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Geek Charming Headed To Modern Family

photo cred | Wet Paint

It looks like Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland’s real-life boyfriend Matt Prokop will be joining her on the ABC sitcom very soon. What role will he play? None other than Haley Dunphy’s new love interest of course. Oh these two…I know it’s somewhat unhealthy to be invested in other people’s relationships, but they won me over in Geek Charming. Here’s hoping they outlast my previous favorite couple Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron.


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My Senioritus

So…I’m still a huge sucker for Disney original movies, but mostly for this one because I adore Sarah Hyland (Modern Family.) In Geek Charming, Sarah Hyland plays “Dylan” a popular girl going after the crown for Blossom Queen. Matt Prokop plays “Josh,” a film geek, who doesn’t exactly roll in the same circle as Dylan, but wants to win the film festival competition so much that he makes Dylan his main subject. On the surface, these two couldn’t be more opposite, but after spending more time together they realize that they’re more alike than they initially thought.

I absolutely adore the two especially because they’re dating in real life and I think them working together is pretty sweet since I’m a hopeless romantic.

….and I cried.

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