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02 Nov 2013

How I Met Your Father

Even though I’ve always been a fan of the show, when it comes to keeping up with it, I kind of suck. I can’t remember what episode or season I left off of and I have definitely not watched any of the episodes from this final season. Fans of the series have expressed their disappointment when they learned that this would be the last season, but received some news this week that might give them something to look forward to. After nine seasons, we were finally introduced to the mother and may be greeted with a new spin-off called “How I Met Your Father” introducing us to the mother’s group of friends. It has been confirmed that producers of the show are working on this follow-up, but we’ll believe it when we see it! I do believe that it will be quite interesting to view her story from another perspective and to become attached to a whole new cast and group of friends.


06 Jun 2013

Inside Dropbox’s San Francisco Office

If this article has proven anything, it is that we are far beyond the days of rows upon rows of cubicles. Modern companies these days and plenty of start-ups are renovating their offices  to reflect a number of things – the technology of their product, bringing the outdoors indoors, and inspiration from just about anywhere – like that “Challenge Accepted” conference room reference from one of my favorite television series “How I Met Your Mother.” I’m lucky to have experienced both. In my first job out of college, I had an open environment that was absolutely gorgeous and enabled me to have a 360-degree view of Seattle. There were rows of desks, but certainly no cubicles. “On the floor” as we would call it, there was no hierarchy. There weren’t very many offices and the CEO had a desk next to those that worked on his team and could even potentially just be randomly placed next to an intern. This idea and structure was meant to foster a collaborative environment. However, I’ve also been in a cubicle environment, which isn’t wrong, but it’s traditional. It’s what we thought we would be used to and what our parents are certainly used to. It’s a little bit more private, but I assume some people like this style since they can’t buckle down and get to work.

Whatever the case – more and more offices are transforming and Dropbox in San Francisco has created an amazing space as captured by Office Snapshots. Check out the photos published yesterday here.

06 May 2012

In the News…

Unfortunately, I’m a little behind on my news having not blogged consistently for the past couple of weeks, but this is the best I could do!


– Designer Tracy Feith will design for TOMS Shoes. The designer was known for his highly successful collection for Target. [Source]

– Vogue has announced that they will no longer be working with models under the age of 16 or models who look unhealthy. [Source]

– Justin Timberlake is still not returning to music because he’s too busy working on a design line for HomeMint. [Source]


– The Wanted’s latest track, “Chasing the Sun” will be used as the title track for Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. [Source]

– Earlier this week, a first-grader was suspended for singing the line “I’m sexy and I know it” from LMFAO’s latest song. [Source]


– Teen Wolf Season 2. It’s almost here. [Source]

– Will Jeopardy host, Alex Trabek, leave the show? I sure hope not. [Source]

– Britney Spears and Demi Lovato have joined The X Factor. [Source]

– The Jonas Brothers are getting a reality show on E! y’all! [Source]


– Twilight’s Kellan Lutz has just signed on to play Tarzan in the new animated film. [Source]

– And yet another trailer for The Amazing Spider Man.

– Outkast’s Andre 3000 will begin shooting for the Jimi Hendrix biopic next month. [Source]


– The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) lineup is up! [Source]

– A new Seattle spot is opening up and it is dedicated to one of my favorite desserts – the Molten Chocolate Cake. Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery will open up later on this month. [Source]


– Demi Moore has officially changed her Twitter handle. [Source]

– Jessica Simpson finally gave birth to a baby girl named Maxwell Drew Johnson.

– RIP to the Beastie Boys’ Adam “MCA” Youch. He passed away Friday at age 47 after battling cancer for two years.

– Kings of Leon’s Jared Followill has proposed to model Martha Patterson. The two have been dating for only a few months. [Source]

– SNL’s Taran Killam and HIMYM’s Cobie Smulders will marry this September. [Source]

03 Mar 2012

Kirk Cameron Is Not How We Remember

Have you ever gone through that feeling of thinking one thing about a person or something for the longest time and then someone comes along and tells you how it is flawed and all of a sudden that glass “shatters?” Yep, just like that one “How I Met Your Mother episode. Well, that’s kind of about to happen to you with Kirk Cameron, cause I’m about to shatter your hypothetical glass.

