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Blog Roundup

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  • Molly Young: How I Shop [Fashionista]

  • The Ken Doll rebooted [GQ]

  • Square unveils customizable prepaid debit cards [The Verge] These are really cute!
  • How to take good photos of fireworks this coming 4th of July [GOOD]
  • Women in tech speak frankly on culture of harassment [New York Times]
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Dream Man

This Ken Doll dressed in Burberry Prorsum


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Barbie’s New Career!

Nearly half a million people took part in this poll and voted as to which career Barbie would have next: Environmentalist, computer engineer, surgeon, architect, or news anchor.

So what did everyone choose?

Computer engineer! Not really surprised with all of the technology improvements going on these days.

“She also wears a neon-colored T-shirt with a binary code pattern and carries a smartphone and a Bluetooth headset. Her hot pink glasses will come in handy during late nights coding on her hot pink laptop. Before any one begins complaining, Mattel points out that her accessories were chosen with the help of the Society of Women Engineers and the National Academy of Engineering.”


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Meet the new

Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken.

to be released in April. Why Mattel? Why?

d-bag costs $82. wheee

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Twilight By Mattel

Your very own Bella and Edward Cullen! Dolls are on sale at Toys R Us for $34.99

Do Barbies actually cost that much?!

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Every little girl’s favorite doll


You’re the most popular girl this year so far with your own collection with MAC Cosmetics and a runway show dedicated to you throughout the years from New York Fashion Week.

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Dora grows up. Gets sexier while doing so?

This fall Mattel and Nickelodeon plan on launching a new look for Dora the Explorer. For two years, we have known the little girl with the signature hair cut, purple backpack, and a t-shirt and shorts get up, but it looks like that girl is growing up! Both companies have agree on a decision to “sexify Dora.”

Yeah… you heard right. SEXIFY. DORA the Explorer. A show for young preschoolers… Doesn’t really make sense to me but I’m curious to see what the new Dora will look like.

I don’t think she will really look like this, someone just made this but I thought it was funny anyways.

Source: ONTD

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