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07 Apr 2012

Headline of the Week

Kris Humphries tries to donate money to ‘homeless’ man, man actually just a hipster

You can read the full post here, but really – all you need is this headline.

23 Dec 2011

The Quote Heard Round The World

“Baby, by the time you have kids and they’re in school, no one will care about you.”

– Kris Humphries, fighting like an old married couple with Kim Kardashian before the end of their 72-day marriage, on Kourtney and Kim Take New York

Out of everything I have heard said from the pop culture world this year, this has been my favorite one. It’s that jaw-dropping moment in the season of the series where you just go, “Did he really just say that?” Kim’s not used to people speaking against her like that so in that moment I had to side with Kris! It was perfect. Does that mean I’m Team Kris over Team Kimmy? Ehhh I’d rather not take sides in this.
10 Nov 2011

In the News…

It’s another weird news day!

– The Oscars are going downhill. Eddie Murphy has offically dropped out of his gig in being this year’s host. [Source]

Life & Style claims that Kris will NOT sign the divorce papers to Kim. [Source]

Kris Jenner goes into detail about her affair when she was married to Robert Kardashian in her newest book. Gross. [Source]

– I’ve got a little crush on Glee’s newest character Sebastian. [Source]

Rosie Huntington-Whitely advises women to save a $1 a week in order to afford $700 Christian Louboutin heels. That would take 14 years… [Source]


27 May 2011

In the News…


– Now everyone can look like Terry Richardson with these frames! umm too bad they’re $290. [Source]

Joe Zee’s television series All on the Line has been picked up for a second season by Sundance. [Source]

– Did Urban Outfitters rip off an Etsy designer? [Source]

– Take a peak inside designer Erin Fetherston’s beautiful apartment. [Source]


A Tribe Called Quest will be releasing their film in a number of theaters for several dates. [Source]

Transformers 3 has released their soundtrack. [Source]

Kanye West will perform a free show in Manhattan in June. [Source]

Dom’s “Family of Love” EP will be released August 9th. [Source]

P. Diddy has decided to change his name to “Swag.” Is that to indicate that he is free? Easy? I don’t know. [Source]



Kerry Washington will be acting as “Olivia Pope” in ABC’s new series “Scandal.” [Source]

MTV is footing a new pilot called “Married Young.” Stop it… just stop it. [Source]

Scott Mccreery is the new American Idol. [Source]

VH1 makes plans to bring back “Pop Up Video.” More music – less trashy reality television shows please! [Source]


Ed Westwick will portray Tybalt in a new Romeo and Juliet film. [Source]


Joan Jett paid a visit to the students of Scriber Lake High School who are all at risk of dropping out. Jett took this time to urge these students how important it was to earn a high school diploma and pursue their dreams. [Source]

– A new service in Seattle called “I Have Munchies” will cater to all of your late night needs. [Source]

Seattle is one of the nation’s safest pedestrian cities in America. [Source]


Tom Hanks gave the commencement speech to Yale’s Class of 2011. Students were encouraged to wear silly hats. [Source]

Sofia Coppola and longtime boyfriend Thomas Mars (frontman of Phoenix) are getting married this summer. The couple have two kids together. [Source]

– In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian got engaged to Kris Humphries. [Source]

Spiderman’s Andrew Garfield and Shannon Woodward have split. Not-so-secretly celebrating… [Source]

– The Kardashians need your help in deciding the title for their new novel. wut. [Source]

– The before and after shot of the damages left by the Joplin, Missouri tornado. [Source]

– Apparently it’s Asian Pacific American Heritage month so Buzzfeed rounded up a bunch of celebs that we may have not known were actually Asian. I didn’t know either of these things. [Source]

– A new study shows that those that immerse themselves in cultural activities ie) playing an instrument, attending concerts, taking trips to the art gallery – turn out to be healthier! [Source]

– Roughly 81% of the music in your iTunes library will never get played. [Source]


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