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Mariah’s 2017

By now, you may have heard that Mariah Carey flopped last night during her New Year’s Eve Performance. If you haven’t heard it, you can watch the video above for all you need to know, but do it now before it gets taken down or something. What I want to know though is… what person believed that Mariah Carey was ACTUALLY going to sing during this performance? It’s 2017 and I can’t remember the last time Mariah actually sang at a performance, but at least she’s owning it like the bad B that she is.

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Performance of the Day

I’ve probably been watching all of Mariah Carey’s performances of Vision of Love/Infinity all week. This is the 3rd time at least! And it is still so so good. It’s a pretty good girl anthem by the way (if you’ve been looking!) We haven’t plugged any for awhile until now.

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Song of the Day

Mariah Carey – Infinity

Tonight’s performance of Mariah Carey’s “Infinity” from the Billboard Music Awards took me wayyyyyy back!

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What Is Going On With This Performance By Mariah Carey?

I thought I was going to have to stop watching this in the middle, but I had to continue for the train wreck. The above version is without the music and below with the music. Wow.

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Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to make this the Song of the Day, but as I listen to the song a second time and then a third time, I realized how much it was growing on me. I wanted to keep this simple though so here are just my thoughts on this:

  • Continue embracing your white girl dancing self, Taylor!
  • The songs in which she decides to talk instead of sing. Why doesn’t anyone give her feedback to not do that?
  • It’s true, being a country singer is kind of like the gateway to stardom. Look at how far from country she is now!
  • I hope the rumors are true and that she actually is dating Karlie Kloss.

So wait, which song is better – Taylor’s or Mariah’s?

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Song of the Day

Mariah Carey ft. Miguel and Jeezy – #Beautiful

Let’s remix this business.

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Remix of the Day

Mariah Carey Ft. Miguel and A$AP Rocky – #Beautiful

This is the first remix of five that will be released.

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Cover of the Day

Paul Kim and Clara C – #Beautiful (Mariah Carey and Miguel cover)

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Mariah Carey Butchers #Beautiful Performance on GMA

photo cred | E!

Yesterday, when Mariah Carey and Miguel performed their new hit single #Beautiful on Good Morning America, the audience was greeted to a not-so-sweet ad-lib from the diva. It appeared as if she was singing over the track at all the wrong times even. It was confusing. Since the performance was not up to par – Good Morning America decided to make corrections to it so that by the time it aired on the West Coast, that mistake was erased. Check out the East Coast vs West Coast version here.

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Song of the Day

Mariah Carey ft. Miguel – #Beautiful

My alarm actually woke me up to this song yesterday morning, but since we had our Song of the Day covered on Monday, I had to hold it off until Tuesday. Truthfully? I listened to this song on repeat my entire Monday at work. It’s such a simple song, but it’s effortless nonetheless. Glad to have you back Mariah!

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Cover of the Day

Say what? A cover that is not by Fifth Harmony?

Nope, today I’m sharing with you a cover that was introduced to be by my cousin of Ariana Grande singing Mariah Carey’s “Emotions!”

I think we’ve got a new favorite cover girl.

Also, if you didn’t recognize her, Ariana played Cat in Victorious. She was the indie manic pixie dream girl of course!

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In The News…


– Fashionista documents the best looks from Pretty Little Liars [Source]

– Marc Jacobs’ new makeup line will hit Sephora shelves this fall. [Source]

– Stella McCartney is launching a collection of eyewear and it’s pretty spectacular. [Source]


– Justin Bieber will host and perform on Saturday Night Live’s Feb. 9th episode. [Source]

– Paramore ain’t over y’all! A new album is on the way. [Source]

– Mariah Carey is hilarious in an interview with Barbara Walters in which she says she didn’t know Nicki Minaj sang…”I thought she rapped or whatever. [Source] Trollin’


– “Girls” actress Lena Dunham was criticized for having a ‘blobby body’ in a review. Uhhhhhh girl can do whatever she wants, she’s fantastic, okay? [Source]


– Aladdin will be on Broadway in Spring 2014. [Source]

– Joseph Gordon Levitt and Josh Brolin join the cast of the Sin City sequel. [Source]


– This is how Taylor Swift looks post split from Harry Styles. Haylor is no more. [Source]

– Khloe Kardashian is selling her old workout clothes on eBay. Sick. [Source]

– Anderson Cooper has been named Gay “Man of 2012” by Out readers. [Source]

– Snooki wants a baby. I think everyone had their doubts, but now that she’s proving everyone wrong no one really care. Go on with your bad self and have another baby Snooki! [Source]

– The White House has banned the paparazzo images of Sasha and Malia on the beach. [Source] um duh! Block that ish.

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Song of the Day

Jimmy Fallon and Mariah Carey ft. The Roots – All I Want For Christmas Is You


Have a wonderful Wednesday readers!

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Late Night JK

Watching Britney Spears perform live on Jimmy Kimmel never gets old.

I’ve decided that Britney Spears to me is kind of like Santa Claus. We’ve reached beyond the age where we no longer believe that Santa exists, but that doesn’t mean that we stop believing in Christmas. I’ve learned to accept that Britney Spears doesn’t actually sing live, but that doesn’t mean that her performance is terrible. Homegirl is workin’ it still at 29!

On another note, the bistro was playing Mariah Carey’s “Honey” today when I walked by. THROWBACK to my first favorite song ever in 1997.

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