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21 Feb 2016

A Collection Part 44

I think I’ve always loved putting these posts together because these are the types of photos I’ve always wanted to take. They’re so simple and minimalistic, but yet they say so much and they say something different to everyone. I’ve asked Veronica a couple of times now why she enjoys these posts and now that I think about it – I’m not sure if I’ve ever gotten a real answer. Veronica, can you let us know so I can include it in the next post? All I know is that in college she would hound me to get these done and out. And then after she had spent some time scanning over the photos (a few minutes) she’d ask for another one. (DJ Khaled) I think I would always just laugh and say, “Veronica, these take time.” And they do! This one post took about three months to put together.

I’ve done 44 of these now. That’s an incredible number to me. And it’s interesting to me that each one of these tells a different story though I’m not sure what that story is. I look through some of the older “A Collection” posts and sometimes I wonder why I chose a certain photo. I’ll look at it and scrunch up my face and be like, “Why? What did this mean to me?” But I guess what it just means is that it was all about timing. In that exact moment that I saw that photo as I was scanning over lots of photos, that one spoke out enough to me that I had to include it. Maybe I was feeling sassy, meek, contemplative, curious…I’m not able to put my finger on it for every photo and I like that I don’t have to.

Sometimes I write posts on Yow Yow! that are very personal and I look at the words and I question if that’s what I actually wanted to convey or if people will interpret it in a different way than I attended. With these posts, I don’t have to worry as much, but these are just as personal because I’m really saying how I feel, but in the most visual way.

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10 Nov 2013

5 Things: The Weekend


After my co-worker learned that I wouldn’t be able to receive my own succulent from the start-up I wrote about this past week, she graciously plucked me one from her own garden at home and mini-potted it for me. It fits in the palm of my hand is literally the same height as my wedding bride Lego. I mentioned in my post about The Sill that I wanted to be able to take care of something for myself and since I’m at work the most, it made the most sense to leave it there. However, I’m already failing because I forgot to put it by a windowsill before I left for the weekend so that it could get more sunlight. Womp Womp.

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18 Aug 2012

Song of the Day x2

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
and for you… a bonus acoustic version below!
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Crystal Fighters – Home

11 Apr 2012

A “Whatthecool” Roundup Of Things That Look Cool

– The book igloo sculptural installation designed by Columbian artist Miler Lagos. The title of this piece is “Home.”

– A Nintendo controller coffee table being sold on Etsy for $3,500

– Orange cat. After seeing this, I can officially say that playing with your food is still pretty cool.

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05 Jan 2011

Are you ready to have your heart melted?


This adorable father – daughter duo Jorge and Alexa Narvaez cover one of my favorite songs Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ “Home.” Oh my goodness…


11 Jun 2010

Home is Wherever I’m With You

Nothing can sum up the end of another year at college better than the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

My roommate moved out today and we had decided to put the room back together the way we had entered it back in September. After she left, I didn’t want to come back because it was no longer home to me. Home was the cozy humble abode that we had made it. It was having her here in the room with me. It was my bed up against the window sill where I would always sit to watch the view from outside. Now my bed is against the wall and even though it is made, it is not made for me to sleep in anymore.

I guess we have finally grown up. We leave behind convenience, security, a little irresponsibility, a sprinkle of dependability, and we set forth to the world in making home more than just a location. Building a home is hard work and sometimes we need more than just company and furniture. You need flexibility, trust and creativity.

At the end of last year, I compiled together a post that featured funny quotes from my friends from the entire year, inside jokes, and a series of photos from beginning to end. It was a year to remember. This year, I don’t have that. I’ve got the pictures, sure. I have some quotes, maybe. To be honest, before I  got to this point, I wanted this to be a year that I needed to forget. A home is not perfect. My home in Seattle is not broken, but it has been a work in progress, like most homes.

Before writing this post, I perched myself cross-legged on top of my window sill and looked over the city one last time. I will never get to have this view again. I’ll never live in this room again. I’m one step closer to the dream life I’ve always imagined for myself, but I leave behind an incredible experience. For the past two years, I have spent too much time away from my studies  just looking out. I guess I don’t have any real evidence to show you what I have done this year.

I wish you could all see what I see… a huge truck leaving the towel factory from across the street 🙂

Edit: I wrote a really shitty ending to this last night.  and I still can’t write it…

Congratulations to everyone taking the next big leap in their lives. Seattle University’s class of 2010, oh how I adore you…

27 May 2010

Song of the Day


Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home

What a great song this is…

I will have lots and lots of posts for you this weekend!! The countdown to summer has already begun and even though this is my hardest week it has been the best week. Here’s hoping that a little sunshine will come through for you this Memorial Day Weekend.

Have fun @ Sasquatch, Folk Life, Chelan or wherever you are!

15 Feb 2010

Polaroid Scarves

I can’t wait until the day I am living in my dream house and have total control of how I’m going to decorate it. Today, I found one addition that I would like to be a part of my dream house: the Polaroid scarf.

These photographic scarves are made by French designer Philippe Roucou. I kind of wish I could buy all of them so I could design a room with just these scarves on the wall… They are part of his new series entitled objets trouvés (found objects.)

05 Jul 2009

Simply Foolproof

I would never lose anything ever again if I did this to my future apartment, yet I know my mother would hate this idea nonetheless.



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