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Blog Roundup

  • How 6 Asian Women Have Grown to Embrace Their Beauty in a World Influenced by Western Ideals [Bustle]
  • Molly Young: How I Shop [Fashionista]

  • The Ken Doll rebooted [GQ]

  • Square unveils customizable prepaid debit cards [The Verge] These are really cute!
  • How to take good photos of fireworks this coming 4th of July [GOOD]
  • Women in tech speak frankly on culture of harassment [New York Times]
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Rami Malek Talks Startups

Can we just listen to Rami’s voice on loop? Doesn’t matter what he’s talking about.

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Blog Roundup

– Which member of Taylor Swift’s clique are you? [Refinery 29]

– How Facebook changed their “Facebook Friends” icon [Medium]

– Majid Jordan dropped a 20-minute mix on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure [Fader]

– Roy Choi shows us how to make the perfect instant ramen [Tasting Table]

– How men can pull off the baggy t-shirt look [GQ]

– 5 unexpected things happy people have in their homes [Apartment Therapy]

Wow! I think this is the first time we’ve hit all 5 Yow Yow! categories!

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Blog Roundup

– 10 Things We Learned at Fashion Week. 1. In America, we plan on having a summer. [GQ]

– 10 Dangerous Works of Architecture [Flavorwire]

– What’s it like to be a bike messenger in NYC? [BuzzFeed]

– Burger King Japan made something called a black burger and we don’t think cheese should be that color. [Grubstreet]

– F**ktionary – the new Cards Against Humanity that everyone will be talking about [Cool Material]

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Things Julian Casablancas Says


1. What is Julian Casablancas doing in GQ?

2. What? This quote?

3. What does he even have against brunch? Especially brunch in New York, which I hear is actually pretty good.


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Kendrick Lamar for GQ

I’ve been told by several people that Kendrick Lamar is one rapper that I need to see in concert. Luckily, Bumbershoot gave me that opportunity this past summer and while I don’t typically listen to Kendrick’s material, I remember once upon a time when I battled another university in Seattle to book him for a music festival. At the time he was very up-and-coming and today’s he’s on the cover of GQ. These days, I’m listening to a different genre of music, but I was very impressed with the way that he commands a crowd. I’ve never seen such rowdy fans, but I suppose that just means he’s doing his job. Also, he cleans up nicely.

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GAP Launches 4 Menswear Collaborations – GQ Approved

photo via Racked

GQ has partnered with GAP to release a 37-piece collection highlighting the designs from four up-and-coming brands/designers including Aviator Nation, Baldwin, Bespoken, and Ernest Alexander. Guys, if you’ve been putting off shopping for new digs this fall, now is really the time to do it. You can peep the entire collection here (and start purchasing) or you can find a store near you to shop the collection in person. It is pretty distinct to tell the four collections apart, but at the same time there are similarities as well. I think it’s great because that just means that there’s something for every type of guy. Each designer offers between 9-12 pieces with prices ranging from $30 for accessories to $348 for more coveted pieces like a jacket.


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Emma Watson for GQ UK

As Nicole Richie would say… “Stunna”

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How To Date Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick was featured in the latest issue of GQ and while she was on set for her photo shoot, she dished out some advice on dating.

We think that if this were ever possible, Anna Kendrick would totally fit in with mine and Veronica’s friend group here in Seattle.

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Vampire Weekend For GQ

Rolling Stone, FILTER, and Fader magazines, yes, but did we ever expect to see Vampire Weekend for GQ?! It had to happen eventually, right? These boys look goooooooood. My heart skips a beat every time I see a fashion/music collab.

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The Home Of Jeff Halmos and Lisa Mayock

lisa and jeff

photo cred | GQ

When two perfectly polished fashion designers couple up (and shack up) you can pretty much expect that every aspect of their life is going to be a designer’s dream. GQ recently featured the home of Jeff Halmos and Lisa Mayock of Shipley & Halmos and Vena Cava, respectively. Not only are these two my style icons and the most fashionable couple I’ve ever laid eyes on, but they are so very much in love and what do I love more than love? Um. Nothing.

Check out the entire slideshow here.

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Gap & GQ Produce Men’s Collection

I must sound like a broken record about this by now, but nothing – and I mean nothing – makes me swoon harder than a well-dressed man. Guys – I’m trying to help you out here! In fact, the whole world is trying to help you out here. Take it from all of the women around you. You ask us why we are so happy all the time? It’s not because we just dress well; it’s because dressing well makes us happy people.  (And happy people just don’t kill their husbands) Hi, Legally Blonde reference.

Anyways, Gap and GQ recently came together to produce a men’s capsule collection that is both stylish and affordable. If you’re not chasing this down Sept 27, then you don’t have your priorities straight. Check out the rest of the collection at the source below.


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Joseph Gordon-Levitt for GQ

Oh. my. goodness.

He is the dreamiest of all dreamboats. That tie clip –  I just can’t handle it. The full article is actually worth reading as I have found that it paints JGL from quite a few perspectives. However, there is a controversial mention of his brother’s death in the article, which JGL is not happy about and has commented on it here.

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Adam Brody – Age 32 And Still The Best Looking Nerd Ever

I can’t exactly explain why Adam Brody is my dream crush. I mean I could try to explain, but I’m not sure if it would make sense to anyone. Adam Brody as Seth Cohen was a freakin’ dreamboat. He loved Death Cab For Cutie. Hello – Death Cab For Cutie is like the anthem band for any Seattle resident. Seth Cohen was all into his comic books. I knew my X-Men characters. His hobbies included skateboarding, boating, and being stealth. I’m not into any one of those things, but I can learn to appreciate it.

If Adam Brody would reprise his role as Seth Cohen in his own series, I would watch it. It has been five years, but his appeal has not faltered one bit.

The actor was recently featured in this spread for GQ and he looks damn good. Just sayin’…

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