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12 Feb 2015

Alyson Stoner’s Tribute To Missy Elliott

When Missy Elliott took the stage at the Super Bowl, every former Missy fan was wondering where her right-hand woman was! Of course everyone was thinking of the little girl who was a phenomenal dancer. Well, Alyson Stoner is all grown up! She’s not dancing as much as she used to, but she does have a singing career and her dancing is still as good as she was when she was a child.

02 Feb 2015

Song of the Day

Missy Elliott – Work It

We could’ve just posted the Spotify track, but after yesterday’s performance we realized this was the perfect opportunity to throw it back to the music video. Let’s be real – Missy Elliott was the REAL halftime act at yesterday’s Super Bowl! I still think it’s really funny to hear today that some babies who are so young think that Missy Elliott is a new artist. Makes me feel old.

Missy was my childhood and Alyson Stoner was my dancing spirit animal.

30 Jun 2009

Seattle’s Massive Monkees

Seattle’s very own dance crew the Massive Monkees are in the process of auditioning for MTV’s fourth season of America’s Best Dance Crew!

This will be their second time auditioning as they did not make it through to the next round in season two. Known for performing during the Supersonic basketball home games at Key Arena and with artists such as De La Soul, Nas, 50 cent, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott and Beyonce, this group has great potential.

The premiere of the new season will be on August 9th so tune in to see of our crew will be able to represent!

Unsure of how talented this crew really is? Check out the video below for yourself.

22 Mar 2009

That little girl from the Missy videos

She’s both a dancer and an actress but when we were first introduced to Alyson Stoner, she was a child dancer in Missy Elliott’s music videos. I remember watching her back then and wondering… how do I get to be like her haha Anyways, she’s since taken off in her acting career in shows like the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and in those Cheaper by the Dozen movies. I thought she had forgotten about her dancing career but then I found this video tonight that she just uploaded to her Youtube account.

She created this dance in 25 minutes to Michael Jackson’s PYT. I’m so jealous.


  • When it comes to brunch, are you sweet or savory? I’m usually a savory, but I feel like it takes a certain kind of person to order a breakfast burger. That’s another category on its own.
  • It’s like we never left Antelope Canyon or something
  • Anyone else’s favorite accessory just their hair tie?
  • Smoky San Francisco
  • I’d eat this set up every day. Is mercury poisoning still a thing? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • He said: the lighting is much better in the dressing rooms
I said: 🤚🏽 say no more
  • Our chef surprised us with two matcha ice cream cones the other night!
  • When you’re prepping for the week that is about to begin
  • 〰️

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