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08 Aug 2012

McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed

My bus ride is a time for some extensive reflecting. I wouldn’t be able to tell you everything that crosses my mind on a daily basis, but today it was “Why do people belt their belts below their butt?” “How fast am I going to get to my stop today?” “Hmmm remember that time when I thought those statues were  actually really still human beings?” For some reason, this image of McKayla Maroney also popped into my head. I swear it was before I found out that a meme was created for her and then a whole Tumblr dedicated to this meme. I thought about how fierce McKayla Maroney is for a 16 year old. When she received the silver instead of the gold the other night, the girl was just unhappy. As the Tumblr suggests “not impressed” clearly. And then I thought to myself how funny it would be if I, too, had adopted her scowl and used it for every moment I wasn’t impressed.

I’m really glad that I’ll never forget what it looks like now because of this meme.

Check out the growing collection here.


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