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02 Jul 2017

Blog Roundup

  • How 6 Asian Women Have Grown to Embrace Their Beauty in a World Influenced by Western Ideals [Bustle]
  • Molly Young: How I Shop [Fashionista]

  • The Ken Doll rebooted [GQ]

  • Square unveils customizable prepaid debit cards [The Verge] These are really cute!
  • How to take good photos of fireworks this coming 4th of July [GOOD]
  • Women in tech speak frankly on culture of harassment [New York Times]
13 Dec 2013

“I Guess I’ll Manage”

I wish I could say exactly when I became a fan of Molly Young’s, but the date is unclear to me. What I do know is that years ago, I stumbled across her blog “Magic Molly” and I’ve been returning ever since. Molly is a talented and witty writer who on the side just happens to work at Warby Parker on top of writing for all of these other publications. Magic Molly? Or just Super Molly? [That was terrible.] Anyways, we had the opportunity to interview her on Yow Yow! earlier this year for our “Women Who Are Making It” project and we’re thrilled to see that she’s still being awesome. Her article “I Guess I’ll Manage” was in the New York Times last week and if you’ve got some time to read (it’s a quick read!) you should check it out here.

21 Jun 2013

The Benefits That Feed


It wasn’t long ago that we accepted a great benefits package as being one that included healthcare, vision, dental, PTO, and holidays. In fact, having those benefits at all (especially for a new college grad) was something to be proud of. When I talk to my parents now about what kinds of unique benefits are being offered, they are floored. I once visited a company that offered more than just the standard and they were benefits that were not just on paper  – ones that you could see right before you. As I stepped into the office, I was taken into the cafeteria where chefs were the masters behind the kitchen offering employees breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All around me, employees got from point A to point B on scooters and skateboards. In front of me was a music room filled with instruments that doubled up as a karaoke room and behind me? A fully stocked bar.

Our idea of “benefits” these days are changing and they are being implemented heavily in the Bay Area and New York City. Seattle, will you catch up? One of my favorite interviewees, Molly Young, recently wrote a piece for the Times on how food is such a huge selling point for companies these days on the East. Not only does it make employees extremely happy, but it allows them to be productive as well! Molly also comes from a start-up as well (Warby Parker) so naturally, we trust her opinion.

23 May 2013

Sunday Routine

photo cred | Sunday Routine

Nothing excites me more than when I have the opportunity to stumble upon a new and refreshing blog. Our former  Yow Yow! interviewee Molly Young was recently featured on Sunday Routine – a blog that gives us a peek into the Sunday routine of New Yorkers – and of course we had to feature it.

Check out her post here.

28 Apr 2013

Articles to Read Today

Typically when I go through my blogs every day, I am reading pretty short posts. Seeing an article come across my browser though is always kind of a refreshing treat. I found three this week that I thought were pretty interesting and wanted to share with all of you!

Mark Zuckerberg Joins The $1 Salary Club is an interesting piece on how CEOs reduce their salary for the greater good of the company and mainly because what their product does usually doesn’t involve making that much money to begin with.

We’ve also got another piece by the lovely Molly Young on Our Delusional Celebration of the Entrepreneur.

And my favorite! A study that followed 268 Harvard Undergraduate men beginning in 1938 on What It Takes To Live A Happy Life


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