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18 Dec 2012

Holiday Movie Flowchart

holidaymovie chart


So you wanna watch a holiday movie, eh? Well there’s so many, you can’t pick just one. Whenever I find myself in a pickle like this one, a decently constructed and well designed flow chart will usually do the trick. Find out which holiday movie you’re supposed to watch this season, or use this flow chart every night for a different one here.

13 Dec 2012

Shop Cool Material

The Christmas shopping is coming down to the wire! Maybe you’re almost done or maybe you haven’t started…like myself. Procrastinator Pro over here. Anyways, I’ve been hunting down and putting some thought into the presents that I will be giving to the people I care about this holiday and thought that if anyone was struggle bussing as much as me, that you would welcome some advice?

Maybe not advice, but some tips at least. And I’ve got a BIG tip from my favorite men’s blog Cool Material. The blog is offering up a 15% discount in their shop until the 17th and they’ve got all sorts of goodies that the men in your life will love. Check it out here and finish up your shopping!


03 Dec 2012

Adventures In What To Get…


Readers, this morning I lied to you. I told you that I was reading lots of men’s blogs recently because I like menswear (still true) but really, your girl is getting desperate with the gifts. My co-worker is already done Christmas shopping and I’m feeling the heat. Luckily, Christmas is kind of a ways, but I get nervous because things start running out fast – much like the flights that I purchased last night and sort of like the mini Christmas trees at Walmart yesterday that were non-existent.

I have trouble shopping for presents every year and this year I have one more present to buy. So I decided to ask some dear friends of mine what they got for their significant others when they celebrated their first Christmas together – not necessarily on Christmas day, but doing the whole gift exchange and what not. And I’m also asking my friends out of curiosity because trust – I have seen many gift exchanges go wrong.

  • guy gifting girl an iPod touch
  • girl gifting guy a beer-making kit
  • guy gifting girl an $18 pair of tickets to Adele, dinner out, and a movie
  • guy gifting girl Me&Ro stackable rings
  • guy gifting girl a Michael Kors watch
  • girl gifting guy clothes, a book about wine after going wine tasting together and origami stars inspired by Pinterest with sayings on them and each star counting down the days until she moved back from school
  • girl gifting guy a sweater because it was safe enough to be an acceptable gift and wasn’t so serious that if it didn’t work out she would be out of too much money
  • girl gifting guy something usually related to an inside joke. It’s safe.
  • guy gifting girl a nice little handbag she wanted
  • guy gifting girl a set of books by her favorite author
  • girl gifting guy a “memory book” with memories and pictures of things they did and a wallet because he needed one
  • girl gifting guy with a finger puppet of a kangaroo fetus (see here for reference) HOBviously a personalized gift
  • girl gifting guy a homemade book about their love filled with pictures and quotations and real art purchased at Seattle Art Walk
  • guy gifting girl with a fantastic Christmas celebration dinner and moleskine for the new year and two new canvases
  • girl gifting guy with a homemade fleece blanket
  • guy will be gifting girl a bottle of Princess Bride wine after having a 6-year history together. It’s a combination of one of their favorite alcohols and a movie they’ve always loved.
  • guy gifting girl unfortunately with a Tiffany’s necklace. (His words not mine)
  • girl will be gifting guy with gift certificates for massages because he works out a lot and has sore muscles

Readers, do you feel as inspired as I do right now? Kevin just sat down next to me and said, “It’s Christmas. Gift don’t matter.” Why, thank you Grinch – but to be honest, he’s kind of right. There’s no use in pulling your hair out trying to find the perfect gift because what it comes down to – what it always comes down to – is thought and intentionality.

04 Nov 2012

Thought Catalog Roundup

28 May 2012


Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying this time off today with your family and friends, but also recognizing all of the men and women that spent their own time serving in the military.

Thanks Auntie!

11 Dec 2009

Holiday Season Brings Out the Prettiest Frocks!

Yesterday, I took a personal day at the mall to do a little retail therapy and to reward myself for finishing out this fall quarter.

I wasn’t sure if there were going to be any holiday parties while I was at home, but I wanted to be ready. I wanted to be sure that I could find a beautiful dress that would make me stand out and in all honesty, I’d rather spend money on a holiday dress than an “ugly Christmas sweater.”

Since I know we’re all looking this season, I decided to round up a few options from some of my favorite places to shop and browse at:

Stretch Velvet Double U-Neck Long Sleeve Mini Dress – American Apparel

Black – $42

Nothing feels more like holiday spirit than velvet!

Longest Night Dress – Anthropologie


Read more “Holiday Season Brings Out the Prettiest Frocks!”


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