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Michael Jackson Flashmob in Seattle

On Michael Jackson’s birthday, fans all over the Seattle area gathered at 10 AM this morning at Cal Anderson Park to learn a choreographed dance to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” If you weren’t there, you weren’t officially a part of the flashmob and wouldn’t be able to join in on the dance festivities which occured at 1:10 PM, 2:05 PM and 3 PM at Occidental Park, Pike Place Market and Kerry Park respectively.

I love you Seattle!

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No Snaps For A Snapshot

Truthfully, I feel bad for the guy. Kevin and I have decided that Chris Brown has basically ruined it for himself. You can apologize as many times as you want, you can write a song about it ie: Changed Man, you can go about your life normally like you used to, but the thing is no one will ever forget what you did.

And this fact is true for everyone right? Doesn’t matter if your Chris Brown, the NEXT Michael Jackson, or the average Joe that did something not so average.

So how do I feel about this outfit… I can’t even begin to string words together. There are things just not working, I always say there are no rules in fashion, but he can’t pull this off. Tall white socks w/ vans and denim shorts. Weird print sweater – gold chain. face.

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Agyness Deyn – Pretty Young Thing

Harper’s Bazaar is paying tribute to Michael Jackson with AD becoming MJ in this new spread.

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A Collection

of things that stimulate my mind today… Every time I make one of these posts, I try to think about what draws me to these images or words and what this says about me.

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In The News…

I am feeling VERY under the weather today, so I won’t be posting very much today.

Joe Jonas’s new girl? Brenda Song supposedly.

– Some random Trina Thompson is suing her school Monroe College in New York because she has been unable to find a job in this recession “saying the Office of Career Advancement hasn’t provided her with the leads and career advice that was promised.”

(um I feel like when you’re an adult you take care of that stuff on your own…)

Vanity Fair will be paying tribute to both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson on the covers of their September 2009 issue.

Seattle is trying to ban smoking in Seattle parks.

–  Wanna win tickets to The Flaming Lips? Click here Seattle resi’s HOBviously.

– According to a recent study, unprotected sex is good for your mental health… here!

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New Nike Shoes

I’m always amazed by the kind of designs that Nike puts out. Over the years I’ve developed an attraction to their various styles of print, color and texture. This reminds me that I need to buy new Nikes…

These are cool! But not for me. These were designed by Daniel Reese and are $220 a pop! (k no thnx I don’t pay that much for my sneakers haha) Cool to look at but not cool enough to rock on my feet.

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In The News…

Amy Poehler will return to Saturday Night Live to reprise her role as the news anchor alongside Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update on Thursday September 17th. How does this work? I guess NBC is creating a new fall comedy lineup for Thursday and will serve as an introduction to Poehler’s season premiere of “Parks and Recreation” at 8:30

Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami is a new reality television series that will make its debut on E! on Sunday August 16th

– Some company used Paris Hilton’s face on a herpes ad. Lulz.

Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s mother, will have full custody of his three kids.

Nickelodeon’s television series iCarly will come to an end. Soon.

– Musician Estelle and designer Rachel Roy will collaborate together for a jewelry line slated to debut Spring 2010.

– Actress Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter of Ron Howard) will replace Rachelle Lefevre as evil vampire Victoria in the Twilight saga movies beginning with the third film, “Eclipse.”

California govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger has made the decision to cut all of the funding for domestic violence programs in the year of 2009-2010. That’s $16.3 million. wtf? why would you do that?

– Actress Diane Keaton will have her own 30-minute television series on HBO in which she plays a feminist icon running a porn magazine for women.

Jude Law will be adding a fourth child to his bunch of three already from ex-wife Sadie Frost. This time, the woman is unknown, but it has been said that they were in a relationship last year but are no longer involved.

A sperm bank in Los Angeles (no surprise there!) is letting YOU pick the sperm donor yourself based on what celebrity they look like. There are many celebrities within this search including those above, Adam Brody, James Franco, Ryan Gosling and many others. Because who doesn’t want their child to be a hot piece of ass when they grow up right? The only problem is that you can’t totally confirm that the donor looks like who they say they look like. Let’s just hope that honesty wins this time.

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In the News…

This will be my only post today :( I’ve got a midterm tomorrow – you all know how that is hah

Emma Watson will be collaborating with Marilyn Manson (Random?!) for a goth-inspired rendition of Cinderalla.

Russell Brand will host the MTV Video Music Awards again – hopefully this time not offending The Jonas Brothers about their purity rings.

Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova has announced her pregnancy today.

Tony Romo broke up with Jessica Simpson one day before her birthday.

– A man committed suicide after learning a spoiler in the upcoming Harry Potter movie, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” to be released at midnight.

