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28 Jul 2009

Lizzie Huffman

This Thursday, the most lovely person on the entire west coast, Lizzie Huffman will be performing a FREE show at the Ground Zero Teen Center in Bellevue.

Lizzie is an incredibly talented artist who I have admired since I first saw her performing at this same venue four years ago. Since then, I have seen her play countless shows and grow musically. She even performed at the very first concert I put on and it was a pleasure working with her and her other band Man in the Blue Van.

The concert is starting at 6:00 PM or 7, I’m assuming 6 because shows start earlier in the summer. Other performances that night will include Chad Bucklew and Call Om Ie (Kyle Craig.)

To listen to her songs, visit her Myspace

08 Mar 2009

The winner of the 8th Annual Sound Off! Competition is…


Congratulations guys! I am such a fan, I’m actually sorry I haven’t listened to any of their stuff until now and even more disappointed in myself for not attending the finals last night at the EMP. My friend Nick who plays bass in Dyno Jamz is also a part of another band that I adore Man in the Blue Van.

Sound Off! is associated w/ the EMP, 107.7 THE END, The Old Redmond Fire House, Bumbershoot, Folk Life, The Vera Project, and The Stranger and previous winners include: Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, The Lonely H, School Yard Heroes and Idiot Pilot.

Their stuff is really great, I’m quite impressed. Can’t wait to see them at Bumbershoot this year!!

Check them out.

and their myspace:

Source: Youtube, Flickr, Myspace,

Listening to: Dyno Jamz (duh!)


  • The other wedding look had more votes, but this is MY favorite wedding look ever! 😘
  • I felt like we could have sat here for hours and we’d watch the sky continue to change and we’d never get bored
  • Sharing a dressing room problems 😒
  • We have so many options in SF when it comes to choosing a spot for our regular dinners out. I love that this group just prefers to go to fast food and chain restaurants. OKAY 4/5 of us, but he still comes anyways for the company.
  • Melt in your mouth roast pork
  • The cheeky decor at the Park
  • golden glow ✨
  • 〰️〰️〰️
  • Magic out there

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