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17 Jan 2013


photo cred | Cool Material

It is with great sadness and shame that I announce to you all today that earlier this week I had fallen ill with the flu. When your Mom tells you to get the flu shot (every year) you should listen. And every year I don’t. The difference between getting the flu while you’re in college and getting the flu when you’re in the working world is vast. When I was sick in school, I missed a couple of classes and even though it seems like you don’t miss too much material, you really do and it can be difficult to catch up. In fact, sometimes I just wouldn’t catch up and would pray to the gods that it wouldn’t show up on a final. With work, you don’t miss too much, but getting back into the swing of things can be challenging.

When I was in college, a cold would stick with me for weeks sometimes even a month. When I get sick now, I hope that it falls on a weekend so that I don’t have to use my vacation days. Those things are GOLD! And unfortunately, I used two.

Lesson learned. I should have gotten that flu shot and I should have been eating Jeni’s Influenza Sorbet. I came across this miracle on Cool Material today and it is made with cayenne pepper, ginger, honey, orange and lemon juice, and the classic cure-all, Maker’s Mark. I’m pretty sure alcohol can’t help your health, but whatever, if it’s there – it’s there.



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