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30 Jul 2017

A Collection Part 48

48 posts and counting! I’m convinced that writer’s block is a thing that happens to everyone. I can still remember being in college and becoming upset at myself when I knew I had waited until the last minute to complete a paper. Typical. Writing always came easily when it wasn’t out of desperation and when it wasn’t at a time that I needed it the most. These “A Collection” posts are my favorite because they don’t ever require writing, but I like to write a little piece to go along with it anyways. It’s nice to just sift through a bunch of images and decide on the spot if I want to include them or not. I will usually know within a second and if I’m thinking about one for too long, that might also mean something too. I like to think that all of the images represent the mood that I’m in or a period in my life. I never actually write out the exact feeling at that moment and we’re completely okay with that. If you read into these a bit though, you can always sense a type of pattern.


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09 Apr 2017

A Collection Part 47


The theme of this collection is minimalism. Before I left my last job, my life was very noisy. My mind was constantly racing with a million thoughts. I wasn’t always able to communicate my feelings articulately. I was stressed with needing to be two places at once, and in general my home – my sanctuary felt cluttered. The time off that I had from working made me feel well again. I felt like I could take care of myself the way I needed to and get that clear head that I was seeking. I couldn’t remember a time where I was THAT happy! And that’s why it was also challenging to get back to work after that… but more on that later. This post is a collection of things that just feel simple to me. There’s not a lot of noise in them and as you’ll notice in these photos, more space than usual. Enjoy!

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01 Jan 2017

A Collection Part 46

I always seem to have the most time to blog around the holidays, but it just so happens that I like being able to post for “A Collection” during this time too. We last did this post about 6 months ago so all of today’s photos are ones that I’ve been collecting and saving since then. Here’s hoping that these photographs tickle you, inspire you, or spark some kind of emotion within you the same way they do to us. Happy New Year! We’re excited for you 2017.

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27 Dec 2016

Five Favorite Pins: Rugs

1. Romantical vibes [Home Beautiful]

For as long as I’ve been using Pinterest, I have always dreamed of having a home with wood floors. Not only is it just more chic, but it gives you the perfect excuse to buy a rug and is just easier to clean up any spills usually. I’m so comfortable in the home that I live in now, but I sometimes wonder if the time may come for me to make that move up to San Francisco. And if that’s the case, a home with wood floors is definitely number one on my list…as well as a parking spot and a washer/dryer, and no roommates – you know – all anyone could ever want in a home! We’re feeling a little inspired over our holiday break so here are a few rugs that I’m taking a mental note of.

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22 Aug 2016

Homesick Candles

I came across these last night and thought they were such a cute idea. As many of you know, the candle obsession in my home this year has been REAL real. I imagine that these would make really great gifts for any loved ones that have ventured off into their next city away from home. This Washington one is supposed to smell of hints of cherries, coffee, and rain – what else? To view the rest of the candles, click here.

01 Sep 2014

A Collection Part 40

As the years go on, the “A Collection” posts get farther and farther apart from each other! When it comes to the end of summer, I always feel like it’s the most appropriate time to wrap things up. I started this post back in April, can you believe it? It’s about time we got this published!

Goodbye summer. Hello fall! We’re so excited to be in you!

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22 Sep 2013

West Elm Parsons Desk

blogger desk

I’ve recently been posting some articles about what it looks like to have an “adult apartment” after graduating college and I am thrilled to finally say that while I am still harboring some IKEA furniture, there is one piece in my new home that is a true upgrade. For as long as I have known, I have been dragging along with me to every home previously a – would you believe it – “too small for me” – brown desk with two broken drawers. The desk only had two drawers. It was a desk built for a child in elementary school, but I carried it with me throughout my entire educational career. Needless to say, it was time to move on from it.

After perusing through all of my favorite fashion blogs and home decor blogs for several years, I started doing some research on what desk I would buy for myself when I finally made the decision to do so. I was flip flopping back and forth between one from West Elm and one from World Market and finally settled on the beautiful structured piece from West Elm – the Parsons Desk. It’s a classic! A desk as a working space has always been very important to me so I needed it to be simple and allow me to work in a conducive environment. I couldn’t be happier with this new addition to my home and am looking forward to many more years with it as my perfect blogging desk!

Goal accomplished.


21 Sep 2013

Views You Can Only Find in Seattle

People who aren’t from Seattle just don’t get it. “Why would you ever want to live somewhere with 180 rainy days a year?” Cause we have epic views like this:.

This was the intro to a post on Buzzfeed highlighting some of the best homes in the Seattle area showing off the most amazing views. I was never lucky enough to live in a home with a stunning view, but hi- I was a poor college student so it’s not like anyone expected that anyways. However, I did appreciate my walks to downtown and Capitol Hill, my drives on I-5 into the city from the North, and plenty of rooftop lunches and bbqs. My friends and I used to say that people always mentioned to us that they never wanted to visit Seattle because of how much they thought it rained. Well we typically say back to them, “Fine. Don’t come.” We’ll keep our Seattle summers a secret from you because they are -hands down- the best time of the year!

For more views and homes and things that we can’t afford as a 20-something, click here.

11 Sep 2013

What An Adult Apartment Looks Like

photo cred | Dominique Fierro

When it comes time to decorating your first adult apartment, you will have reached a milestone. I thought that I was there at age 20, but that time for me is something I’m still transitioning into. My friends compared my first home to a elementary school classroom. Having never handled paint growing up or having anything up on my white walls, I resorted to lots and lots of construction paper. Thank goodness we are pass that, right?! As time goes on, our tastes become more refined, we start buying decorative items from West Elm that serve no purpose at all other than looks, and we manage to have an income that allows us to keep fresh flowers in our home every week. The bean bag chairs are gone, the IKEA furniture cannot be identified by its name immediately – like “The Malm” and we learn the art of organization! As I venture into my next home and the next stage of adult life, I figured I had to share with you this article by Refinery29 on how you know you’re living in an adult apartment.



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  • When the bride feels reassurance in her friendship choices because one of our King’s Cup categories is pizza chains. Obviously, we didn’t disappoint.

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