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08 Jun 2015

Blog Roundup

– Commentary for the best interview ever from Kendall and Kylie Jenner [Defamer]

– What you should know before doing your first cycling class (what I wish I had known!) [Refinery29]

– Lauren Conrad removes fat-shaming words from her website and replaces them with words we should be using instead [TIME]

– Everything You Think You Know About Love Is Wrong by Aziz Ansari [TIME]

– Sony Music CEO confirms Apple launching their streaming service today [The Fader]

09 Nov 2013

Google’s Heartwarming Advertisements

It was just several weeks ago that a few of my co-workers and I were huddled around a laptop at dinner to watch some of Google’s most heartwarming advertisements. Google has a reputation for creating commercials that tug at your heart strings and this is just one example of that. I don’t know how I missed this when this aired during the Super Bowl three years ago, but awww!

Happy Saturday! #throwback


24 Feb 2013

A Collection Part 33

Veronica told me just the other day that I was overdue for A Collection post. In looking through my archives, I see that it has only been TWO months. This is actually probably a new record for us. Like many “A Collection” posts, there is no theme. I wish I had something to say about how I’m feeling or why I chose the photographs that I did, but I choose them because at the time it is what is most pleasing to me!



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17 Feb 2013


It seems like it was yesterday (actually it probably was yesterday,) that I asked myself why there wasn’t a search engine for GIFs. I have moments all the time where a GIF would be appropriate, but where exactly am I supposed to find the right one? Giphy has answered my prayers. Whether I’m looking for a GIF about love, Ryan Gosling, cats, or something suitable for #dealwithit (my all time favorite) Giphy has got it all.

Have fun exploring, readers!

26 Jun 2011

“Become Someone Else”

This beautiful campaign designed by Lithuanian Agency, Love, is called  “Become Someone Else” and it is a concept that resonates with all of us when we are drawn to a story or a book. The agency explains,

“When one reads books, he/she starts living it and identifies (or not) with main hero. These print ads for the Mint Vinetu bookstore, which sells lots of classics, focuses on the idea of becoming someone else. And provokes people to try on different personas.”


13 Aug 2010

Weekend Plans

There’s so much to do this weekend! ESPECIALLY in Seattle. For those of you not in Seattle…

What’s it gonna be?

Eat, Pray, Love or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

09 Jul 2009

Home sick?

Going to an out-of-state school can be really difficult sometimes. Buy a pillow that reminds you of home and squeeze it tight because that’s probably the best you’re gonna get. 🙂

The brand “Love, California,” also makes these pillows in the shapes of Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois and hearts (for a non-state mix.)

To purchase these pillows click here


  • But why are five-day work weeks so hard 😫
  • lol @starbucks sponsor me.
  • Avocado add to this Caprese Salad
  • I forgot to check the label on this, but I fell in love with it. @nordstrom help pls
  • Coming soon: ☝🏽 sweater ✌🏽 ways
  • Crushing on these exteriors 💕
  • wrinkles on my skirt
  • I usually end the week with sushi because it’s a treat, but we’re having it tonight because TODAY has been a day.
  • Happiness fueled by midnight elote 🌽

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