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20 Nov 2013

Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf Are Engaged

In. Real. Life.

So Leighton Meester is pretty much the luckiest girl ever because let’s be real – Adam Brody is the best catch and Rachel Bilson is not really winning with Hayden Christenson. Two of my favorite characters from television series are engaged to be married and I’m slightly miffed, but also moreso thrilled for the two of them. I can already imagine that the wedding is going to be nothing short of amazing. The two have been dating for less than a year. I actually heard the rumors about this swirling last night, but it has now been confirmed.


06 Feb 2013

Yow Yow’s Favorite New Couple

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!!!

Would you ever believe that The OC’s Seth Cohen and Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf would get together? Of course not, but now that it has happened, it is pretty much the best thing ever. Adam Brody is the ultimate dreamboat and Leighton Meester is just so darling that there’s no way this wouldn’t work out. Please get married now. I know I said I would never be happy if Adam Brody got together with anyone that wasn’t Rachel Bilson, but I am retracting that statement.


23 Dec 2012

Thought Catalog Roundup

18 Dec 2012

What It Was Like To Watch The Gossip Girls Series Finale

To be honest, I only watched the last half hour of the two-hour series finale.

The Voice was on, you guys.

Even when The Voice ended though,  I was still so curious about Gossip Girl. Did Chuck and Blair really end up together? What happens to Serena? Is Little J coming back? Who is Gossip Girl?

So many questions – all answered in this series finale. Even though I stopped watching four seasons ago, the series is still one that I secretly loved from the beginning. I grew up reading the series and when it became a show in my first year of college, my best friends and I would always get together for “Gossip Girl” Mondays huddled in one dorm room together. It was a bonding moment. Together, we drooled over the scandal, the outfits, and Chuck Bass’s horrible drawl.

I only saw the last half hour, but considering what all happened in the last 30 minutes, it’s probably all you needed to see!

Let me spoil it for you:

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09 Apr 2012

Happy Birthday!

The Gossip Girl starlet turns 26 today!

and in honor of her special day, here is her track with Awesome New Republic appropriately titled Birthday.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

05 Mar 2012

Snaps For A Snapshot

Who: Blake Lively

Wearing: Theodora & Callum Orange Mult Diamonds Tie All Scarf

Where: New York City on the set of Gossip Girl

information provided by Full Picture PR
15 Dec 2011

Leighton Meester Is A Missed Connection

It looks like B received a missed connection ad in Craigslist today! This guy – whoever he is – in New York City has invested some time into writing this. He even schemes out a little story for what their first date will look like before it even happens, which okay, let’s be real here for a second…is Leighton Meester spending her time on Craigslist perusing the missed connections for this guy with the poor haircut? Probably not.

Then again, now that this Craigslist ad is being posted around, maybe she will because it has been brought to her attention.

Or maybe she won’t because of his elaborate story.

This could  go back and forth for awhile, but I want to know – does the missed connections section actually work or is it just purely for entertainment?


02 Nov 2011

Oh Hey Happy Belated Birthday

Penn Badgley

The Gossip Girl actor turned 25 yesterday. I don’t know about you guys, but I was not convinced for a second that Penn was supposed to be playing the dorky mascot in Easy A. He was a hot dorky mascot and if were at my high school (way back when,) I’m sure the girls would’ve been all over that. RIGHT?


25 Aug 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday to Rachel Bilson and Happy 24th Birthday to Blake Lively!

Don’t they kind of seem like they’re around the same age to you? Rachel Bilson will return to television this fall with her new CW show “Hart of Dixie” while Blake Lively is still dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

I really wish she would just reprise her role as Summer Roberts though. Seth Cohen take her back.

16 Aug 2011

Taylor Momsen Becomes a Full Time Musician

Little J has left the Upper East Side

for good. Taylor Momsen has quit acting to become a full time musician and it looks like she couldn’t be happier with that decision. For the first season of Gossip Girl, Little J was actually one of my favorite characters. Then she went off the deep end and we watched her character change simultaneously with her personality in real life. It was almost as if they were morphing into one single person – which was weird because that doesn’t happen often, does it? Anyways, congrats to Taylor for doing something that she loves. The girl’s a little bit cray-cray on the stage so I’ve heard, but at least she’s made up her mind about what she wants to do. Even though her music isn’t really my scene at all, I still want to go to one of her shows.



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