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04 Feb 2012

Indie Shuffle

Everyone has their own methods of studying. As a kid, I used to surround myself in the most hectic situations while doing homework. As soon as it was time to hit the books, I made sure I had a snack in front of me, the television on, and headphones in my ears playing music from my mini pink iPod. Oh those were the times…When I finally got to college, I studied in high traffic areas so that I could people watch. How I ever managed to get work done still amazes me to this day. These days, I’ve eliminated most of the clutter and am strictly just about the music. Spotify, iTunes, We Are Hunted – I pick one and call it good. I just discovered a new streaming website though that I think most of you will enjoy called Indie Shuffle. Looking for new music or new a soundtrack to study to? Try it out!

Good luck on midterms everyone!

Night night Yow Yow! My never ending notes are calling my name!

01 Sep 2010

This is Real Life

Everyone loves free music right?! Download the This is Real Life mash-up CD here by and DJ What What. The CD is free, but if you feel a little generous, you can definitely pay for the music through their pay-as-you-want-system. Proceeds from the album will go directly to 826 Valencia, an organization supporting youth writing.

What collaborations will you see?

  • Jay-Z vs Something Corporate
  • Jagged Edge vs Nelly vs Phoenix
  • DMX vs Miike Snow
  • Drake vs Kanye West vs Lil’ Wayne vs Madonna vs Eminem

I’m giving it a listen right now and I love it. If only this had come out at the beginning of the summer…


  • 😶
  • By far, the healthiest brunch I’ve ever had: zucchini potato fritters with salad and asparagus (last weekend) and now I’m eating Chipotle as I type
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  • a tough look
  • Today’s summer sun ☀️
  • Are these not the most perfect slingbacks?
  • Still taking senior photos well into my 20’s
  • not Monday
  • Monday #4

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