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Yow Yow’s Top 10 Posts of 2014

Knowing what I know about how this year has been going for Yow Yow! I was a little bit nervous as to which posts would reach the top. It’s been a slow year, but it hasn’t been all that quiet. We’ve had a lot of fun with the blog and we’re going to continue doing so in the next year as well!

With that, here are our top 10 posts from the year 2014:

  1. 18 Types of Asian Girls
  2. Yow Yow! Visits Molly Moon’s!
  3. 16 Reasons Why We Should Root for the Seahawks @ the Super Bowl 
  4. Our Beef With The Bachelor
  5. Coachella 2014 Street Style (sorry for the broken links!)
  6. The Way Way Back Home
  7. Ariana Grande’s Dance Moves (and broken YouTube link womp womp…)
  8. Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams Are Engaged!
  9. Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg Are Engaged!
  10. C. Lowe By Scarlet & Gold
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Yow Yow! Visits Molly Moon’s!

photo 3

During my last visit to Seattle, I had an opportunity to visit the office of Molly Moon’s ice cream shop! The invitation for the trip was not only humbling for me as I learned that Molly Moon herself is a Yow Yow! reader, but also very special to me as Molly Moon’s opened up shop in Capitol Hill while I was a student at Seattle University. I still remember just how excited I was to be having an ice cream shop down the street from my dorm. It was frequented by my friends and I for my entire four years there and oh gosh – that smell of their freshly made waffle cones – how could anyone forget? It’s the kind of smell that you would want in your life every day if you could have it and actually – everyone that works at Molly Moon’s appears to be just that lucky!

Together, Veronica and I have visited a couple businesses within Seattle, but by far – Molly Moon’s was the most delicious. I was contacted by Emilia Arnold a couple of weeks before my return home and it just happened to work out that I could schedule a visit when I was in town. Before I had moved away, there was an empty space next to the ice cream shop. For a long time, there was some speculation that it might be a place where you get an inside look at how they were making their ice cream and cones – kind of like a Willy Wonka type of a shop. I later learned that the space was transformed into an amazing office space for their employees. Just see for yourself!

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The Weekend: Last Weekend’s Seattle Trip

For the first time in a long time, I finally took a vacation! I was returning home for the wedding of my beautiful friend Natalie, but decided that a weekend just wasn’t enough so I tacked on a couple of extra days and tried to go off the grid from work. For someone who hasn’t really taken a true vacation (outside of company holidays) not checking email was extremely hard for me! I’m the only person on my team who gets a notification to my phone every time a new email comes into my inbox and it’s helpful in urgent cases, but causes me to have a sense of urgency 24/7. Having to ignore that on vacation was tough, but got easier as the long weekend went on. Here are just a few snaps from a very memorable return home.

Seattle greeted me with the most beautiful end of summer weather!

Every time I’m home, I find myself completely stretched for time and wanting to eat at all my favorite places and not enough home cooked meals as I would’ve wanted! I was supposed to catch up with a friend for happy hour at my favorite place in college – Cha Cha’s, but when I heard that he would be late, I made a very quick decision to sprint like 7 blocks down the hill to Taylor Shellfish for half a dozen oysters. That’s all I thought I would have time for! They must’ve thought I was crazy for running in and out of there and…by myself, but it was so worth it!

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Preview: Our Trip to Molly Moon’s

When I saw that the team at Molly Moon’s had emailed me a few weeks ago about coming by their shop on my next visit home, I was thrilled! Because it just so happened that I would be in town in a few weeks. Having been a student at Seattle University, Molly Moon’s was our neighborhood ice cream shop and a very dear memory to the college experience that both I and my friends had! Since then, the shop has expanded from two storefronts to six and we can only imagine that things are going to get better from here! Thank you Emilia and Molly for having us and being fans of Yow Yow!

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Make An Ice Cream Pie

If there’s one thing that I’ve been missing since I’ve made the big move down to the Bay Area, it’s being able to use my kitchen! Back in Seattle, I used to love grocery shopping for some of my favorite things to try out new Pinterest recipes. Kevin didn’t approve of any of them, but that’s okay because at least I was learning how to be a better cook even if I was just sucking. One of my favorite ice cream shops in Capitol Hill – Molly Moon’s – recently created this tutorial video on how to make an ice cream pie and I’m convinced that even a 5-year old could make this. It’s a simple, but delicious dessert!

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Square Stand

One of my favorite Seattle shops, Molly Moon’s ice cream, has recently adopted the Square Stand in their stores for customers to check out and I get such a kick every time I get to use it. Between selecting my tip and giving my signature via finger, it definitely adds a little something to the experience. Readers, are any of your favorite stores using the Square Stand?


