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03 Mar 2018

Our Old Neighborhood

Tee – Aritzia / Denim – Levi’s / Shoes – Vince Camuto

There was never a shortage of backdrops in my old neighborhood. Moving day was approaching so I knew I had to get in every last drop. On this evening one day after work, we actually shot in five different areas (4 only included in this post.) The Mission neighborhood tends to be one of the warmest ones in the city so after work, I’m always ready to leave my jackets behind. I’m wearing a plain white Aritzia tee with a completely open back. It’s a little bit too racy for work so I had a cardigan over it the entire day until we shot. This outfit should be my daily uniform because it’s functional and just the right amount of comfort for anything I’d ever need to do.

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11 Feb 2018

Happy Birthday Yow Yow!

A few days ago, I turned Yow Yow! off to give it a bit of a face lift. I didn’t think anyone would notice since we’ve been a relatively quiet blog for the last few years. The blog was down for less than a week and even though we’ve been gone for much longer periods of time, it was still a weird feeling. I would come home after work and all I could do was just consume content. I didn’t have a place to share it and I didn’t want to mess with the migration that was being done so I just stayed quiet. There was a part of this process that was so freeing. What if I just didn’t have Yow Yow! and I had a normal life where this wasn’t sometimes my hobby or “double life?” I think about this retiring moment often and obviously, this isn’t it today, but I often think about how hard it will be to let go.

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27 Jan 2018

When Your Home Is Everything

Whenever I visit my best friend back home, she is constantly home improving her house. I see her roughly every six months and each visit more and more projects have been completed and there is always at least one project in process. Even though we are in different stages of ours lives – her with owning a house and me still renting, we’re not that much different! Since I moved to San Francisco, I’ve been noticing that I’ve loved spending time at home more than anywhere else I’ve lived. Decorating was the first part of the process after moving in. These days, I’m spending more time on maintaining – “swiffering,” looking at different plants, purchasing candles, and discovering new ways to bring more of my own personality into my home with decor.

My friends make fun of me because I’m always telling them how much I LOVE my home. It’s my sanctuary. It gives me a place to escape when I want to get away from work. It sparks my creativity when I want to focus on my blog or side project. It brings me peace when I need a quiet moment. I don’t think there will ever be a time when I’m not continuously working on my home and making it better, but I don’t mind that it’s my personal ongoing project.

What are your favorite things about your home and how do you make it your own?

25 Jan 2018

The Color Factory

By now, just about everyone has heard The Color Factory in San Francisco. It’s like the Museum of Ice Cream here, but this one came first! When the pop-up first arrived, not too many people had heard about it. I had a little bit of knowledge because the creators came from Oh Happy Day a blog and team that I had been following for years. I luckily was able to snag tickets for my friends and I the first day it opened – which is honestly the best because you get to experience it all before everyone else. 

By the time word had got around and the first day had taken off, they were completely sold out for next month. Interestingly enough, they only planned to be open for one month, but decided to extend through January and February of this year, but is also still sold out at this point. The collaborators put so much work into it and it’s beautiful. People of all ages will love it. In a way it’s sort of like a giant playground for adults. In this day and age though, anything that provides you with Instagram backdrops is going to sell. Like the Museum of Ice Cream, The Color Factory is just as fun. It’s fun to be a kid again and take photos, but I did notice that even for myself, it was at times, hard for me to enjoy it because I was constantly thinking about my next photo. It was a lot of pressure!

After attending the pop-up, here are the things I loved and some things that maybe could have gone better through my observations:

Here’s what I love about it:

  • When you get tickets, you select a designated time and you need to arrive within 30 minutes of your window in order to get in. This really stressed me out because it was the first day and trying to rush there in San Francisco traffic, I wasn’t confident if I could make it. It ended up working out and the reason why they do this probably is to control the crowds. During each half hour, they know how many people are actually going through the pop-up. The best part is that it never got too crowded! I could get the pictures that I wanted and I didn’t feel rushed. I could just go at my own pace.
  • It can be educational. Each piece has a little description and a note about the artist so that you can learn as you go along.
  • It’s interactive! There’s a lot that you can see, but you’re also taking part as the creator too.
  • Going through the pop-up takes about an hour, which I think is pretty decent for the ticket price.
  • Everyone is so friendly! The staff was so incredibly nice and you can just tell that they’re having a great time with you. There’s a lot of love and passion that went into making this for the people of San Francisco.
  • There are designated areas within the pop-up that allow you to take photos hands-free! All you have to do is get a photo card when you arrive and program it with your name and email address and then at these spots, you would scan your card and then a timer will count down until it takes your photo. It’s great because you don’t have to take a bunch of selfies and you can do group photos altogether. The area where they can improve is probably being a little bit more clear about where to stand in the photo so as to not include other people or be off center.

Things that could be better:

  • The snacks throughout are a nice touch, but it’s not a lot. It’s no Museum of Ice Cream. You’re not really going for the food anyways.
  • It can be pricey! It’s a fun experience for sure, but ticket prices are higher than what I thought they’d be.
  • When I said earlier that it’s a giant playground, I really meant it. As cool as this pop-up is, I imagine that there’s a lot of germs around because you’re touching so many things, you’re even doing a scratch and sniff and there’s a ball pit. Maybe… take a shower when you get home.

20 Jan 2018

My Visit to Weddington Way

When Ashley asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding this up coming year, I was elated. I couldn’t think of anything that I wanted to do more at that point. It’s obviously no secret that we love weddings here at Yow Yow! so this should be no surprise. My appointment at Weddington Way was a brief one because I already knew the dress that Ashley had picked out for us. However, this was a first time for me! I wanted to take my time a little bit so naturally, I had to try on three other gowns in three different colors just for… research?

