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21 Jan 2019

Fyre vs. Fyre

It’s the end of the long weekend and by now, you probably don’t need me to be the one to tell you which documentary you should watch. Hulu and Netflix both had their shot at it and released it within days of each other. Knowing me though, I like to have all the facts so I ended up watching both. Is one better than the other? That, I’m not sure I can answer. If I had to choose which I preferred more, it would be Netflix. Honestly, I’ve got criticism on both documentaries.

Since it has been some time since I’ve gone to any music festival at all, Fyre never caught my attention. I didn’t even follow many of the models or celebrities that were tricked into promoting it. My whole fascination with the festival, however, stemmed from what I know about music festivals in general – the logistics and the operations behind it all. The Netflix doc nails it on the head. The organizational team behind the festival had zero experience and it was clear every step of the way how out of touch they were.

I’ve been told that whichever Fyre documentary you end up watching first becomes your favorite. I chose Netflix first, but here are some other reasons why I enjoyed it. Those that were featured were all people that were directly involved with the process. They worked with Billy themselves in a wide range of roles associated to the festival. There was more footage behind the scenes of the festival pre-planning and up until that day. They made Billy look anything, but the hero. Obviously he isn’t, but they didn’t victimize him the way that Hulu did. The criticism is that Jerry Media was heavily featured. They also were involved with making the documentary so you have to scratch your head a bit and wonder – well – aren’t they also just as responsible for the downfall of this?

On the other hand, you have Hulu. Right out of the gate, the Fyre Fest is fast-moving and a little bit all over the place. There’s a heavy emphasis on millennials and why this sort of things appeals to people “like us” that have money. I didn’t particularly care about this segment very much. I felt that Hulu’s documentary, while interesting, was a little bit more disorganized. Instead of featuring individuals that worked on the festival, they brought in “subject matter experts.” The kicker here is that Billy McFarland is actually interviewed in the documentary. This was before he was sentenced to prison. He doesn’t add anything substantial whatsoever and they start the documentary with praising him for being an entrepreneur. Billy isn’t the victim here; everyone else is. The criticism is that Hulu PAID him to be a part of this documentary.

It’s interesting to see how both Hulu and Netflix have tackled Fyre Festival. Neither of them outshines the other, but I do think that it really depends on the individual watching it. Curious to hear which one all of you enjoyed more!

12 Jan 2019

Boston Calling Lineup 2019

There’s something more appealing about younger music festivals than ones that have been around for awhile isn’t there? They’re still figuring out their own identities and audience, but you get the people there that are supposed to be there. Maybe I’m biased because I’m a huge fan of Boston. Or maybe I find that the ones in the Bay Area don’t speak to me the same way. I wish I could spend a full calendar year traveling and reviewing each one.

08 Jan 2019

Bonnaroo Lineup 2019

Honestly, if I had to pick a major music festival out of Coachella, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, I would pick Bonnaroo! It’s such a great opportunity to travel to a very different city than what I’m used to – a major city. I also always find that the lineups are incredibly diverse. By the way, I spot a wild “Girl Talk” in this lineup! It has been so long since I’ve heard of Gregg Gillis returning to the festival stage. I did, however, just listen to all of “Feed the Animals” the other day at work and felt like I predicted this brewing.

07 Jan 2019

BottleRock Lineup 2019

There’s always just a handful of artists and bands that I’d be willing to see at BottleRock, but I never make it up there. Part of the appeal for me is that it’s so close though! Napa is just a quick road trip (if you can call it that) away, but a nice getaway. I also love that the festival pens itself as a food and wine fest too. I’m not opposed to an all day music festival, but it’s nice to experience some other activities throughout the day as well.

03 Jan 2019

Coachella Lineup 2019

There are so many great artists and bands a part of this lineup, but I know myself and I wouldn’t last one day in that desert.

21 Dec 2018

Yow Yow’s Top 10 Posts of 2018

This is one of the posts that gives me a little bit of anxiety to write every year. I don’t check up on how my posts are doing throughout the year so when I get to this point, I’m nervous about what I find. Usually, it’s nothing too scary, but it is a bit of a surprise to see which posts rise to the top. Amongst the group this year, it seems like we were pretty fashion heavy! I don’t mind it, but it’s vastly different from last year where we talking about more challenging moments in my life and being more vulnerable. 

