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McDonald’s Cherry Blossom McFlurry

I haven’t had one of these since I was a kid, but when I saw this announcement I was immediately curious about it. First off, how cute is it that they have a Cherry Blossom McFlurry?! Can American McDonald’s have one too? Conveniently timed with the cherry blossoms in Japan, this McFlurry is topped with sakura mochi (rice cake sauce) and has swirled in bits of soft pink waffle cone. Yum! This special McFlurry is available starting today in Japan McDonald’s and is being priced at $2.60 USD or 290 yen. This special treat will be available through March until early April.


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A Collection Part 43

Sometimes these photographs and things are little reminders to myself, but basically more of a collection of my own thoughts from the last couple of months.

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Yow Yow’s Top 10 Posts of 2013

This is a pretty healthy mix that I am happy with. This is probably one of my favorite posts to compile every year because I am always so interested in seeing what readers are drawn to the most. I’m not able to get a whole lot of stats from WordPress or the stats that I mainly need, but I’m so thrilled to know that two of our interview posts were a top read this year. Working with both Hollis and Molly was  such a treat!

  1. Meet: Hollis Wong-Wear (Yes, this too is one of my favorite posts!)
  2. 2013 Golden Globe Awards
  3. 5 Reasons Why I Love the Mariners Bearded Cap
  4. Is Ballard Becoming the Next Capitol Hill?
  5. Emma Watson for GQ UK May
  6. U.S. Map of Highest Paid Public Employees in Each State
  7. 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
  8. The Names of McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets
  9. Meet: Molly Young
  10. Coachella 2013 Street Style
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The People You Meet At McDonald’s

No matter how many movies they make or how many articles they write about how unhealthy McDonald’s can be, there is still something that draws people to this restaurant. I was just telling Kevin tonight that  all I wanted was a Big Mac, Fish Fillet, and 2 for $1 baked apple pies. Obviously, this would not have been consumed all at once, but it is still what I wanted.

People from all walks of life all over the country are consuming McDonald’s. One man named Nolan Conway was intrigued by this diversity and spent the past year traveling all over the country to photograph hundreds of different people eating at McDonald’s restaurants. Check out a snippet of the photo series here.


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McDonald’s French Fry Party

Kids are the best, aren’t they? I remember one time watching an episode of Arthur where his family dinner consisted of only French Fries and I was all “whaaaaaa…?!” Well these kids in Korea kind of did the same thing – a whole meal consisting of French Fries. This photo is just ridiculous.


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The Names Of McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

These are McDonald’s official names for their nuggets. Please tell me I’m not the last person to know about this.


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McDonald’s Fish McBites

photo cred | via Doobybrain

Can we talk about how THIS is happening at McDonalds?! I’ve always believed in the theory that people just love small food. Hence – sushi’s popularity as well as bite size candy bars and little tea sandwiches. McDonalds is getting in on that trend by turning one of their most popular sandwiches (and my favorite sandwich) The Fish Fillet into Fish McBites. Genius. Get me some now.


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How To Make Your Very Own Egg McMuffin

Oh my goodness, watching this before dinner time was a bad idea. The people at McDonalds make this look so easy!


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Things that Make My Sunday

Dave Hill explores the absurdity of Fashion Week. As much as I love Fashion Week, even I can accept that there are some silly aspects to it. [Source]

Real life Mario in a box. I’m sure there’s a way for me to make this myself somewhere, but I would really love this as a gift. Hello distraction from school.  [Source]

Here is the official trailer for Martha Marcy May Marlene starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s younger sister Elizabeth Olsen. This film has been receiving at ton of buzz in the news lately for Olsen’s performance. I think I got some chills just from watching the trailer. In the film, Olsen plays Martha, a schizophrenic girl who has trouble trying to live a normal life after escaping from a cult. [Source]

Mischa Barton looking like Marissa Cooper again! [Source]

When Lucas Jatobá turned 30, he wanted to celebrate his birthday by giving back. He distributed 30 gifts to 30 strangers around Sydney, Australia. [Source]

McDonald’s is anti-coning.


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

One day late…

Today, I didn’t wear any green. Seriously regret not getting a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake right now

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Nomz please

McDonald’s happy meals in the shape of Mickey Mouse!

Straight out of Tokyo.


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The McRushmore

What do four McDonalds burgers combined into one taste like?

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McDonald’s Happy Meals Never Go Out of Style

…because they don’t seem to age. Sally Davies, a photographer from New York, decided to put the classic Happy Meal to the test. She decided to leave the meal on a plate for a total of 137 days. Naturally, you would expect some mold to appear…something. Anything. The results show that Day One looks almost exactly like Day 137! Kind of makes you wonder what the Happy Meal is really made of doesn’t it? Sally has decided after 137 days that she wants to see some kind of a change so she is continuing her project until something happens.


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In Random News…

Al and Tipper Gore are separating after 40 years of marriage.

Capitol Hill’s Grey Gallery is closing their current location, but hopes to relocate. [source]

Can somebody tell me the meaning behind this “Come As You Are” campaign done by McDonald’s France?

I’d really like to hear some opinions about this.

Heidi and Spencer split… and nobody cares.

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