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15 Feb 2016

Blog Roundup

  • San Francisco’s tiniest house! [UpOut]
  • How a Grammy is made [Billboard]
  • My friend Kurt takes a ride with Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph [re/code]
  • 8 Up-and-Coming Cities to Visit in 2016 [Cool Material]

  • My Little Sister Taught Me How to “Snapchat Like the Teens” [Buzzfeed]

  • James Franco was in Seattle earlier this month [Kiro 7]

  • Congratulations to Seattle band Tacocat for recording the new Powerpuff Girls 2016 theme song!
  • Seattle fashion designer Luly Yang will design the new uniforms for Alaska Airlines [Alaska Air]
25 Jun 2014

Blog Roundup

– What the biggest companies are from each state [Gizmodo]

– America’s coolest rooftop bars [Travel and Leisure] whoo Seattle!

– 10 menswear blogs every guy should know [Cool Material] I’m reading them too!

– 12 menswear Instagrammers to follow [Cool Material]

– Dov Charney to sue American Apparel [Refinery29]

– All the jobs and the money you can be making in them – a chart! [Vox]

15 Apr 2014

The Weekend: 5 Things

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My boss had a moving rummage over the past weekend and having been an avid collector of vintage trinkets and lots of dinnerware, I inherited a set! I don’t cook very much anymore, but someday I will start it up again and when that happens, I’ll at least have this very pretty set for my guests.

I somehow convinced him that he was going to love this movie. Bachelorette is one of my favorites and is totally underrated. I think I discovered it last year with my girlfriends last summer and while I loved it, he did not.

My coworkers and I got a DJ set by Questlove on Saturday night at the Mezzanine and it was pretty rad. There were some on/off moments during his set, but it’s Questlove so can you really hate on anything he does? Of course not. I wanted to be best friends with him obvi.


I have a slight obsession with greeting cards. We stopped by The Museum of Craft and Design in the Dogpatch Sunday morning, but didn’t really make it into the actual museum part of it – just the gift shop. We were entertained for a solid 15-20 minutes. These cute little greeting cards caught my eye, but unfortunately, I didn’t make any purchases.

welcome stranger

I can’t know this for sure, but I’m guessing the best part about being a boy is probably being able to wear all of these amazing pieces. As much as I love women’s fashion, there is a fascination that I have for menswear as well. I was introduced to Welcome Stranger on Sunday in Lower Haight and wish I could’ve picked out a few for myself. Well, in some ways I got to do that, but I just got to pick them out for someone else. 🙂

10 Dec 2013

Let’s Talk About Tie Bars

If there’s a men’s accessory that I swoon over the most, it would have to be the tie bar. It’s funny though, isn’t it? Because it is the smallest thing in the world, but yet can have such a huge impact on one’s outfit. There is something about the tie bar  that keeps a whole look put together and as discovered on Cool Material yesterday, I have become a fan of this one by Ellsworth & Clyde. It is not only reversible, but its reverse side allows it to be another size. Most of their tie bars are constructed out of premium leather and and hand-selected woods.

What are you waiting for guys? Get to buying!


25 Sep 2013

GAP Launches 4 Menswear Collaborations – GQ Approved

photo via Racked

GQ has partnered with GAP to release a 37-piece collection highlighting the designs from four up-and-coming brands/designers including Aviator Nation, Baldwin, Bespoken, and Ernest Alexander. Guys, if you’ve been putting off shopping for new digs this fall, now is really the time to do it. You can peep the entire collection here (and start purchasing) or you can find a store near you to shop the collection in person. It is pretty distinct to tell the four collections apart, but at the same time there are similarities as well. I think it’s great because that just means that there’s something for every type of guy. Each designer offers between 9-12 pieces with prices ranging from $30 for accessories to $348 for more coveted pieces like a jacket.


25 Sep 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M Lookbook

In the four years that Yow Yow! has been up and running, we must have posted nearly a hundred different collaborations between brands. First, you’ve got all of your Target collabs, then H&M, and then everything else. Collaborations are the best way to expand your audience because not only does it pose something different for one brand’s fans, but it gives customers the opportunity to branch out and discover the second brand and fall in love with it if they haven’t already. Isabel Marant and H&M together is a collaboration that leaves us with no doubts. Here are some of my favorite picks!

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16 Sep 2013

A Collection Part 38

Happy Mid-September everyone!

It’s amazing how quickly this year has flown by. Even though I’m about to embark on my second year out of school, there’s a part of me that still wants to follow suit in that pattern. I started my first job at the start of fall one year ago and now one year later, I’m doing the same thing again. There was something about the new school year that I loved and it wasn’t just that I had a new set of classes, a new wardrobe, or that I was one step closer to starting THIS current life, but it was the idea of starting the year with a fresh slate – wiping everything clean, getting rid of the old and progressing towards the new. That might be one of the reasons why September is considered more of my new year than January. I always like to start Mondays with reflective posts (besides Wedding Mondays!) so here’s A Collection for you 🙂

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06 Sep 2013

Take Me There:

We’ve got an unusual case for our “Take Me There” post this week and that’s because instead of wanting to be on a tropical island or a tourist spot or even home here in Seattle, we’d rather be at New York Fashion Week for Spring RTW 2014! We’ve been covering Fashion Week on Yow Yow! since we started this blog. In fact, it may have been one of the main reasons why I started this blog so that I could have a journal of inspiring looks. We all know that Fashion Week is usually Fashion Month and while it takes so much time to look through all of the collections – each and every one – it is so worth it. It’s been four years and my love for beautiful pieces hasn’t really changed so you know…we’re just keeping it real on Yow Yow! We’re not gonna change.


25 Jun 2013

This or That: Men in Florals?

photo cred | The Fader

It wasn’t too long ago that Kevin brought home a floral skinny tie from J. Crew and I had to question it. Can guys really pull off the floral look like women can? As much as it is a change that we might have to adapt to, I think the floral can really soften a guy’s look in a good way. It’s refreshing and at the same time, completely appropriate for the summer season. It’s an accessory that I can see donned at a wedding this summer and hopefully maybe I’ll catch a few of them! What do you guys think? Do you love it or hate it?



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