The dress that I’m wearing above isn’t the one that I’m wearing for Ashley’s wedding, but I have been loving this burgundy color lately and when the woman helping me pick out all these dresses saw this one, she knew I would like it. She wasn’t wrong. You can’t see it, but the back detailing is spectacular with little ruched flowers right above the waist.

Half the women in my life have expressed displeasure in bridesmaid dresses while the other half love them. I took mine to get tailored the other day and even though it wasn’t a wedding gown, I still felt like a mini princess. It’s a beautiful gown and I can’t wait to stand next to Ashley on her big day. Weddington Way is a brand out of San Francisco now under the Gap Inc. umbrella and located within Banana Republic. Here are a few of my favorite gowns from them in case any of you are looking for some inspiration!

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13 Jan 2018

How to Start 2018

Declaring your New Year’s resolutions to the world (or even just this small group of subscribers) is not something I look forward to every year. I realize this is something that I could stop doing. I continue to write about them or talk about them out loud to others because it’s the best way I know to try and hold myself accountable. What good is it to say you have New Year’s resolutions and then never look at them again until the end of the year?

I’m not going to write them in the same format that I have for the last couple of years – example here – but I did reference these before I wrote this post and found it to be quite funny. Trying to get to 1,000 followers on Instagram is so embarrassing! *face palm*

If I’ve learned anything from being in the working world, it’s that every goal that you make for yourself needs to be SMART.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely (a year in this case)

My previous resolutions didn’t follow this path and in reviewing my past ones, I maybe have had too many. In my last post about resolutions written very recently, I had mentioned that I had two in mind that I had been thinking of since before New Year’s. These two are my priorities and while they do follow the “SMART” path, I’m not going to outline all of the details out for you just for the sake of having some privacy. In 2018, I want to focus on this broader theme of wellness – more specifically around health, mental, and financial.

  • Health – For most of my life, I’ve gotten by without having to pay much attention to this and have been alright. Even though some may say that I still have time to figure this out, in my head I feel like it’s catching up to me! I want to make sure that my body feels like it is being taken care of and for me that means regularly exercising, getting enough sleep, eating healthily, and drinking enough water. Today, I had the opportunity to pick up some of my favorite things from fast food restaurants while I was at home and I had to exercise complete willpower to not do that. The thing is…I wasn’t hungry at all. I didn’t need it and I just made myself believe that I did because it was convenient for me. More often times than not, you don’t need the food, you’re just dehydrated and having a glass of water instead will actually satisfy you more than you realize. I’m not ready to sign up for a regular gym membership either, but what I can do and have been doing is making sure I go to bed at a reasonable time, waking up early and starting my exercise routines before getting ready for the day and heading into work. Gym memberships can be pricey. Watching YouTube videos and downloading apps to your phone that provide exercises to you are free.
  • Mental – I sort of hate that this is a topic that people avoid talking about. It makes me appreciate even more that I have a group of friends that are actually very comfortable talking about how they attend therapy and other resources they may turn to when things get tough. I know I used to say that your 20’s can be challenging, but life in general, is challenging for any age. 2017 really tested my abilities to push through some obstacles. I’m not saying that 2018 won’t be difficult, but I hope that whatever life throws my way, that I’m able to handle it in a better manner than I have before. I want to continue doing things that make me happy. A previous resolution I had was to “say yes to everything!” This year, I actually want to start saying “no” to more things. Saying yes to everything is not always beneficial to you. Sometimes you say yes because you don’t want to disappoint anyone, but that in turn is a sacrifice to your own happiness. Additionally, I want to be able to take compliments better. Something that I’ve noticed about myself in the last year is that whenever someone gives a compliment, I’m quick to turn it down because for some reason, I feel uncomfortable or that I need to give rationale or reasons for it. Less is more in this scenario and instead I’d like to practice taking the less self-deprecating route.
  • Financial – Saving it for last because it’s my least favorite thing to write about! It isn’t cheap living in San Francisco and this year when I moved homes and switched jobs, it threw my budgeting all out of whack. I’d like to get myself back on track again by getting my finances in order. This year, I want to pay off the debt on something that I’ve been harboring for some time. I’d also like to straighten out my 401K and investments while learning more about the different shortcuts I can take to save money. I recently started listening to Suchin Pak’s podcast “Open Account” in which she interviews different individuals on their experiences with money and how to be inspired with it and think creatively. I’m just starting out, but I think even if i could make this into a regular routine of listening to this podcast, that I’d be able to take away some useful tips.

I know that these sound like great big themes to tackle in 2018 – almost too big. But the best part about these is that I’m going to remember them. It’s something that will impact me on a daily basis and it’s something that I can actively make moves towards regularly. How do all of you think about these themes? What are your resolutions? If you want to get in on the conversation, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


  • Happy first day of spring! It’s full of showers and we’re wondering when we can jump back into this swimsuit again.
  • Spontaneous sushi craving after work last night 👌🏽
  • Retired this sweater
  • The last of our travels are just around the corner and then we’ll be spending some quality time at home 💕
  • The appetizer to our brunch this morning at the newest @cafereveille
  • The countdown to my birthday is just 6 days away!🌟 and we’ve got butterflies!
  • The moment I realized I couldn’t move forward in my life without a trench @aritzia
  • watchin u grow
  • Having my favorite night in with candles and my space heater 😴

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