We all had our crushes on the sitcom stars back in the day and one of mine was Kirk Cameron. He was basically a certified dreamboat. Son of Alan Thicke, friend to Leo DiCaprio, and cool older brother to his siblings – Kirk Cameron seemed like a pretty great guy on television.

This morning, I caught his interview with Piers Morgan on homosexuality and gay marriage in which he used the words “detrimental” and “destructive” to describe it. There’s also a whole lot more that comes out of his mouth that I don’t understand. I suppose I can respect the guy’s opinion, but I definitely don’t agree with it. You should watch the interview though, but I’m going to have to apologize in advance for completely shattering your glass on Kirk Cameron.

Also in case any of you were wondering how he is these days. He’s 41, and married with six children – four of which are adopted. He’s also a born again Christian so hooray.


02 Mar 2012

Current Love:

When How I Met Your Mother is on two different networks at the same time and I get to choose which episode I want to watch out of the two.

It’s the little things in life…

03 Dec 2011

Kanye Takes A Tip From Barney Stinson

“I wasn’t given this power for no reason and now it’s starting to open up. I’m on a pursuit of awesomeness. Excellence is the bare minimum.”

– Kanye West


16 Oct 2011

As Fast As She Can

Ted: Okay, I’m going to say something out loud that I’ve been doing a pretty good job of not saying out loud lately. What you and Tony have, what I thought for a second you and I had, what I know that Marshall and Lily have… I want that. I do. I keep waiting for it to happen, and waiting for it to happen, and… I guess I’m just tired of waiting. And that is all I’m going to say on that subject.
Stella: You know how I talked my way out of a speeding ticket?
Ted: Really?
Stella: I was heading upstate with my parents, I was doing 90 on the country roads, and I got pulled over. So this cop, gets out of his car, swaggers over and he says, ‘Lady, I’ve been waiting for you all day.’ And I said, ‘Sorry Officer, I got here as fast as I could!’
Ted: For real?
Stella: No, it’s just a joke. [pause] I know that you’re tired of waiting. And you may have to wait a little while more but, she’s on her way, Ted. And she’s getting here, as fast as she can.

I love reruns of How I Met Your Mother.

23 Aug 2011

Nerd Herd

On the season finale of The Glee Project, my favorite contestant Cameron returned for the final episode. While I was extremely happy that Damien took home the win, I don’t think I paid that much attention to him as much as I focused on the scenes Cameron was actually in. Bree and I agreed last night that while it is obvious that he is talented, there is definitely something that draws our eye towards him throughout the entire episode. Sure, it’s his voice and the hipster attire, but another part of me thinks that it is because he represents a group of people  that has never been a part of the in crowd: the nerds. There’s no one like him on Glee or even on television right now.

As we all know, I’ve got a pretty sweet spot for the nerds – as do many girls. Can you really find a reason to not like one? I mean, have you ever seen a douchey nerd? And I’m not talking about those pretentious characters in television shows, I mean in real life. They don’t exist! They never cheat, except for that one episode of Saved By the Bell. They are known for being the shy smart types. They’ve got a type of style that isn’t mainstream and they always seem to know what’s going on before everyone else. A blogger’s dream right? Today, I learned from HelloGiggles that there’s actually a distinction between geek, nerd and dork. Who knew, right?

In short:

“Geek- Smart but not awkward
Nerd- Smart and awkward
Dork- Smart in less useful areas, awkward but proud regardless”

Feel free to read the rest of the article here:

What I also recognized today was the similarities between a nerd and a hipster. The same transition process occurs when scenesters become hipster. In this case, you start out being a nerd and develop into a full-grown adult-sized hipster. I’ve decided to highlight some of my favorite nerds in this post, but I’ll let you be the judge as to whether or not they are really as hip as they appear to be.

[Cameron Mitchell – The Glee Project right]

I think I’ve talked enough about Cameron in the text above so I won’t exhaust you anymore. He is basically the proudest nerd I have ever seen promoting the “Nerd Herd” in his YouTube videos, on the television series, and even in his music.

[Michael Cera]


Read more “Nerd Herd”

11 Aug 2011

The Importance of Partying Responsibly

I just realized that the headline may be a little misleading, but even if I decided to change it now, I wouldn’t know what to change it to. This post is not about the responsibilities of drinking or anything related to that at all. This post is actually inspired by a post I read on Hello Giggles a couple days ago called “Confessions of a Wannabe Party Girl.” So how exactly does that tie into partying responsibly?

