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22 Feb 2012

Mason To Be A Big Brother

Kourtney Kardashian has just announced that her and Scott Disick are expecting a little girl! This will be their second child. The two announced their pregnancy news back in November, but this is the first we are hearing of the sex of the baby.

This is great news and all…but I personally cannot wait to see more Scott Disick on E! We need another season featuring Kourt and Scott stat!


02 Dec 2011

2 Quarters Left

I was about to write an “In the News…” post tonight, but there really isn’t much news to announce except that Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again! Her and Scott Disick are expecting their second child and she is nine weeks along. I will continue to watch the shows on E! but I don’t really care too much about what’s going on in their lives and their scandals. Here’s an obligatory Scott Disick photo:

What I actually want to talk about is school. When I was a kid, my parents told me that college was going to be the hardest four years of my life. It was all that they instilled in me – that it was going to be 10x harder than anything I ever did in high school and that life in general was just going to be challenging. So when I would come home to tell them that I slept three hours one night or pulled an all nighter, they would look at me with wide eyes and say, “You need to sleep! It’s unhealthy for someone your age to be up that late – why do you do that?!” I would argue, “BUT YOU TOLD ME TO WORK HARD! Isn’t this what you were asking for?” It’s hitting me that these are the last few times that I’ll take two midterms in one day, that I’ll give a presentation in the morning and take a final in the afternoon or that I will cram 15 pages of notes in 30 minutes. After almost four years, I’ve come to the realization that working this hard for school doesn’t excite me…at all – but it is rewarding. I just think I’d rather spend my life working this hard for something I’m passionate about instead. What I want to know is…Mom and Dad – why didn’t you tell me that college was going to be fun, too?

On a lighter note, this fall quarter was extremely fun! I decided that at the end of the school year, I will be recapping my entire college career “by the numbers” along with some other end of school related posts. This quarter, I am grateful to be working with such wonderful people, spending  my time building a community within my major and taking on this persona of Space Girl among other things that I can’t remember right now because last night I got four hours of sleep.

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07 Jan 2011

2011 People’s Choice Awards

Ashley Tisdale in Farah Angsana

I haven’t rated looks in forever, but I might just start up again. I give this look a 4.7 because I am loving her resort-esque dress even during the winter time. The blend of chartreuse and pink in the dress help bring out her warm skin tone and are really quite complimentary to the entire look itself. She also gets points for doing the boho look without looking homeless hippy.

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29 Jul 2010

Fashion Fail

A few posts ago, I told all of you that one of my biggest pet peeves is when girls decide to wear their regular bras with racer back tank tops. You just can’t do that. They have made bras for every single type of shirt invented, – the tube top, the one shoulder, the cris-cross, the halter, etc. There’s no excuse for not having the right one and for that I will call you out on being just plain lazy – careless even.

This week Kourtney Kardashian made a similar mistake by wearing a bra with a low back blouse. Why not go bra-less or better yet a bra that is made for low back blouses? Just saying…

19 Jun 2010

In the News…

Spencer Pratt has no career – pursues his own paparazzi business.

Pratt Tweeted late Thursday. “Send me all your celeb photos you take with your camera phones and i will post them on my new blog and give you credit and $.”

Lauren Conrad’s fans voted for her Got Milk Ad and chose this one:

Megan Fox is engaged to Brian Austin Green. Again.

TLC plans to air a one-hour special on Michael Jackson’s kids Prince, Paris, and Blanket on June 25th – the anniversary of Jackson’s death.

Columbia Pictures has provided us with this sneak peak of the new movie “The Social Network” due out October 1st about how Facebook was formed. This movie stars Justin Timberlake. [what?]

Arcade Fire has announced the tracklisting of their new CD The Subsurbs here

– When the actors of Glee signed their contract, they apparently signed on for up to three movies based on the hit television show.

– Designer Stella McCartney is rumored to be pregnant w/ her fourth child.

Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian are writing an autobiography entitled Kardashian Konfidential [They’ve taken the alliteration too far on everything.]

David Spade is dating Padma Lakshmi of Top Chef. [Meanwhile, the rest of the world is wondering how he snagged that.]

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are taking a break from their engagement.

– In honor of her magazine’s 10th anniversary, Oprah gave everyone on her O Magazine staff a $10,000 check AND an iPad. Everyone.

– The Campbell soup company has been ordered to recall nearly 15,000,000 pounds of SpaghtettiO’s w/ meatballs due to possible underprocessing. [gross.]

30 Jul 2009

In The News…

Amy Poehler will return to Saturday Night Live to reprise her role as the news anchor alongside Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update on Thursday September 17th. How does this work? I guess NBC is creating a new fall comedy lineup for Thursday and will serve as an introduction to Poehler’s season premiere of “Parks and Recreation” at 8:30

Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami is a new reality television series that will make its debut on E! on Sunday August 16th

– Some company used Paris Hilton’s face on a herpes ad. Lulz.

Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s mother, will have full custody of his three kids.

Nickelodeon’s television series iCarly will come to an end. Soon.

– Musician Estelle and designer Rachel Roy will collaborate together for a jewelry line slated to debut Spring 2010.

– Actress Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter of Ron Howard) will replace Rachelle Lefevre as evil vampire Victoria in the Twilight saga movies beginning with the third film, “Eclipse.”

California govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger has made the decision to cut all of the funding for domestic violence programs in the year of 2009-2010. That’s $16.3 million. wtf? why would you do that?

– Actress Diane Keaton will have her own 30-minute television series on HBO in which she plays a feminist icon running a porn magazine for women.

Jude Law will be adding a fourth child to his bunch of three already from ex-wife Sadie Frost. This time, the woman is unknown, but it has been said that they were in a relationship last year but are no longer involved.

A sperm bank in Los Angeles (no surprise there!) is letting YOU pick the sperm donor yourself based on what celebrity they look like. There are many celebrities within this search including those above, Adam Brody, James Franco, Ryan Gosling and many others. Because who doesn’t want their child to be a hot piece of ass when they grow up right? The only problem is that you can’t totally confirm that the donor looks like who they say they look like. Let’s just hope that honesty wins this time.


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