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22 Apr 2011

Coachella 2011 Fashion

Camilla Belle and Emma Hill both with Mulberry bags

It’s been exactly a week since Coachella blew all of us away whether we were at the festival or not. Although I was unable to attend the festival, YouTube did a pretty great job providing me with live streaming performances throughout the entire weekend! Watching sets from both Kanye and Jack’s Mannequin from my laptop Sunday evening was the best treat I could have given to myself.

Even though it’s been a week, Coachella is still alive in our hearts and minds as we enter peak music festival season! I couldn’t give it a proper farewell without posting a fashion roundup of the best festival looks from last weekend. Hello inspiration for Capitol Hill Block Party…

Nicole Richie w/ a Mulberry bag

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28 Mar 2011

Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Emily Browning

Where: Nylon Magazine’s 12th Anniversary Issue Party

Wearing: Isabel Marant

Who: Camilla Belle

Where: Opening of Juicy Couture’s South Beach store

Wearing: Bird by Juicy Couture



28 Jan 2010

Juicy Founders Leave w/ a Not So Sweet Exit

The two women responsible for the brand Juicy Couture are hanging up their crowns. Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy have decided to step down as creative directors. They first founded the brand back in 2003, but later then sold it to Liz Clairborne in 2008. Not willing to part with the brand at that time, the founders decided to stay on as creative directors. According to Fashionista, they received a statement this morning from the CEO Bill McComb,

“There will soon be a new creative director—Nash-Taylor and Skaist-Levy will transition into creative consultant roles. “This transition is in keeping with the plan we made when I came to Liz Claiborne three years ago,” said McComb. “At that time, the Juicy founders were concluding their initial four-year contract, and I was thrilled that they agreed to another three years with the express understanding that their final year would be as creative consultants.”

Bummer… I’m surprised they stayed in this long what with their careers almost being over with the invention of the Juicy sweatsuits… worst. idea. ever.

On another note, let’s not forget that Juicy does produce well-made clothing, sweatsuits aside!

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