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03 May 2016

2016 Met Gala Red Carpet

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton

This is always one of our favorite events of the year and all today, I wanted to just continue refreshing Fashionista so that I could see the live coverage of all of the outfits. Instead, we worked. And every 45 minutes, we ended up refreshing, but then the days get ahead of us so now we’re playing catch up now. Here’s what we did see – we didn’t like Taylor’s outfit. Not one bit. We hated Selena’s boots. We weren’t surprised by Nicki Minaj and we loved Chloe Moretz and Bee Shaffer, but what else is new?! Now, let’s get to the coverage – it’s pretty much the post we’ve been waiting for all year long. This year’s theme was Manus x Machina. This also kind of hits home for us because well… you know, tech!

Taylor Swift in Louis Vuitton

Someone’s trying a little too hard, right?

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16 Mar 2015

Song of the Day

Grimes, Bleachers – Entropy

You probably heard this at the end of the lastest Girls episode last night.

19 Dec 2013

Grimes Signs With Roc Nation

If you’ve ever found yourself at a Grimes show, then you understand that you’re in for one heck of a show. I caught Grimes I think two years ago at Capitol Hill Block Party having only known a handful of her songs back then, but found myself getting more and more into the show as the set went on. Grimes is what I can only describe as eccentric, colorful, and whimsical. Are we still using the term Manic Pixie Dream Girl? I know we use those for movies, but if we had it for the music category, she would probably take the cake.

This week it was announced that Grimes had signed to Jay Z’s label Roc Nation. Already on the roster are: Rihanna, Timbaland, Haim, MIA, Santigold, Shakira, Wale, Kylie Minogue and more. She’s in great company!

I’m excited for what is to come for the young artist in the new year.


21 Jul 2012

Song of the Day

Grimes – Genesis

Happy Block Party weekend y’all! In celebration for this big event, today’s artist is someone I am seeing today at the music festival!


  • bb pasta with goodness inside
  • Surprise! 4 day (birthday) weekend! 🎂
  • squintz
  • Happy first day of spring! It’s full of showers and we’re wondering when we can jump back into this swimsuit again.
  • Spontaneous sushi craving after work last night 👌🏽
  • Retired this sweater
  • The last of our travels are just around the corner and then we’ll be spending some quality time at home 💕
  • The appetizer to our brunch this morning at the newest @cafereveille
  • The countdown to my birthday is just 6 days away!🌟 and we’ve got butterflies!

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