What that says about 2018 is that we were a bit more stable and the data isn’t wrong. My biggest life moment this year was just changing jobs and while it was tough at first, it was the easiest transition out of all of my jobs that I’ve held. We even cushioned it with a bit of a break which was my ultimate blessing of 2018 honestly. 

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17 Jul 2018

Sasquatch Music Festival Ends Its Run


photo cred | Rad Season

This is the first of two posts that I’m writing today that will bum the both of us out! I first learned that Sasquatch Music Festival would be ceasing its operations at the end of June, but I couldn’t bring myself to write about it on Yow Yow! Every year, I continued to be impressed with the lineup and there was never a shortage of stories from my friends coming back from the festival. As much as I had loved the lineup, I wasn’t a big camper and most of the time opted out for other plans. If you’ve ever been to the Gorge though, then you know it’s an incredible venue with even more spectacular views. That’s why it makes it even more difficult to share the news that the festival is ending after 17 years.

In a June 28th email announcement, founder Adam Zacks shared that Sasquatch will not be returning in 2019, but thanking all that were involved with making it as memorable as it has been. It was rumored that Sasquatch had seen a decline in the last couple of years as have many other festivals in 2018. Earlier this year, FYF Fest had canceled their entire festival shortly after announcing their lineup due to low ticket sales.

Though I never attended the festival myself, Adam was someone that I looked up to when I had spent some time booking. I admired his work and he truly did great things for the music community in Seattle. It’s a shame to see Sasquatch go, but I hope this isn’t the end for Adam and I’m looking forward to hearing what he does next. For his full statement on wrapping up the festival, click [here.]

17 May 2018

Treasure Island Music Festival 2018

It’s BACK! I was starting to worry that it would never return, but it looks like the festival has come up from the dead in full force – just not in the same location that we have always known it for. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but we heard that Treasure Island Music Festival had to exit Treasure Island mainly due to all of the construction work that is being done. I was just last on the island a few months ago and it really did seem like work was being done all over the place. It’s a quiet part of the city and while there are a handful of establishments and scattered activities, it almost felt like the festival itself had outgrown the location mutually around the same time. Treasure Island will bring attention to Oakland in 2018 – a place that I don’t get out to enough. At first glance, the lineup is decent. A little something for everyone, but it’s still not a stunner like the lineup for Outside Lands. I really would love to see the festival in its new setting, but I just can’t confirm that it’s something that we’ll attend this year. What does everyone else think? Have you all loved Treasure Island since the beginning? How do we feel about it moving to Oakland?


11 May 2018

FYF Fest Canceled

My heart sunk a little when I saw this news earlier this week. In all the years that I’ve been sharing music festival lineups on Yow Yow! I’ve never actually had to go back and retract something like this. We shared this lineup to the blog just at the end of March and not even a month and a half later, the organizers have announced that the entire festival is being canceled. What a terrible feeling for all those involved especially those behind-the-scenes who likely spent a year + trying to put together what would have been a fantastic weekend.

The festival takes place in LA, which has an incredible music scene so I’ve been trying to wrack my brain to figure out what went wrong. Was it Coachella? Was it the clause that prevents other artists and bands from performing at music festivals and concerts within a certain time span of each other? It was disappointing when San Francisco lost Treasure Island Music after their 2016 run, but to cancel a fest before it even had a chance to get up on its legs is heartbreaking.


05 May 2018

Bumbershoot 2018

I have left this poster up on my tabs this week not only as a reminder to post it to Yow Yow! but because it is so beautiful! The colors!! Oh my goodness, everyone knows that I have a major soft spot for this music festival because in a way, it sort of helped shape my youth. This was the event that I looked forward to every summer, more than Capitol Hill Block Party (early on at least) more than Seafair (because that has never been my thing ever) and more than the Bite of Seattle. Bumbershoot has always been a family friendly music festival that brings musical and comedy acts from all over the world into one place. There is also a huge emphasis on local acts. This year, I’m especially excited to see Portugal. The Man so high up on this lineup.


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