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Is Ballard Becoming The Next Capitol Hill?

photo cred | Daily UW

It was just recently that we learned that Capitol Hill’s Skillet Diner would be making the move to Ballard this summer season and now two more Capitol Hill establishments are moving in! Burger shop Li’l Woody’s and our favorite Molly Moon’s are expanding their shops to the lovely neighborhood of Ballard. I’m quite fond of Capitol Hill, naturally, after living their for four years and while I can sometimes feel very prideful over my neighborhood, I think the expansion will make all parties involved pretty happy! My logic is this. I am love with Seattle. Capitol Hill and Ballard are both neighborhoods in Seattle. Why not share the love?

I’ve never eaten at Li’l Woody’s, but I’ve heard great things. If this makes it easier for Seattle locals to enjoy their favorite places a little bit closer to them then I’m all for it. I adore Ballard, actually. It’s such a charming neighborhood and the one time I spent a night out there with Jennie, Ashley, and Henry, I only remember great memories.


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Blog Posts Roundup 1/9/13

1. What “Girls” has taught us about fashion and dressing appropriate for every occasion – courtesy of Flavorwire.

2. Seattle, you are the best city that I have ever lived in and here’s why – – – – (Seattle Times)

photo cred | Chelsea Improvement Co.

3. Google provides free WiFi for the entire Chelsea neighborhood. [Source]

4. 72 Style Resolutions for 2013 from 72 fashionable Seattleites courtesy of Seattle Met

5. To make one of their most popular flavors, “Scout Mint,” Molly Moon’s ice cream shop needs a LOT of cookies – specifically the thin mints HOBviously. This Friday at 3PM, Molly Moon Neitzel along with other managers will be posted up at the Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, and Wallingford shops ready to purchase 84,000 cookies from quite a few eager Girl Scouts. Looks like Neitzel is on her way towards molding some future saleswomen! [Source]

photo cred | Floor 13

6. Pioneer Square has opened up a new space in their neighborhood perfect for intimate weddings and small events. Floor 13 holds 75 to 100 people and is absolutely gorgeous. [Source]

7. Part of Urban Outfitters’ “Get It Together” series – Dressing Like A Grown Up

8. Nordstrom’s 2013 visual displays are now up at the flagship! Check out the full gallery here

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In Things I Am Disappointed About Today…

photo cred | The Stranger

Why did no one tell me about Molly Moon’s exclusive  Baracky Road ice cream?!

Is this punishment for no longer living in Capitol Hill because I feel like it is. Tomorrow’s the last day and I am nowhere near a Molly Moon’s. A bellini will have to do.

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Currently Craving:

Molly Moon’s Campfire Sundae

I don’t even know what this entirely consists of (I have an idea,) but I want it! I don’t even like sundaes that much, but I just want this one.


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Out on the Town: 3/12

To celebrate the Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary, Molly Moon’s will be giving out free kid-sized scoops of their classic Scout Mint all day starting at noon!

OH MY Goodness. And if that news doesn’t melt your heart and warm your stomach enough, then the Girl Scouts themselves will be selling their cookies and greeting customers outside of the shops beginning at 3PM.



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In the News…


– Supermodel Agyness Deyn came forward earlier this week to announce that she is 29-years old, which is six years older than the age stated on her CV. [Source]

– Stefano Pilati has “left the YSL building.” Pilati has been the creative director over at YSL since 2004. [Source]

– Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast is designing a line for Urban Outfitters. [Source]


– Glee’s Idina Menzel will be going on tour. [Source]

– Warner Music has launched a YouTube channel. [Source]


– Despicable Me 2 teaser trailer

– Emma Watson will star in Sofia Coppola’s new film titled, “The Bling Ring” about a group of fashion-obsessed teenagers who break into the homes of celebrities and eventually get caught. It’s inspired by a true story…and Lifetime already did it…last year. [Source]


– Lindsay will make her 239479th comeback this weekend when she hosts Saturday Night Live.

– Jennifer Love Hewitt turned her Lifetime movie, The Client List into Lifetime television series, The Client List. [Source]

– Jessica Lange will be returning for American Horror Story in the fall, but will not be reprising her character from the first season. Zachary Quinto will also be back. [Source] [Source]

– Bristol Palin is getting a docuseries on Lifetime. “This show will reveal the real Bristol Palin and her journey as a daughter, a mother and a young woman making her way in the world.” Um…what?!

– Meet the newest contestants for Dancing With the Stars. [Source]

– Casting has begun for the new CW Sex and the City prequel pilot, The Carrie Diaries, and it looks like AnnaSophia Robb will play a young Carrie. [Source]

– Oprah Winfrey will interview the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina exclusively, which will air on Sunday, March 11th at 9PM on OWN. [Source]


– Top Pot Doughnuts are headed to Bellevue Square. [Source]

– Capitol Hill’s Molly Moon’s is taking over the old Flora & Henri shop to create a Willy Wonka-esque “kitchen on display” that will highlight their specialty ice cream and signature cones being made. The space is set to open in the summer. [Source]

– Skillet will call the Seattle Center home. [Source]

– EMP’s Sound Off! finals are tomorrow night and we’ve got a Seattle University band in the running: Feet. Check out the rest of the acts here. I like these guys a lot!


