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04 Dec 2013

iPad Art: Morgan Freeman


Can you believe that Kyle Lambert did this portrait by finger painting on his iPad? Why are people so talented.


05 Dec 2012

A Collection Part 32

This post is being released today because Veronica reminded me that I was overdue. Something you need to know: she asks for these posts often, but I usually don’t give in because I need to have a specific amount of photos for me to warrant a post. This time, she was right on the money hence…

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17 Nov 2012

Now You See Me


AHHH love Isla Fisher! But also this is a pretty fantastic cast lineup.


12 Jul 2010


I guess I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up with this film. I recently was reading my daily news and saw that this movie was coming out, but it turns out it was released in 2008. It must have made the news because of it’s release on Lifetime, which is where I watched it last night. I had high hopes because this one of the only acting gigs I had seen Mischa Barton in since her OC days – and the film was directed by Morgan Freeman. He’s a pretty decent actor, yes – but how was he has a director? So-so.

In the story of Homecoming, Mike [Matt Long] and Shelby [Mischa Barton] were the small town’s perfect couple. Everyone knew who they were and everyone thought that they would stay together forever. We all know that that rarely ever happens, but a girl can hope. Mike went away to college and one year later he brought back his new girlfriend Elizabeth [Jessica Stroup] for the homecoming ceremony. Shelby, however, still thought that they were together during the school year- weird. Anyways, Shelby tries to win back Mike while he’s home and kidnaps Elizabeth even though that wasn’t her initial plan.

Basically, Shelby’s crazy. I ended up rooting for Elizabeth the whole time naturally and developed a like/hate relationship w/ Mike. I expected Mischa to prove her acting skills in this film, but she kind of just let me down. Maybe it’s because I’ll always see her as Marissa Cooper. She may have done some crazy things in her time, but  Marissa Cooper would never kidnap any girlfriend of Ryan’s.

09 Jul 2009

In the News…

Ryan Gosling’s band Dead Man’s Bones signed a record deal with Anti

Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan will be making appearances on the sixth season of Project Runway

MTV will soon air a special documentary/series on the deployment of Real World Brooklyn cast member Ryan Conklin. They recently finished filming.

Takiya Wonder, daughter of musician Stevie Wonder is currently on suicide watch for previous notes that she has left to friends and family. Assumptions are being made that they have to do with her current relationship. She has been leaving very “straightforward chilling messages on her Twitter.” She is currently hospitalized and doing well.

Dolce and Gabbana shot a Summer 2009 ad campaign with the five swimmers of the Italian National team.

Oscar G. Mayer, retired chairmen of Oscar Mayer foods has passed away at the age of 95. Hotdogs and bologna will never be the same.

– 31 million people watched Michael Jackson’s memorial on television.

Morgan Freeman is dating his step-grandaughter E’dina Hines (the granddaughter to his first wife – whom he knew all her life – and who he and his ex-wife raised from childhood). Well according to the Enquirer, they’re getting married.

Incest much?


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