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02 Apr 2015

Sia – Big Girls Cry

Sia won’t stop using Maddie Ziegler in her music videos and for good reason – she’s incredibly talented. I never get tired of watching Maddie. I mean she clearly has always been strong in her facial expressions even on Dancing Moms and now she’s getting so much buzz for all of her work with Sia. It’s kind of addicting watching her perform.

18 Jan 2015

Performance of the Day

So I missed Sia’s performance of “Elastic Heart” last night, but it’s a performance that I was looking forward to all week because Maddie Ziegler was going to be perofrming choreography alongside her. As expected, it didn’t disappoint. Is it weird that I felt like my eyes were glued to her moves rather than Sia herself? I guess that’s not so surprising because Sia herself was in one position the entire time and that was maybe done on purpose to give Maddie more of the attention.

08 Jan 2015

Music Video of the Day

Sia – Elastic Heart

I heard there was some controversy about the release of the music video this week, but I didn’t read it. I don’t care. I already have an idea of what people could be upset about and it just doesn’t matter. It’s a music video! There have been worse.

I love that Sia brought back Maddie though and with Louis Stevens?! Who would’ve thought they’d make such a good pair? I kind of enjoyed watching it and even stayed until the very end.

22 Nov 2014

Music Video of the Day

So I’m probably the last person to watch this music video and before the other day, I didn’t really have any interest in it because while I love Sia – Chandelier just isn’t my favorite song. It was brought to my attention the other day though because I learned that Maddie Ziegler is the star of the entire thing and she was my favorite child on that horrible show “Dance Moms.” Yes, it’s horrible and I’ve watched countless seasons, but these kids are too precious. I’m mostly watching for them and not the moms. Maddie is incredibly talented. It’s kind of amazing that she landed a gig that was so mainstream and is probably going to launch her career further. I’m sure there was totally a plot/story line about this on the show where the moms were all jeal. That seems to always happen.


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