– Jan Berenstain passed away this week at 88. This one was my favorite because I went through a phase as a kid where I loved seeing pictures of illustrated food/candy. I kid you not, another one of my favorite books was a children’s book on the affects of diabetes.

– Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are now engaged! The couple have been dating for over a year. [Source]

– Ke$ha turned 25 and Justin Bieber turned 18 this week.

– US Weekly shows the evolution of Lindsay Lohan’s face and it ain’t pretty. [Source]

– Lea Michele and Cory Monteith – romantically involved? US Weekly believes so. [Source]

– Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have announced the birth of their newborn son, Samuel Garner Affleck. [Source]

– …and Snooki is preggers. [Source]

– Lamar Odom has been dropped by the Dallas Mavericks and has been sent down to the NBA Development League. OH NO!! POOR LAM LAM :( [Source]

– Actress Kaley Cuoco has called off her engagement to Josh Resnik. [Source]

– Natalie Portman had a secret wedding and is already married to Benjamin Millipied. [Source]

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In Seattle News…

There was so much Seattle news swirling around yesterday that I decided to just make a separate post for it away from the rest of the pop culture news going on in the world.

– During Bumbershoot weekend, Kevin informed me of a new car service named Uber that had just been brought to Seattle that I could use in place of taking a taxi or the bus. So how does it work exactly? Uber is an on-demand car service that will pick you up from wherever you are and take you anywhere you need to go in a sleek black car. Known as “everyone’s private driver,” Uber is a service that is all about convenience and style. If you’re a member of the service, then your payment is just charged to your credit card so no more fumbling at your dolla dolla bills! This service is great for a night out, but is also the safer bet in place of a taxi or bus – – as suggested by Kevin.

“In Seattle, pricing currently starts with a $7 base, plus $3.75/mile distance and $0.75/mile time fees with a $12 minimum and $50 set rate for Sea-Tac.

To learn more about the service, click here to visit their website.


PBS is making a documentary that will highlight Seattle’s thriving music scene. The program titled “Seattle Music…something in the water” isn’t all that clever, but will feature some of your favorite local bands including The Head & the Heart, Shabazz Palaces, Pickwick, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and a few others. The show will air on October 21st.  [Source]

– Storefront installations will be returning to Broadway this fall/winter! The last time this happened was back when I was a freshman and back then I don’t think I was able to fully appreciate it. Storefronts Seattle will take over vacant store fronts on Capitol Hill stretching from Pine Street to Roy and will be decorating them with creative and visually pleasing installations. [Source]

– Food trucks are rolling up with a sweet surprise! Street Wheels, a new hot pink truck parked on 2nd and Pine, will be dishing out their treats every day from noon-6. Their menu features a number of ice cream sandwiches, chocolate dipped ice cream bars, and a handful of your favorite classic desserts. [Source]

Molly Moon’s has been named the King County Executive Small Business of the Year! [Source]

– After one man stiffed a bartender last week at one of my favorite bars in Capitol Hill and then criticized her weight on the receipt, the locals went nuts. Something you should learn of the day: If you’re  going to stiff a bartender, don’t pay with a credit card. Capitol Hill locals harassed the guy via his Facebook to let him know that he is just not welcome back to our neighborhood ever again. This story got around so quick, I even found out on The Frisky shortly after the incident. Read more about what happened here and here.

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High 5 Pie to 12th Ave

If you thought Capitol Hill couldn’t get any sweeter, you were wrong. Dani Cone, who runs the Fuel Coffee shops, has decided to open up a High 5 Pie on 12th Ave in the retail space below the Trace Lofts. You’ll never have a hard time choosing dessert now that you have High 5 Pie, Molly Moon’s, Old School, and Cupcake Royale nearby. The pie shop will also serve Fuel Coffee and ice cream so that you can have your pie a la mode.

The lovely pie shop should be open around New Year’s just in time for the peak of winter!


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I can feel it in my bones

It’s going DOWN this summer. I’ve been amped on the Capitol Hill Block Party news all day, but let’s not forget my other favorite music festival that will culminate my entire summer. Bumbershoot turns 40 this year and they are celebrating it in 40 different ways. That’s better than my 2 1/2 week long birthday celebration.

This list begins w/ a kick off party on June 2nd at the Hard Rock Cafe. Along the way, we will have collaborations with SIFF, Flickr, Street team events, an exclusive flavor at Molly Moon’s and a SAM Remix – just to name a few.

The countdown begins now.


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