings and setting the foundation for their headquarters. GOOD Inc. got ahold of these renderings today that depict Amazon’s new developments as a Greenhouse. This isn’t so surprising since the city of Seattle is very much a “green” city.

For full details, click here.

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How Riding Your Bike Could Earn You Rewards

photo cred | GOOD

Cafes in Brazil are offering up some pretty great rewards for those who choose to ride their bikes to them instead of driving. If you show up on you bike, you could earn yourself a free meal or a free beer. Hi, sounds GREAT to me. When can this be implemented in the states? Also, then I can re-teach myself how to ride a bike again. This is a fantastic way for the city to become more conscious and to promote a mode of transportation that benefits everyone. Read more on how Brazil is implementing this idea here.

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School Nostalgia

Today, the new freshmen students of my Alma mater are moving in. They will graduate as the class of 2016 and boy, you better believe that makes me feel old! Even though, I’ve graduated I still miss the type of posts I would write relating to school previously on Yow Yow! Like the new students and readers of Yow Yow I was advising, I, too was still taking my own advice. I was also getting just as excited for the start of the new school year. Each school year was always a form of re-invention. It was the fresh start. Most people would get into that mindset in January on the first day of the new year, but not me. That mindset started in September for me. New goals – new clothes – new perspective.

Now that I’m never going back, I won’t ever have that again, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still feel inspired by school related posts.

[photo cred | trendsnow]
  • The Most Beautiful College Dorms in the World [Flavorwire]
  • Savvy College Student Pays For His Tuition With Money from Rebates [GOOD]
  • Cleveland Honors Student Went from Homeless to Harvard [GOOD]
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Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday y’all!

Of course, it’s only really Wedding Wednesday in one place (my favorite wedding blog Style Me Pretty,) but that doesn’t make it any less important. After spending the day perusing some featured weddings on the site and taking a peek at BHLDN and the Nordstrom Suite’s latest gowns, GOOD brought something to my attention that I never really ever  considered. One of this year’s latest wedding trends is having them set at historical plantations. Now, don’t get me wrong, these locations are beautiful. They are absolutely stunning  with their vintage structures and a backdrop that you just can’t get anywhere else. However, are we forgetting what plantations used to be? They reminded us of that part in history where we believed slave labor was acceptable. Does having our weddings there today mean that we accept it or that enough time has passed that we can move on from that?

Something to think about huh? Who knew weddings could become this controversial?


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GOOD’s The Rules Of:

GOOD is a website that I look forward to reading every morning and one of my favorite regular posts is “The Rules Of:” Yesterday’s just happened to be “The Rules Of: Having a Hangover” and since we are (well everyone except me) attending holiday parties this season, a hangover might be a  possibility in the near future.


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