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09 Jan 2013

Monopoly Upgrade

Monopoly is retiring a game piece and is leaving it up to fans of the game to vote on which one will survive. My favorite has always been  the iron. The piece that receives the least number of votes will be off the board as soon as next month and replaced with either a diamond ring, cat, guitar, helicopter or toy robot. My vote is for the toy robot! As of right now, both the hat and the wheelbarrow have the fewest number of votes. [Source]

You can vote at the official Monopoly Hasbro website here.

03 Feb 2010

Monopoly for the Modern Win

This year, the popular board game Monopoly, will turn 75. Not yet ready to retire or anything yet, the makers have decided to give it a little bit of a makeover! Instead of the rectangular shaped board, they have opted for a circular one. Say goodbye to metal scrap pieces and hello to outlined shapes of the old version.

This game was the death of me. I have yet to win one single game and always lost with multiple debts. Growing up, I used to think that if I could win a game, I might just survive in this real world. So every loss was just another disappointing blow that I probably wasn’t going to make it haha

Would you play it? Y/N?!

Pictures of the beautiful thang underneath the cut

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