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2016 CFDA Awards

Ashley, Elizabeth, and Mary-Kate Olsen all wearing The Row

So it’s not the most fashionable night out of the year (that’s the Met Gala!) but the CFDA is a close second! This is a post full of amazing looks. We don’t need to say anymore.

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The Closet: September 2015

Zara Lace Frill Top – $49.90

It’s Fashion Week month so there’s no doubting that this post isn’t going to be a heavier one than usual! Fall is here. It’s very apparent from the items we listed below that we feel we absolutely must have.

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Lauren Conrad Debuts New Lookbook for Kohl’s

If there were a Kohl’s right next to me, I would be a frequent shopper for Lauren Conrad’s collection. Every season, I tell myself that I am going to purchase her pieces and someday I will because I find her style to be very relatable to mine. As much as I love the basics, I love my girly girl pieces. There’s one inside of all of us…

For more looks from her latest collection, click here.

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Lauren Conrad Kohls Spring

I think I love her pieces so much because of how simple and versatile they are. Note to self: Make a trip to Kohls.

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Lauren Conrad Debuts Spring Lookbook for Kohl’s

The clothes she designs for Kohl’s are right up my alley, but somehow I don’t own any of her pieces.

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Dresses For Your Sweet Valentine’s Day Date

Forever 21 Sheer Sleeve Pleated Dress – $27.80

We are in the month of February and love, which means that for the next 13 days, you are going to see a lot of themed posts! I think I may have been the only one excited about Valentine’s today, but hopefully there’s a few of you out there who are on the same page as me. Are you gearing up for a very special evening this holiday and in need of a new dress? Here are some of my favorite picks!

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Crushing on Lauren Conrad’s Kohl’s Collection

I have no idea why it is so difficult for me to admit that. I don’t think it has anything to do with the retailer being Kohl’s at all though because I’ve been a fan of Vera Wang’s collection before too. Could it be that I am uncomfortable with saying that I am a huge fan of a reality television star’s fashion line? That’s probably it. It has nothing to do with the reality star being Lauren Conrad though because as we all know, I’ve liked her since her Laguna Beach days. However, the same could not be said when Heidi MontagĀ  came out with her line for Anchor Blue. I suppose if I support a reality star slash celebrity then I am more inclined to give their line a chance. In Lauren’s case, I am finding that I want to own every other piece from her latest holiday look book.

I also have a lot of respect for Lauren as a designer because she actually wears her own clothing. You won’t believe how many “celebrity” designers actually skip out on this.

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Lauren Conrad for Kohls Spring

Lauren Conrad may not be getting a new reality show on MTV, but we think that she will do just fine. After all, she is the most successful cast member out of both Laguna Beach and The Hills. She also has a way of making her collections look super cute without being high end whereas Heidi failed to do the same with her collection for Anchor Blue. Anyways, her new spring photos for Kohls were just released and they are adorable.

To view the entire Kohls spread, click here.

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Lauren Conrad Style

Lauren Conrad released her new book today entitled, “Style.” Ever since her Laguna Beach days, Lauren has made the simple California Girl look her own and inspired many young teens along the way. I was a little skeptical when I heard that she was writing a style book because her look has always been so simple, but then I remembered what we should be thanking her for. She gave us two lines – one her own and the other with Kohls. She pushed rising trends such as the cute little side braid, the black blazer, and the maxi dress. Lauren is basically the poster girl for C&C California because she puts basic on a whole new level.

In her new books, she offers style and guidance to her readers hopefully molding her fans into having the similar effortless style that she has.

This post was brought to you by mini stylish Lauren Conrad.

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Hills star has a Hit

I’m a firm believer in Anna Wintour‘s saying about how people should know their craft before they get into their business. I’ve posted that quote on this blog a number of times so I thought I would spare you tonight, but it’s totally true! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to dabble in a hobby or exploring your dreams. I’m all for that. What is hard for me to take seriously is when you know nothing about what you’re doing and you haven’t done the research. It’s just silly really. The stars of The Hills have had their hits and misses with it. Lauren Conrad had two clothing lines. Her high fashion one didn’t do so well and was so vanilla plain basic that we knew that it was too bad to be overpriced. She downgraded to Kohls! Then she became an author and her book became a hit seller…now she has found her niche. Whitney Port also launched her own clothing line. She recently showed at Fashion Week in Miami so I’m just going to assume that she’s doing alright. Heidi got lots of plastic surgery, tried to sing and is still trying, and had a collection with Anchor Blue. Fail x 3? I think so.

Olivia Palermo – my style icon has decided to collaborate with Roberta Freymann on a new jewelry collection. Above is one piece from it. I think we know already that that necklace is amazing so I doubt we’ll be seeing her turn out as bad as Heidi.


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Fast Fashion

In this recession, it seems like high end stores and boutiques are suffering while on the other hands chain stores such as H&M, Forever 21 and Target have sky rocketing sales.

Why is this?

I think it’s because people are starting to realize that they are paying way more for an item of clothing that they could find elsewhere cheaper. Certain prints that we see on the runway are being imitated and put into stores. It’s kind of like copying but I’d rather be paying $20 then $200. In an effort for designers to still make a profit, they look towards smaller chain stores for collaboration opportunities. Designer Matthew Williamson just released his line w/ H&M, Lauren Conrad now has plans to open a line w/ Kohls and now Tracey Feith is designing for Target!

Matthew Williamson’s collection is in 200 H&M stores now

and Tracey Feith’s line will be in Target stores until June 20th

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The Hills will be retuning for another season without LC

MTV announced today that all of your favorite “characters” from The Hills will be back. As for Lauren, she will be leaving the show (finally) and starting to promote her new clothing line for Kohls.

“Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, Spencer Pratt, Brody Jenner, Stephanie Pratt, Lo Bosworth, Justin Bobby and “fresh faces,” will be back, the network teases in a statement.

“Spencer and Heidi will be newlyweds, so the stakes are higher than ever before for the two to make things work,” adds MTV. “Viewers will find out life in Los Angeles only gets more complicated as friendships, relationships and loyalties are tested like never before.”

Epic fail. In the words of Kristen Cavallari, “I’m so over it.”

Source: ONTD

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