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20 Aug 2016

What We’re Listening to This Weekend:


You guys, I have so few weekends left to myself until I’m traveling on the road for work so this weekend is one that I’m looking forward to having ALL TO MYSELF! Last night, we raged pretty hard for Manan’s birthday so for now I’m just using this as an excuse for me to be not capable of doing anything else Saturday/Sunday except for catching up on work and spending Q. time with Yow Yow! The other day, I had this craving to listen to all of my favorite early John Mayer albums. I’d forgotten just how good they were. #blessed that Kevin introduced me to JM so long ago when I was just 9 years old and listening to Inside Wants Out for the first time. It was so good that we’re going to do the same thing this weekend that we did earlier in the week and listen to it over and over again. I wish we could go back to getting music like this from him. Today, we’re sharing Room For Squares because it’s one of the few albums in which I love every single track. There are very few albums in the world that do that for me.

Enjoy y’all!

24 Oct 2012

Taylor, You Sass Monster


[on John Mayer and writing about her ex-boyfriends]

Girl is hilarious. I wish we could be friends.


16 Sep 2012

Song of the Day


Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You

I nearly melted when I watched this performance last night on the premiere of SNL.

Oh hay John Mayer. We see you.

02 Mar 2012

John Mayer Releases New Album This Spring

1. Queen of California
2. The Age of Worry
3. Shadow Days
4. Speak for Me
5. Something Like Olivia
6. Born and Raised
7. If I Ever Get Around To Living
8. Love is a Verb
9.  Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967
10. Whisky, Whisky, Whisky
11. A Face To Call Home
12. Born and Raised (Reprise)

Can’t wait until May 22nd to hear his new stuff?

Here’s a track for you to listen to now: Shadow Days



03 Aug 2011

Song of the Day


John Mayer – Breakaway

Today, I went on a John Mayer listening spree and made an entire playlist for the guy on Spotify adding not only every CD he has ever put out, but all of the singles and tracks that didn’t make it onto the albums. One of my favorite songs from John Mayer that never actually made it onto a CD was Breakaway and I’m surprised I forgot about it for some time until today.

17 Feb 2011

In things that made me LOL today…

John Mayer is reportedly inflicting his douchebaggery on none other than Miley Cyrus! Yes, we get it now, you’re an adult!

Even though she spent a day flirting with Joshua Bowman at Griffith Park, she was said to be following John around at the Grammy Awards, like a lost little puppy! Ugh.

A snitch on the scene said, “At one point backstage, Miley was rubbing John’s back and, when he thought no one was looking, he leaned over and kissed her!”

Eww.. Come on, Miley! What are you thinking?!??

Miley’s response? The spy said, “Miley slapped his butt and told him, ‘You rock!’”

She would…


20 Oct 2010

Taylor Swift Will Probably Never Stop Writing Songs About Guys In Her Life

Taylor Swift is an amazing and talented artist; there’s no denying that. She writes songs that she feels her fans may be able to identify with and has said it in countless interviews that her songs are based on her own life experiences. In fact, they are so personal and honest that she doesn’t leave any names out.  Her hit single, “Forever and Always” was written about Joe Jonas. Although the song title may seem sweet, the lyrics are not. I’ve always wanted someone to write a song about me, but definitely not a song like that.

In her new album, it is safe to say that she has written a song for Kanye and about Taylor Lautner and even John Mayer. This hasn’t been confirmed quite yet, but there is a new song off her album entitled “Dear John” and the lyrics completely point in the direction of John Mayer. John and Taylor even collaborated on his song “Half of My Heart” for his “Battle Studies” album, but I never thought that there would be anything more to that relationship.

I’ve rounded up a few questions:

Does this make her dating life complicated? If I were a guy, I would hate to cross Taylor because then there would be a whole song written about me and those don’t exactly go away.

I’ve heard that Duncan Penn finally went out on his date with Taylor Swift – in reference to the second episode of The Buried Life’s second season. Does this mean he will make it into a song as well?!

Still pondering…

I’ve never kept quiet the fact that I write songs about people. “It’s like, this is album number three. You guys have had fair warning!”



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