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Washed Out

Cardigan – J. Crew / Denim – Levi’s / Booties – Vince Camuto

Is this not the biggest eye sore you’ve ever seen in your life?! I remembered seeing this garage and thinking this is not the backdrop that I would ever want, but it’s so interesting and reminds me of a jack-o-lantern that you just can’t not. I’m convinced that no outfit in front of could make this better, but here we are! I’m in the most neutral of tones and still loving this. Another reason why this is so funny is because the top and bottom photo are edited in two different ways. It’s because I couldn’t find an edit that I was happiest with. You’re an imperfect garage, but someone really does love you enough to not change you.

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Hold On To Your Hat

Hat – Nordstrom / Sweater – Madewell / Denim – Levi’s / Shoes – Vince Camuto

Doesn’t this outfit look like it belongs in a modern day western? White with black (or in this case dark grey for the denim) is my favorite color combo because of how versatile it is. I definitely didn’t need the hat for this occasion, but sometimes when you’re feeling a little too plain, it helps to add something extra. Jimmy and I took some great shots back when we were in our old neighborhood. I’ll miss all the brick!

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Morning Reads


It’s been awhile since we shared some interesting articles on Yow Yow! so here are just a few that I have found this week that I thought might make a good morning read for you.

How A Pop-Up Store Pops UpI’ve always wanted one of my own!

Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy

Are brides avoiding marriage in 2013? Wedding superstition… ? [Source]

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Justice or “Just Ice”

Dress // Urban Outfitters

Jacket // Levi’s – Urban Outfitters [borrowed from Steph]

Belt // H&M

Bag // Urban Outfitters

Shoes // Cole Haan [Mom’s]

Our school recently installed a new art piece next to our library and even though it looks like a tower of plastic ice cubes, I can tell the message is so much stronger than that. In the evenings, the ice cubes light up in an array of colors. What purpose that serves, I wouldn’t be able to tell you, but it is visually pleasing. A student in my department had the opportunity to name the piece and she came up with “Justice” or “Just-ice” WHOAAA two names. It is obvious why that was the clear winner.

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Levi’s Features Ballet Dancers in New Korea Ad

Well this is just a lovely video to wake up to this morning. Levi’s enlisted a couple of ballet dancers for their newest ad campaign to promote their new brand of Stretch to Fit Jeans only available in Korea and it is beautiful!


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See Your Instagram Photos in a Levi’s Campaign

photo cred | The Pop Up City

My one regret about not having an iPhone is not being able to have the Instagram app. I realize that the app specifically is miniscule in terms of what the entire iPhone can provide for me, but real talk here – I just want to fit in with everyone else. I won’t lie to you, I even went to the actual Instagram website to see if I could just download the app to my computer so that I could convert my photos that way, but no such luck.

Not only do my photos lack coolness, but not having the app puts me at a disadvantage for opportunities like this.

Levi’s is holding a casting call for their latest ad campaign and instead of bringing in the models, they want YOUR Instagram photos. So what do you need to do? Take a picture of yourself or your frands being all hip and stuff like Erin Wasson or whatever – Instagram it – Tag it with #IAMLEVIS and wait to see if you get snatched up by the brand!

If they like your photo, your winning Instagram snapshot could appear on their billboards and in their commercials.


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In the News…


– I love this shot of Chloe Sevigny impersonating photographer, Terry Richardson, on the cover of Candy Magazine. [Source]

Tom Ford will design the costumes for the next James Bond film. [Source]

Sarah Jessica Parker is trying too hard with this hat. [Source]

Prince and Nicki Minaj will perform at the H&M x Versace launch party. [Source]

Levi’s suggests that we freeze our jeans instead of washing them. [Source]

Kanye’s kilt causes a stir. [Source]


– Listen to The Flaming Lips‘ 24-hour song. [Source]

Franz Ferdinand will return in 2012. [Source]

– Former Quadstock performer, Dan Deacon, has signed to indie label Domino. [Source]


– What the series finale of Greek could have looked like with this alternate ending. [Source]

Lady Gaga will sit down w/ Katie Couric for a holiday special called, “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.” [Source]

FOX has decided to renew The X Factor for a second season. [Source]

60 Minutes’ Andy Rooney passed away last night at age 92. [Source]


– Is “Project X” our modern day “Can’t Hardly Wait?” Ehhh probably not.


– Could a “Bruce Lee Action Museum” be moving into the International District sometime soon? [Source]

EMP’s Sound Off! entry deadline is Monday! [Source]

– Is anyone else aware of how many restaurants are popping up in Seattle recently? There’s way too many to count for me to post about all of them so just check out Seattle Met’s Nosh Pit blog for everything that you need and more.

Seattle rock group, Visqueen, will be playing their last show ever on Saturday, Nov. 26 at the Neptune Theater. [Source]


Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fetus is a girl! [Source]

The New York Daily News decided to place a media ban on The Kardashians. [Source] I’ve only had to do that for Heidi and Spencer and Jon and Kate, but I adore the Kardashians too much.

– On a related note – Kendall Jenner is getting a Sweet Sixteen special on E! Not shocked. Still excited. [Source]

Pippa Middleton is writing a book. [Source]

– Want your brown eyes to be blue? Want a laser to take care of that for you? [Source]

– One footballer decided to name his son “Trendy” because he loves Twitter. In the words of my friend Tina, “You F-A-I-L FAIL!” [Source]

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Secret Generator Series Concludes

Today, Neon Trees closed out the Urban Outfitters + Levis collaboration of the secret shows in South Boston at the Power Plant. Did anyone make it there?

Also, I wanted to post some pictures of the first secret show that happened with Deerhunter in Chicago last week underneath a random overpass. Would you believe that some people still don’t know what secret shows are? I think they’ll be receiving a lot more attention now that they are popping up everywhere.

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Secret Shows – Deerhunter and Neon Indian

Beginning last week, the Urban Outfitters blog has been releasing clues for the upcoming secret shows for Deerhunter and Neon Indian. So far all we know is that Deerhunter will be playing a set in Chicago on Sept. 25th and Neon Indian will be in Boston on Oct. 3. The precise location of the venues will not be released until 48 hours prior. I love that that Urban Outfitters and Levis are sponsoring these secret shows as part of the Secret Generator Concert Series.

Why you should be a part of this?

1. It’s an adventure! You get to play Nick and Norah as you race around the city putting clues together trying to figure out the puzzle.

2. You weed out all the posers. Only legitimate fans will be at these shows. Wannabes can stay home.

Want to play? Gather all of your clues here

Seattle University students – you won’t believe what I have in store for you this year…just you wait.

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Lollapalooza ’09

Name: Lindsey Welsandt
From: Chicago
Wearing: Trinity dress, Kersh sweater, Motif 56 belt, J shoes

Name: Anna Bulbrook from the Airborne Toxic Event
From: Los Angeles
Wearing: All vintage, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Name: Brittany Weinstein
From: Los Angeles
Wearing: American Apparel bodysuit, vintage Levi’s cutoffs, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Balenciaga belt, Chanel bag

from Style.com

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Glastonbury Style

Theodora and Alexandra Richards

Wearing: Theodora: Green jacket, Opening Ceremony top, Levi’s shorts, Hunter boots; Alexandra: Urban Outfitters shirt, American Apparel tights, Hunter boots, vintage bathing suit

Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand

Wearing: Levi’s shirt, vintage tee, Tretorn boots, Mykita glasses


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