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06 Jun 2013

Revelry House

Readers – I’m so excited to introduce to you a new company called Revelry House. Our favorite Laguna Beach-er Lo Bosworth is a part of the team and they are supplying all of the needs for you to throw a great party! Their website just launched yesterday so there are just a few kinks, but here is the email I received from them yesterday with this description of their service. Also feel free to check out the video below promoting them designed by none other than Lo’s BFF Lauren Conrad.

Learn more from the website here.

15 Jul 2010

The Lo Down

This is my second to last Hills-related post I promise. This week, Lauren “Lo” Bosworth launched her new website entitled “The Lo Down.” I wasn’t sure what to expect because when I saw  Heidi Montag’s website I was not at all impressed. Since Lo’s debut this past Tuesday, I’ve surprisingly found myself visiting it everyday.

Lo works with her team of friends Zach Tanck and Matt Griffin to cover topics under relationships, health & fitness, style, beauty, and life. The most interesting article I read from her today was “4 tips for Restaurant Dining,” – which is completely true. Lo also runs an advice column through her website and answered the question “How Do I Get Out of the “Friends With Benefits” Zone?” and she addressed the twisted Hills series finale everyone is still talking about.

Check out her new website here.

14 Jul 2010

The Hills – and what it has taught us

Nearly every discussion board I have seen post The Hills series finale show fans that are “shocked” or “confused” by the ending last night. I am not. I’m not shocked, confused, upset, hurt, on the verge of tears. Nothing. – By the way, reading this post is a spoiler alert. If you were a true fan you would have watched the finale at 10 PM and/or Midnight last night. – Have I not been saying this whole that The Hills was fake?! I believe it was earlier this year that I even posted up a picture of Kristin Cavallari holding onto a Hills script!

The last scene of the finale showed a tearful goodbye between Brody and Kristin before she left for Europe. [We already know she didn’t leave because she was going to be at the after show!] As Kristin hopped into the limo we see her peer out the window nostalgically. Brody Jenner can do nothing, but stand there and watch his ex-girlfriend drive away. We have seen this similar scene nearly every season of The Hills. Just when you think you’ve seen the ending BAM! the Hollywood sign behind Brody is wheeled away to reveal him standing on a back lot, the camera pans out and Kristin’s limo is still there.  Though some fans are saying it was a bad ending, I thought it was fantastic. Were the producers revealing that the “unscripted” show wasn’t what it appeared to be after all? Was everyone on the show just poking fun at the critics who believed it was scripted? One fan even compared The Hills ending finale to finding out that Santa Clause wasn’t real. The reason why some are  unhappy with the ending was because reality television just got very real.

Even though the show has ended [finally] it didn’t feel like the end. We’re still going to hear about them in the news, they’re all going to put out books and design clothing lines. I actually thought Kristin going to Europe was a joke especially after that ending and I expected Stephanie Pratt to come out and say that she was getting a reality show next! The after show was way over hyped. Here’s what you missed:

Holly cried after seeing clips of a very young and innocent Heidi pre-Spencer.

There was a video montage making fun of Justin’s poor ability to make complete sentences.

Even though Spencer was kicked off mid-season, they still highlighted his “best” moments.


I have had my fair share of ups and downs w/ The Hills over the years. It did, however, teach all of us some very important lessons throughout it’s six-year run [not saying these are all realistic]:

  • Never date anyone w/ flesh-colored facial hair.
  • It’s not very hard to get an internship in the fashion industry!
  • Don’t tell your boss/interviewer that your ultimate goal is to someday design a handbag collection when you are interviewing with a PR company. Relevancy is key.
  • You can make any television show be what you want it to be with good editing.
  • You haven’t worked until you’ve worked with Kelly “Cut Throat” Cutrone.
  • If you’re ever been on a reality show, you can have whatever you want – a book deal, a clothing line, movie roles, a record deal, and hey! maybe another reality show spinoff after the one you’re on gives you the boot.
  • Never get ten plastic surgeries in one day.
  • “I want to forgive you and I want to forget you.
  • “My name’s Justin, but my friends call me Bobby.”
  • Never choose a guy over Paris.
  • Note to self: When crying, make sure tears align correctly w/ mascara to create black emo tears for dramatic effect.


  • Get yourself a best friend that constantly challenges your athletic and drinking abilities at the same time.
  • Our weekend getaway to Bend was a gem, but I’m also very happy to be back home 🏡
  • Back together with these girls in Bend
  • What’s your favorite part of chicken and rice? Mine is always the skin!
  • This pasta looks like little 🐛 to me
  • from where I stand
  • Just a girl on top of 🌎
  • Could snack on pieces of this halibut crudo 4ever! Strawberries with marcona almonds, serrano chili, nouc cham, and basil 🍓
  • Need a courtyard like this someday 🌿

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