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Lauren Conrad For Lucky

LC will always be one of my favorite MTV icons. She’s come a long way from Laguna Beach and The Hills and has really made a name for herself.

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Lauren Conrad Kohls Spring

I think I love her pieces so much because of how simple and versatile they are. Note to self: Make a trip to Kohls.

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In the News…


Joseph Gordon Levitt for Playboy Magazine [Source]

Condé Nast lets you play model in their new video game, Fashion Hazard, available on both iPhone and the iPad. [Source]

Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas  puts her hair in the hands of celeb stylist Ted Gibson. [Source]



Spin Magazine has cancelled their Nov/Dec issue. [Source]

Record label, Fueled By Ramen, is raising money to support The Academy Is… band member Andrew Bishop Mrotek AKA The Butcher. Andrew was violently mugged at the end of July and has been in and out of the ER undergoing several surgeries. He is also without health care and FBR has said that any support that fans can provide will significantly help towards his bills. [Source]

Remember that brawl between Chris Brown and Drake not too long ago? The nightclub is allegedly suing them for $16 million. [Source]

Lady Gaga x Kendrick Lamar collaboration on the way! [Source]

The Jonas Brothers will come together again for a one-time concert. [Source] I want this. 


TLC taps into a new reality “looking for love” show called “Secret Princes.” [Source]

ABC’s Revenge has decided to make a re-cast decision for Emily’s mentor, Satoshi Takeda. [Source]

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham released a new music video. Apparently, auto tune is her best friend.  [SourceToo awful to actually post the video on my blog

ABC Family has cancelled “Jane By Design.” [Source]

NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’ has laid off 20 employees. [Source]


The city of Bremerton will re-name a street for Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian. [Source]

Amazon Local will begin delivering Capitol Hill’s Eltana bagels. [Source]


Lauren Conrad made a huge mistake by releasing a new DIY video on her YouTube account today that showed her slicing up Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events and turning it into a storage project.  Fans of the series were not very happy and her video has since been deleted. [Source]

Top Chef Cruise 2013 [Source]

Could a men’s birth control be in the works? [Source]

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Lauren Conrad Goes Back To Her Laguna Beach Roots For Glamour

Even topless, Lauren Conrad still manages to look super sweet and classy on the cover of Glamour. The reality star turned fashion designer turned author can do no wrong.

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Lauren Conrad Debuts Spring Lookbook for Kohl’s

The clothes she designs for Kohl’s are right up my alley, but somehow I don’t own any of her pieces.

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Dresses For Your Sweet Valentine’s Day Date

Forever 21 Sheer Sleeve Pleated Dress – $27.80

We are in the month of February and love, which means that for the next 13 days, you are going to see a lot of themed posts! I think I may have been the only one excited about Valentine’s today, but hopefully there’s a few of you out there who are on the same page as me. Are you gearing up for a very special evening this holiday and in need of a new dress? Here are some of my favorite picks!

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Happy Birthday LC!

Happy 26th Birthday Lauren Conrad!

To celebrate? Watching the entire first season of Laguna Beach on NetFlix. High school Stephen was such a dreamboat! Uh…when I was still in junior high of course!

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Crushing on Lauren Conrad’s Kohl’s Collection

I have no idea why it is so difficult for me to admit that. I don’t think it has anything to do with the retailer being Kohl’s at all though because I’ve been a fan of Vera Wang’s collection before too. Could it be that I am uncomfortable with saying that I am a huge fan of a reality television star’s fashion line? That’s probably it. It has nothing to do with the reality star being Lauren Conrad though because as we all know, I’ve liked her since her Laguna Beach days. However, the same could not be said when Heidi Montag  came out with her line for Anchor Blue. I suppose if I support a reality star slash celebrity then I am more inclined to give their line a chance. In Lauren’s case, I am finding that I want to own every other piece from her latest holiday look book.

I also have a lot of respect for Lauren as a designer because she actually wears her own clothing. You won’t believe how many “celebrity” designers actually skip out on this.

