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Jennifer Behr’s Headpieces

You never forget the first wedding feature that you fell in love with. I was still in high school when I stumbled across Style Me Pretty for the first time, but it would be a few years later – in my senior year of college to be exact – that I would come across a feature that I would always remember and compare every wedding to. The bride wore a Johanna Johnson dress and a matching sparkling headpiece that I still envision in my dreams today. This was back in 2012, but even then, I was very confident that I might have a dress like Annie’s by Australian designer Johanna Johnson on my special day, but even more confident that I would have a similar headpiece. Even before seeing this wedding feature, wearing something on my head throughout my time of growing up has always been my thing. As a kid, I had headbands in every color. My mom got me into these. And in middle school? I would buy the thinner ones made of elastic or fabric from Wet Seal or Claire’s. And in college, I acquired so many tees from student events that I would cut a layer from the bottom of the shirts all the way around to wear a makeshift DIY headband across my forehead. So it’s settled. It is what it is and after seeing Jennifer Behr’s latest collection for fall, I can’t seem to stop thinking about how wonderful these would be.

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Wedding Mondays

Good morning everyone! There’s nothing like a holiday weekend with family to rejuvenate you and spring you back into a Monday. As tiring as traveling can be (okay, I was on an hour long flight,) I’m feeling more refreshed than ever and ready to end this year on a high note. We’re back on our Wedding Mondays routine and it feels pretty good.

This morning I’m sharing with you all a dream of a wedding video! While I’ve never even been to New York, I’m so envious of all the rooftop weddings that get to take place there. There is nothing more chic than exchanging nuptials at the top of a building as the sun is going down.

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Wedding Trend To Try: Headpieces

I have been dying to write this post all week, but was unable to find the time to do it until now. My friend’s best friend just got married a couple of weeks ago and when I sifted through the pictures, my jaw had dropped. Her friend – the bride – had pulled off one of the major wedding trends of the season – the head piece – and she looked absolutely gorgeous while doing so. When a bride gets ready for her big day, she’s wondering about what she’s going to do up top with her hair. She can choose to go with a veil,  a headpiece, hair accessories, or do nothing with it at all. A few years ago when I came across the dream wedding dress, that bride had been wearing a headpiece, and ever since then, it has always been in the back of my head.

So with that said and being re-introduced to the headpiece again – here are my favorite picks!


Viva Headpiece by Johanna Johnson

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The Academy Awards Parties

Alessandra Ambrosio in Roberto Cavalli with Kourtney Kardashian in Raoul

There were way too many celebrities at the viewing and after parties that I just had to make a whole separate post for them.

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Wedding Dream Dress

Photographs | Paper Antler

While perusing one of my favorite wedding blogs, Style Me Pretty, today – I came across this incredible feature of a Miami wedding. I also fell in love with this dress by Australian designer, Johanna Johnson. The embellished back detail – that headpiece – all so lovely.

My own wedding is not even in sight, but I’ve always dreamed of having either a sassy shorter dress or a longer slinky one. Princess ball gowns are not in my future.

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