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03 Apr 2013

Song of the Day

Local Natives – Three Months

This may not have been my favorite song off of their album right off the bat, but I almost find it refreshing when you can go back, listen to a whole album entirely, and then pick out your favorites.

04 Jan 2013

Song of the Day

Local Natives – Heavy Feet

Who’s excited for the new Local Natives album?!

Me me me me me me me!

Hummingbird will be released in a little under a month!

28 Nov 2012

Song of the Day

Local Natives – Breakers

This song has already been used as a Song of the Day, but the music video for the single was just released and I figured it deserved to have a return. The band is making their comeback again in 2013 with the release of their album Hummingbirds on January 29, 2013. It will be the followup to their first album Gorilla Manor back in 2009.
It’s about time, boys. We’ve been waiting for you.

20 Oct 2012

Song of the Day

Local Natives – Breakers

Do you even KNOW how long we have been waiting to hear a new song from them?! A very long time.

18 Sep 2011

Late Night Slumber Music

Over the weekend, I came across this video of Local Natives performing one of my favorite songs live and acoustic. I’ve probably featured this song at least three times now on my blog, but it never gets old to me. Enjoy Wide Eyes!

05 Jan 2011

Song of the Day

Local Natives – Wide Eyes live from Jimmy Fallon

Last night, I forced myself to stay up until 1:30 to catch one of my favorite bands Local Natives perform one of my favorite songs on Jimmy Fallon’s late night television show. I know I’ve featured this song many times before, but this performance left me in awe. They are incredible and I’ve been such a huge of theirs even before they started Local Natives – I’ll never forget that they were once Cavil at Rest. I nearly lost it watching this performance because I was so blown away! Time to see them live now please.

Feel free to catch the performance here!

24 Sep 2010

Out on the Town: 9/24

Local Natives w/ The Love Language and The Union Line at Showbox at the Market.

Doors are at 8:00 PM

All Ages

Tickets: $16.00 ADV-$18.00 DOS

Oh man, this is going to be one fantastic show! I have been wanting to see these guys forever – ever since they were known as Cavil As Rest. They are absolutely incredible and so very talented.


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