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Olivia Palermo Launches Her Blog

After months of talking about it, Olivia Palermo has finally launched her blog into the internetz. Olivia Palermo, is a style icon, but is more known for her role on The City as Whitney Port’s frenemy. If you’ve ever seen the show, Olivia would not be one of the characters you rooted for, but if you have never seen the show at all then you would love her in real life just for her outfits alone. Somewhere in that hot mess of a sentence, it makes sense. The lifestyle blog will cover fashion, traveling, and tips. So far it’s a little lackluster, but I’ll give it a shot and add it to my notepad of blogs. If we were going to judge on visual appeal though, Lauren Conrad’sThe Beauty Department” still takes the cake! Design Love Fest creator Bri Emery is a creative genius!

Check out Olivia Palermo’s self-titled blog here.

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André Leon Talley Exits ANTM; Kelly Cutrone Enters

After four years of being a judge on America’s Next Top Model alongside Tyra Banks, we have learned yesterday that André Leon Talley will be leaving the show at the end of the season. His replacement? None other than HBIC PR Head Kelly Cutrone. I know I throw around the term “HBIC” pretty often, but I really mean it this time. Cutrone is known in the fashion business industry for her public relations company People’s Revolution, but on television, is known for being the cutthroat boss to both Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad on The Hills/City. Who could ever forget the moment when Kelly interviews Stephanie Pratt for a position at the PR firm?

Well, I did so here it is again.

I don’t normally watch this show, but Cutrone is one of my idol’s so I might have to make an exception.


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Can These Couples Get Back Together?

[Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron]

The amount of time I spend invested in celebrity gossip is sometimes really embarrassing. I take that back. It’s extremely embarrassing, but at the same time I have no shame. I can’t explain why I have such strong feelings towards why I believe certain celebrity couples should be together, but I do! It stirs up some emotions and signs of hope in me I guess! I’m going to stop writing before I say something that will be used against me by my friends later on though.

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In the News…

– Before Dov Charney founded American Apparel, he was just an innocent Fashionisto. [Source]

Vanessa Hudgens was caught smoking last night while she was out and when she was spotted, homegirl went ballistic on the paps. [Source]

Netflix‘s genius plan of increasing their prices will cost them an estimated 2.5M subscribers. I hope it’s worth it Netflix!

Hello Kitty creator Yuko Shimizu has decided to introduce a new character into Hello Kitty’s posse named Rebecca Bonbon. [Source]

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth have called it quits. [Source]

Nickelodeon bringing back the 90’s was a great idea because ratings have skyrocketed! [Source]

Kristin Cavallari had a “Carrie Bradshaw” moment in which she posed in a wedding spread before her wedding, which unfortunately, was called off earlier this week. [Source]

Alexander McQueen’s exhibit hours will be extended to midnight on its last days August 6th and 7th. [Source]

Olivia Palermo’s “traveling” focused (and fashion) blog will debut next month. [Source]

Rachel Zoe will design a kids line. [Source]

– Meanwhile David Beckham will collaborate in a collection for H&M. [Source]

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen joined TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie in Honduras to personally bring to children new pairs of shoes. [Source]

Terry Richardson will be releasing a photo book in which he will compile 10 months worth of photos that he had taken of Lady Gaga while following her around in a project. [Source]

– The Kings of Leon show in Dallas abruptly ended last night 30 minutes in because Caleb Followill stormed off the stage to go throw up after being too intoxicated and…never returned. Fans in Texas are not impressed. [Source]

Alexander McQueen left $80,000 to his dogs in his will. [Source]

– Apparently a new study proves that marriages are more successful if they follow the sitcom formula – ie) skinny wife w/ a chubby hubby! [Source]

Lauren Conrad hopes to open up a cupcake shop in Hollywood. [Source]

Po Dog on the Ave will be converted into a bar called “Detention.” How educational of them. [Source]

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