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12 Aug 2017

Pumpkin Spice is Coming

Y’all, I don’t know if you know this – but I drink Starbucks pretty much every day. I’ve been very fortunate that all of my offices have always been within a block and that I am quickly able to develop new friendships with my favorite baristas. For the last five months, I’ve been on a repetition of Toffee Nut Lattes, but all of that will soon change! Pumpkin Spice is coming and this year Starbucks is announcing a new change to the PSL. Instead of just purchasing in stores, you can now find it at your nearby grocery store (out later this month!)

According to the release, the beverage consists of “high-quality arabica coffee with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove spices, and creamy milk.”

The drink will be iced, and comes in a 14-fluid-ounce bottle for $2.79.

Additionally, Starbucks is releasing Pumpkin Spice Flavored Ground Coffee, so you can brew your own at home. The light roast coffee features notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Starbucks suggests adding a splash of cream and sugar in order to get a similar taste of the PSL. An 11-ounce bag will run you $9.99.

Personally, I prefer my Pumpkin Spice Latte to be hot so this doesn’t actually apply to be, but it’s funny to see how this cult favorite is expanding! The article says the drink is slated to return mid-September, but I’ve pretty much been asking my baristas every day for the last week if it’s arrived… and I know at some point they’ll probably let me have it a little earlier.


07 Mar 2015

Blog Roundup

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19 Jan 2015

Blog Roundup

– Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s hack for taking the best photographs [Buzzfeed]

– The modern way to fall in love with anyone [New York Times]

– Founder of Ship Your Enemies Glitter is already regretting his viral business [Mashable]

– Why an unlimited vacation policy doesn’t work [Quartz]

– A hidden bar being a Coca Cola vending machine: Flask [Cool Material]

– Just a cheeky read that I can’t believe I enjoyed [Medium]

– MTV airs all of their programming today in black and white to honor Martin Luther King Jr. [MTV]

22 Feb 2014

Bay Area Girl Scout Wins At Selling Cookies

A young Girl Scout made headlines yesterday when it was discovered that she had set up shop right outside the Green Cross medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. 13-year-old Danielle Lei sold 117 boxes in one day because of her genius idea! Do we have a future entrepreneur on our hands? Looks like she’s in the right place!

Danielle’s mom, Carol Lei, tells Mashable that she usually has Danielle and her sister, who is also a Girl Scout, “set up shop at various points around San Francisco so they can learn about different environments while earning some cash. Plus, she figured this might be a good way to start a conversation about drugs and how some people use marijuana as medicine while others just get high.”

“They learn that they’re not drugged out,” Lei said, according to the East Bay ExpressLegalization Nation blog, which says it reports on “California cannabis culture.” “Many have serious needs, and are just a little different.”


15 Oct 2013

Blog Roundup

  • When fashion and technology merge – Apple hires Burberry’s CEO to run retail operations [Circa]
  • What it’s like to live in space – from a mother [Design Mom]
  • A note on management styles within tech [Medium]
  • A peek into Square’s new office in San Francisco [Mashable]
  • Anatomy of a fashion show soundtrack [Business of Fashion]

Hmm there seems to be a pattern hidden among these posts… I wonder why!

27 Sep 2013

Sleeping Styles

For every sleeping style, there is always a positive and a negative. In this situation, we only have the downsides. Readers, which one are you? I am definitely the side sleeper and end up waking up multiple times in the night to get comfortable again or flip sides. Woof…the things we go through to get some rest.

Comic illustration by Doghouse Diaries


28 Aug 2013

Facebook Introduces Shared Photo Albums

photo cred | Mashable

Never showing any signs of slowing down, our favorite social networking website introduced a new feature that probably won’t receive very many complaints – at least maybe not yet.  In the past, albums were only allowed to be created and administered by one person and could hold up to 1,000 photos. With the new shared albums, there can be multiple contributors. What’s the best way to use this album? I love the example that the article has provided for vacations and trips. The feature is also great because we all know that at events, multiple friends can play photographer at parties and it would be nice to have that variation in photographs in one album.

The new feature was created during one of Facebook’s hackathons – a term that is becoming a household name within startups as a period of time when all employees take a break from whatever they do normally at work to design something innovative for the company.

Starting this week, the feature will be released to a select group of English users followed by an expansion internationally.

Also at Yow Yow! we’re a huge fan of working with friends and promoting their work. This article was written on Mashable by a friend of mine and he did an incredible job with it!


11 Jun 2013

The Future of Retail

photo cred | Mashable

SoHo is stepping up their retail game and if other retailers and shops don’t jump on the bandwagon soon, they may fall behind with the times. Mashable published this article on how several stores are implementing digital features into shopping and evolving the experience for customers. At Warby Parker, customers can utilize the store’s photo booth to snap photographs of themselves in different styles of frames for which they can share with friends looks that they like via email or print them out like a true photo booth strip.

These are the retail stores of the future: hyper-efficient, digitally enhanced showrooms that serve as physical storefronts for online retail operations.

For more details on how the shopping experience is changing, click here for the full article.


  • Created the ultimate summer flavor last night @lovingcupsf !
Vanilla-based soft serve with blended strawberries and blueberries for this beautiful hue 🍓🍦
  • Unintentional power pose 💁🏻‍♀️
  • Not your average rainbow roll! Every piece of fish is seared and topped with different flavors of masago
  • Takin’ it easy
  • I spy a little face 😐
  • Double Carbs! Chinese donuts wrapped in thick rice noodles with soy sauce drizzled over the top 🙌🏽
  • Living in my summer vacation ☀️
  • My favorite go-to-snack these days - a fresh log of spam musubi! 😋
  • OK these first two days at home have been lovely, but where should I escape to out of the city for a day?

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