Family and friends who gathered for a candlelight memorial outside Mr. Ralston’s house remembered a man who seemed to live only for Harry Potter – and wondered if they could have done anything to prevent his tragic fate.

“In my heart I believe that could have saved Jude’s life, even if he didn’t have one,” she said.

Geez – harsh much? My only question is if he maybe read the books?

To read more on this story click here

The mayor of Los Angeles has said the city will pick up the $1.4 million tab for Michael Jackson’s memorial service which includes police protection, traffic control and other services.

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In the News…

Ryan Gosling’s band Dead Man’s Bones signed a record deal with Anti

Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan will be making appearances on the sixth season of Project Runway

MTV will soon air a special documentary/series on the deployment of Real World Brooklyn cast member Ryan Conklin. They recently finished filming.

Takiya Wonder, daughter of musician Stevie Wonder is currently on suicide watch for previous notes that she has left to friends and family. Assumptions are being made that they have to do with her current relationship. She has been leaving very “straightforward chilling messages on her Twitter.” She is currently hospitalized and doing well.

Dolce and Gabbana shot a Summer 2009 ad campaign with the five swimmers of the Italian National team.

Oscar G. Mayer, retired chairmen of Oscar Mayer foods has passed away at the age of 95. Hotdogs and bologna will never be the same.

– 31 million people watched Michael Jackson’s memorial on television.

Morgan Freeman is dating his step-grandaughter E’dina Hines (the granddaughter to his first wife – whom he knew all her life – and who he and his ex-wife raised from childhood). Well according to the Enquirer, they’re getting married.

Incest much?

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Welcome to the World

Michael Jackson knew what he was doing when he raised his kids by keeping them out of the public eye. It makes sense doesn’t it? He went through the exact same thing and through unconventional ways, he kept them hidden for 12 years. Yesterday, at the memorial was the first time we ever heard Paris speak out. The sad truth is this: now that Michael is gone, who will continue to protect these kids? Who is going to stop the press from publishing these never before seen pictures like WHO Australia has? This is just the beginning. The papparazi will be all over them from the minute they step out of their house because everyone is curious. Who will Michael Jackson’s kids grow up to be?

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The Memorial

I never really planned on tuning in until I was driving home from class today listening to the radio station when they were doing live coverage and then at that point, I realized this is a BIG moment. Michael Jackson only dies once, he’s not like Tupac who keeps mysteriously coming back and what not. This isn’t going to happen again so I probably shouldn’t miss this. So I raced home, and was glued to the spot in front of my television for a good hour until it was over? I came in when Usher was performing. I thought the memorial was nicely put together. It wasn’t rushed, there weren’t any unnecessary distractions and that’s how it was supposed to be. It honored his life and showed the audience like, “Hey, this is what you didn’t know about Michael Jackson, and he was a great guy because xy and z.”

No matter, how many stories we hear about him, his surgeries, the little boys and scandals, his family, etc etc, I think we have to recognize the fact that we don’t really know him at all. He was a complicated man, I’m sure and probably confused at a lot of things, look at the way he grew up. Marlon Jackson said it best, “Maybe they will all leave you alone now.” There’s no need to bring up anything in the past anymore because he is gone. And when Paris stepped up to the mic, my heart went out to her. If she says he’s a great daddy then he is, but we would have never known.

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Mase is comin’ back y’all!

Michael Jackson’s death has inspired rapper Mase to make his comeback in the music industry. This is…news! I still remember when my brother and I would rap and sing a long to his songs when I was seven years old. No joke.

Before Diddy went through a slew of name changes, way back in the day, Mase was brought in and signed to Diddy’s label where the two of them collaborated on many songs together.

So what will be Mase’s first release in five years? A remix of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.”

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The eve of MJ

Meet his coffin. $35,000. 18k Gold. Enough said.

The memorial service is tomorrow and Michael Jackson will be buried at 8 AM


my bad I don’t know what time he’s being buried at, the memorial service just ended though

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Michael Jackson news of the day

It never ends…

Michael Jackson’s memorial service will be held Tuesday, July 7th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

But if you wish to pay your respects you best pay up cause like Mike, he isn’t cheap. $25 is the cost to attend this fest that will be filled with crazed fans, celebrities and friends and family.

The memorial service will feature music, guest speakers and video screens both in and outside of the Staples Center.

Expected guests include both Elizabeth Taylor and Dianna Ross. It doesn’t matter how much you decide to shell out for that ticket, if you’re a normie you will be in the stands while friends, family and VIP’s will be on the floor.

Vendors will sell Michael’s “This Is It” tour T-shirts outside of the venue as well. The service will be held between 10AM and Noon July 7th.

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