During my stay in Seattle this summer, I have been tempted with the opportunities to go out with my friends. Unfortunately for some of my friends, I am the girl that makes excuses. I make excuses for my health, for my work, for my television schedule etc and because of that, I’ve missed out on some great nights. The nights that I have gone out though have been some of my favorite times from this past summer and a part of me wishes I had more of those. Going out should never be about the drinks that you consume, but about the company that you are with and Hello Giggles explains that perfectly along with other pieces of advice such as “Go home when you are still having fun” and How I Met Your Mother’s famous reference “Nothing good happens after 2AM.”

I don’t want to look back on my summer and remember myself as being a workaholic cause I’m pretty sure I have the rest of my life to do that. I was hesitant about going out often in the first place because I was worried about becoming like the bros at Seattle U that I didn’t want to become, but now that I know I won’t ever be I suppose I’m in the clear. I’m young. I like to go out. I like my friends. I sound like that little girl re-affirming myself in the mirror.

13 Jul 2011

In the News…

***** Hey readers! Brace yourself – it was a big news day!

The UK’s Daily Mail published a photo along with a headline naming the wrong Olsen twin. For most of their early lives (Ages 0-16,) I believed they were identical because they were always dressed alike, but these days I can tell the two of them apart within seconds. You don’t have to see it in their faces to tell who is who, but you will see it in the way that they are dressed. Need some help telling the fashion icons apart? Check out Fashionista for their guide here.

– If you loved Lauren Conrad’s recently dyed tips as much as I did then learn how to do them yourself with the help of Lauren’s hair stylist Kristin Ess in this step-by-step tutorial. [Source]

Rihanna will be the star of Armani’s campaigns this fall/winter 2011. [Source]

Kal Penn will have a recurring role on How I Met Your Mother. [Source]

Kurt, Rachel, and Finn will not be returning for Season 4 of Glee, but of course we already knew that when Ryan Murphy said they would be graduating after this next year. [Source]

MTV has renewed Teen Wolf for a second season. I seriously only watch it for these two. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan apparently thought she was good enough and should have been considered for the role of Nina Sayers in Black Swan. Girl, you delusional? [Source]

– An exact replica of the house from “Up” has been built. Would you live in it? [Source]

Miranda Kerr named her son Flynn after a late boyfriend. [Source]

Rosie Huntington-Whitely is the new face of Burberry Body. [Source]

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are also launching a handbag line. Do these girls ever stop working? [Source]

– Today, one of my favorite bands has officially broken up. Sad day Rilo Kiley. [Source]

– The original stars from the classic “American Pie” will all return for the fourth installment “American Reunion.” [Source]

Daisy Lowe will pose in next month’s issue of Playboy. Daisy is the daughter of Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale who is also the husband of Gwen Stefani. [Source]

– Meet the 20 new competitors for Project Runway. They all look like such characters! [Source]

– Who wants to wear a dress with Steve Buscemi’s face on it? Not I… [Source]

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally getting married. It’s been 6 years. [Source]

– Time to start building your Bumbershoot schedule! [Source]

Yogurtland is collaborating with Hello Kitty. I wish the real life characters would visit our Capitol Hill location though… [Source]

– In case you missed it (like I did) the US women’s soccer team is headed to the world cup finals! [Source]

Weezer is offering a concert cruise. [Source]

Cupcake Royale ended up raising $10,000 towards the It Gets Better Project selling their rainbow-covered cupcakes last month. Tomorrow, founder of Cupcake Royale Jody Hall, will present Dan Savage with the check at 4:30 PM at the Capitol Hill location. [Source]

Amon Tobin and Moby will headline Seattle’s Decibel Festival. [Source]

The Black Eyed Peas are going on hiatus. Not phased by this. [Source]

Chris Brown is securing his spot as the celebrity no one will ever like again. [Source]

– The first teaser poster for the Dark Knight Rises. [Source]

Weezer and The Flaming Lips will share the stage together in New Jersey on July 28th and New York on July 29th. Literally. As in… all of their gear will be up on stage at the same time and they will take turns performing a song. Yeasayer will open each night. AWESOME. [Source]


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