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How Japan is Raising Independent Kids

I was completely amused by watching this video that I stumbled upon the other day. I think it’s probably because as a kid, I totally thought I was independent, but after watching this I’m now second guessing myself. I was independent in that I wasn’t someone that always needed to be around people, but could I always do things by myself like adult things? No. Would I be able to walk to school? No way, it was too far. So I took the bus with 20 other kids every single day and the bus stop was right outside of my house. I can’t believe this girl took a number of trains every day, but it makes sense when Japan’s crime rate is so low that that’s something that you just don’t have to worry about.

The cruelest part of the video though? Seeing those kids cry when their parents force them to learn how to be independent. :(


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Japan’s Sweet Robot Bears

It’s official. Japan is totally winning on the generosity scale. Designed by a Japanese robotics company called RIKEN, the “Robear” was designed to assist the elderly in a number of ways by lifting them in and out of their beds and helping them into and out of their wheel chairs – a task that can sometimes be a burdenĀ for caretakers. Japan is expecting a much larger elderly population in the next coming years and sees the Robear as a huge benefit so that those who would like to take care of their elderly parents can instead tend to their jobs and have the Robear step in. Wow. Can I just have a Robear for assisting in my day to day life?


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While I Contemplate My Lunch Plans

How to make a very thick Japanese pancake. Yum.

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Blog Roundup

– 10 Things We Learned at Fashion Week. 1. In America, we plan on having a summer. [GQ]

– 10 Dangerous Works of Architecture [Flavorwire]

– What’s it like to be a bike messenger in NYC? [BuzzFeed]

– Burger King Japan made something called a black burger and we don’t think cheese should be that color. [Grubstreet]

– F**ktionary – the new Cards Against Humanity that everyone will be talking about [Cool Material]

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The Most Endearing 4-year Old

I promised you cuteness this morning so here you have it! Kevin shared with me this post about an endearing 4-year old in Japan the other day who is photographed by her father in the most endearing series we’ve ever seen. I’m loving the photos that are being created out of this by father Nagano Toyokazu and his daughter Kanna. I hope my future child is just like this.

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Take Me There:

I recently left California for my Pacific Northwest home for the holidays and maybe this isn’t surprising to anyone at all who has left and returned home, but my perception of how I look at Seattle has completely changed. I now have come to the realization that being stuck in traffic in Seattle is nothing compared to what it is like in the Bay when I am driving 280 to get up to San Francisco. I appreciate the skyline in Seattle so much more as I’m driving into the city whereas when I lived here and was so used to that drive, I would never take a second to look to my right and see the Space Needle gleaming down at me. I think it’s one of the most gorgeous sights even though it is a tourist wallet eater. I am very much drawn to the lights of my city during my trip home this time around and if I could give it some sort of a theme, I would but for now I’m pretty happy that I have such a strong and vivid image of the skyline twinkling even if I’m not here.

These tunnel of lights above can be found in Japan though!


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KFC Japan Offers Deep Fried Soup

I love my soups, I really do, but do I believe it needs to be deep fried? Not so much…

KFC Japan is offering up a new menu item in which they bread the corn potage and cook it to a crisp. The soup will be available at KFC’s in Japan for a limited time only starting September 5th.

Readers, would you try it?


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The Weekend: 5 Things


Are we halfway through summer yet? Because it feels like the summer weekends are just flying by! This weekend was the weekend of all goodbyes. With my friend Margo leaving for Philly, Ashley off to San Diego and Mandi and Eric driving to San Francisco today to start the next chapters in their lives, I am excited for what’s to come. My friend Mathew asked me last night, “Are you sad?” to which I responded, “About what?” And he said, “All your friends are leaving!” Yes, that is true; they are all leaving, but I’m not sad because they’re my friends. They are going to do great things and I would hope that if I were in their place that they would be just as happy for me and I know they would. Moving on, moving forward, life – there’s nothing to be sad about.

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Out on the Town: 6/27

photo cred | The Stranger

Starting tomorrow, the Seattle Art Museum will be premiering their new exhibit showcasing 30 years in Japanese fashion. The exhibition will include 80 pieces of gowns and garments and have made it all the way to Seattle from the Kyoto Costume Institute. I am so excited to view this exhibit in person! Anyone else planning on making the trip?


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Currently Craving:

The Moffle

oh yes. Mochi waffles.


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In the News…


– Zooey Deschanel does not look like Zooey Deschanel on the cover of Glamour. [Source]

– Fake braces are all the rage right now in Asia. [Source]


– Girls will be releasing a soundtrack in January! Excited. Hope this is on Spotify because their music selection is. on. point. [Source]

– Our girl Britney will be working on a new album. [Source]


– a scripted hour-long drama is in the works for E! and will be a mixture of Gallery Girls and Mean Girls called Gallerina [Source]

– Ann Curry won’t let that NBC drama get her down. Apparently, she’s been contacted for a position at CNN as an anchor. [Source]

– The shows that ended in 2012.

– Andddd the television characters that passed away in 2012. [Source]


– The Twilight Saga was voted the worst movies of all time. Shocker. [Source]


– We prepare to say goodbye to the iconic Easy Street Records on Queen Anne. [Source]


– Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris finally got married! She didn’t run away this time. [Source]

Did I mention that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a spawn baby together?

– The PS2 is not more. Japan stops production. [Source]

– Are you in a profession that could lead you to being a psychopath?

Author Kevin Dutton tells us in his new book which professions are most likely and least likely to lead to psychopathy. [Source]

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The S House

Kevin sent me this link showcasing the “S House” located in Japan the other day and you won’t believe the way the interior looks…

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[photo cred | inhabitat]

Japan has a new creation on their hands and it is called Babyloid. Babyloid is a robot baby that was designed to ease depression for the elderly by providing them company. Also, how can you even manage to stay sad when you’ve got an adorable “baby” in your hands.

Babyloid can produce more than 100 different sounds.

Watch a video of Babyloid in use here.

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Are You Familiar With Uniqlo Yet?

photo cred | Wanderfly

You will be soon. Japanese retailer Uniqlo will soon be what everyone is talking about over here in the US. With two New York locations under their belt, it won’t be long until Uniqlo decides to expand even more within the states. Actually, there will be a west coast store planted sometime in October and rumor has it that it might be in Seattle. Back in the spring, Seattle blogs were buzzing with speculation that the H&M and Zara like retailer would be coming here and all of their facts seemed true.

Not located on the west coast or east coast? Don’t worry your pretty little head, Uniqlo will also offer e-commerce opportunities – a feature that both H&M and Zara offer as well except Uniqlo will jump on it much quicker.


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2011’s Most Powerful Photographs

“A girl in isolation for radiation screening looks at her dog through a window in Nihonmatsu, Japan on March 14.”

(Reuters / Yuriko Nakao)

Can you believe that another year has come and gone? Round up posts are some of my favorites during this time and BuzzFeed has gotten an early start by posting the 45 Most Powerful Photos of 2011. In the post, you’ll find some of the ones you expected – that couple making out on the ground in Vancouver during the riots, that one cop that pepper sprayed protesters at UC Davis and got turned into an internet meme, and the aftermath of the Japanese coast tsunami. You’ll also find a series of photos that you may not have seen before, but still relevant to our year. These images are incredibly powerful and every year reminds me of how little I know about the world.

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