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13 Apr 2016

Yow Yow’s First Bachelorette Party!

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We figured since we are just a little bit more than a week out for G’s wedding that it was probably time to share our tales and photos from her bachelorette party! I can’t believe that one of my favorite girls is getting married – it’s unreal and I get a little bit emotional thinking about that day as it gets nearer. If a wedding video can bring out the tears, then what is this wedding going to do to me?! It’s been close to a month and a half since all of us ventured to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate Gelesia’s last days of singledom (kind of!) and can I just say that I went into this thinking that I would know all I needed to know about a bachelorette party, but that was not true. No one told me that the amount of drinks you might consume might surpass a Friday night out in college. Anything to celebrate our girl though!

This was my first time being in Mexico and wow – was it beautiful…we stayed at the gorgeous Velas Vallarta Resort through one of the girls’ timeshares and every day we were either poolside or on the beach. It was only four days, but trust – that it was probably a vacation that all us needed at the time. We were all talking about how amazing it would be to go to Bratislava for the next bacherlorette party and one of my friends asked what to do in Bratislava during a stag party? Oh my god she will find out! There is so much to do there! It’ll be so much fun!

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09 Jan 2016

Is It Bikini Season Already?!

For Love & Lemons Ibiza Bikini Top / Bottom – $275 

It isn’t. But I’m headed to Puerta Vallarta at the end of the month to celebrate one of my favorite girls getting married in 2016 and after assessing what I would be packing with me, I realized that I could probably use a few more swimsuits. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually been on a vacation like this or a beach – which is absurd right, cause I live in California? I didn’t think that I’d be able to find anything that I’d like right now much less know of any retailers having their collections out, but we’re in luck! Last year, we were really into cut-outs in swimsuits, but this year, we’re kind of gravitating towards something a little different. So here are a few things I’ve had my eye on and maybe you can all help me pick out one or two that you like best so we can get it ready for Mexico!

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29 Nov 2011

In the News…


New York takes a jab at Miranda Kerr by calling her interview responses banal. [Source]

– The Victoria’s Secret Angels attempt to sing Jingle Bells. ahhh Lily Aldridge is my favorite!

H&M x Marni is happening! The collaborative collection will debut March 8th. [Source]

omg yahoo

– My style icon Alexa Chung won the British Style Award. [Source]

– “Like Crazy” actress Felicity Jones is the new face of Dolce & Gabbana. [Source]


Britney Spears is performing a free show in Mexico! WHOA! [Source]

– The Red Hot Chili Peppers are hitting the road again for their new tour. [Source]

S Club 7 is making a comeback! [Source]


“When her sister disappears, Jill (Seyfried) is convinced the serial killer who kidnapped her two years ago has returned, and she sets out to once again face her abductor.”



Pretty Little Liars has been renewed for a third season! No surprise there. Looks like we have another year until we find out who A really is. [Source]

Ricky Martin will be making an appearance on Glee next year. [Source]


– These breakout stars had a fantastic year in 2011. [Source]

Conrad Murray has been sentenced to four years behind bars for the death of Michael Jackson. [Source]

28 Sep 2010

Shoe Treats to sweet to Eat

See what I did there? So clever at 1:16 AM

Frances Cooley is a boutique cake maker and trained chocolatier. Her love affair with chocolate began at the age of five, when her mom bought a block of chocolate back from Mexico. Frances found the original shoe mould on a trip to Antwerp and was inspired to make some chocolate zebra print shoes because she’d always loved zebra print shoes. And chocolate. Gorgeous handbags are the perfect partners for sexy stiletto shoes, so Frances designed and patented her own handbag design, tracking down a local manufacturer to create a set of moulds. Polka dots and leopard print joined the zebra print, and Choc Chic was born.

These are the cutest things in the world, but I could never eat them. I can’t eat anything that is too pretty to eat. Ginger bread houses – no way. Don’t even think about sending me an Edible Arrangements piece. It will stay with me forever until it rots having never been touched!

I like these though. Can they just not be made out of chocolate please so I can keep them forever?


16 Jun 2009

Spring Loaded

What exactly happens during Spring Break? I wouldn’t know cause I’ve never gone to one officially. Apparently spring break on the northwest is nothing like spring break in say… Mexico, Florida, Arizona, California etc. I’m sure.

Photographers Steven Brahms, Emiliano Granado and Stephen K. Schuster decided to find out and document what really happens on spring break with their photographs in which, tender youths put down their books temporarily in order to wrestle in vats of Jello, put pictures of their breasts on the internet, and wake in hospital beds, half-dead with alcohol poisoning.

The pictures really are amazing, obviously anticipate this being NSFW (not safe for work) To see the collection click here


  • The pork belly is unreal, ok? 💯
  • little
  • One week till my OOO is on
  • Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten sick because you chose to dress inappropriately for the weather 🤚🏽 that was me Friday night without my jacket over my holiday party dress.
  • Over ordered
  • Sundays at the farmer’s market 💐🍎🍊🥬
  • Why pick when you can have both? 💁🏻‍♀️
  • Blessed that this year’s holiday party landed on a Friday so that I have two days to get right. 🙏🏼
  • salt 〰️ sand

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