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A Friendly Reminder:

Cellphone etiquette for today.

[Source] via Holiday Matinee

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Washington (What Is It Good For)

Every state has their own niche. Sometimes it can take a little bit more time to find out what that niche is. This infographic has helped me learn how to appreciate every state the way they are even if I’ve only ever been to a handful of them.

Anyone curious as to what Washington is great at?

“The percentage of non-religious people in Washington is the highest of any state.”


To check out all of the winning facts from each state, click to view the infographic.


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Hammer Pants Vs. Hipster

I’m not exactly sure how someone came up with the idea to compare a fashion trend to a group of people, but this is genius.

Click here to read the rest of this infographic.


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Today, I Just Want to Make You Laugh

The Language of Eyes [via Flavorwire]

Justin Bieber looking like a child in his new commercial promoting his fragrance “Someday.”

The resume of champions [via Holiday Matinee]

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