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Tour Google’s Latest Pop Up in NYC

Google is and always will be just a fascinating company to me. Some of the things they work on and the different teams that they house sometimes overwhelm me because not only is it just a lot in volume and size, but Google has their hands on everything – apps, phones, home, maps, etc. Pretty soon, sometimes I worry that we won’t really need anything else because Google will just replace everything and make it better. I didn’t know that they opened a pop up recently in Soho until I read about it on Doobybrain, but definitely thought it was interesting enough to share. If you get a chance to view it in real life, you should!

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Kellogg’s NYC

Can you imagine anything better than going to a restaurant that serves your favorite cereals during any meal time? Kellogg’s is making childhood dreams come true with their new joint in New York in which you can truly have breakfast all day during their hours of 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM of course. I wish I could have seen this IRL when I was in New York, but now we’re just adding it to our list of to-do’s when we go back for a second time!


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Polo Bar by Ralph Lauren

I wish I could be the type of person that adopted going to extremely cool restaurants around the world as a hobby. I have a friend that kind of does a similar thing and her cool factor is just out of this world. I just learned that the fashion brand is launching their third restaurant in New York City and the vibe of it is supposed to take you back. Waaaaay back to some serious fine dining and equestrian times. Located on East 55th Street, Polo Bar will serve up some of Ralph Lauren’s favorite dishes.

Just from looking at the menu, we wouldn’t be opposed to trying out the following:

  • Alaskan Black Cod
  • Chicken Paillard
  • Ralph’s Corned Beef Sandwich

Can you tell that I haven’t even had lunch yet?

To view their official website, click here.


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Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Lily Aldridge

Wearing: Thakoon

Where: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Celebrates 50 Years of Swim in NYC


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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Take Over A NYC Bus

We’ve always been a huge fan of spontaneous shows and performances on Yow Yow! and this one is no different. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hopped on a NYC bus recently to perform their hit single “Can’t Hold Us” and at first everyone seems a little bit confused, but by the end of it everyone has pretty much gotten on board.


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New York Ramen Maps

For anyone moving to a new city, a guide can sometimes serve as a very helpful clutch? But what’s more helpful than just a guide of sights? A guide towards your favorite kinds of food. Now I’ve never been to New York City, but I’ve heard that the designers behind this Ramen guide have also created one for burgers and doughnuts in New York City. It’s $8 and somehow I feel like I’d rather use this than stress over Yelp.


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The Smallest Museum in NYC

Readers, have any of you been here? I enjoyed learning about how the founders were explaining their curating process for their museum.

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Banksy Sells His Art to the Public

…And you won’t believe for how much. Something unusual happened this past weekend in New York City’s Central Park. Banksy solicited an anonymous man to sell some of his artwork for next to nothing and by nothing I mean $60 US which is considered nothing when you learn that his original paintings go for $42,400 each. #baller. The man selling the paintings didn’t even get his first hire until hours later because everyone walking past him thought that he was selling counterfeits. The ones that did make a purchase, however, walked away with a serious find!

For more on this project, click here.

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Take Me There:

If you haven’t guessed it recently, I’ve been missing a little bit of the city life. I’ve managed to make it up to SF every weekend so far, but when you’re living in a city and it’s right outside your front door, it’s a little bit different. This isn’t San Francisco. This is New York! It’s a place I’ve never been to actually, but with how much time we spend talking about it, you would think that I would have made the trip, myself already. The skyline in Seattle is amazing and San Francisco – not so much, but I’m sure New York City could give my hometown a run for its money. We don’t have very many rooftop gardens like this one.


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Improv Everywhere: Conduct Us

Improv Everywhere is one of my favorite groups. They are the organizers behind some of the most memorable events in New York City including one of my all time favorites – Black Tie Beach! They are also responsible for Reverse Times Square and the infamous No Pants Subway Ride. “We cause scenes” is their motto and fortunately for us – they hold the drama. In their latest mission, Conduct Us – the organizers let random people in New York City conduct a Carnegie Hall orchestra and allow these individuals to live out their creative aspirations. 

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Currently Craving:

Sometimes we crave things out of pure curiosity. I’ve been fighting this battle with the Ramen Burger for a couple of months since I first saw it come onto the scene. I thought it looked weird. I always thought it would feel weird replacing a bun with noodles in my hand and I didn’t like the idea of it. In fact, I was willing to give it a “hard pass.” But now, I’m a little bit more open to the idea. Why? Because I grew up eating only noodles basically. It’s a carb that I never get tired of. When you think about it, it’s almost like you’re eating a bowl of noodle soup without the soup.

As I type this post, the Ramen Burger is currently taking over New York City by storm.

The Ramen Burger is an all-beef patty, sandwiched between two ramen noodle “buns.” It’s garnished with a secret Shoyu sauce, arugula and green onions. The flavor is a salty-sweet combination, but the texture of the buns is what makes this burger so enticing.


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Dare You To…Depart?

Can you think of anything more adventurous than packing your bags, arriving at the airport, an pressing a button to determine your next destination?


Heineken is daring travelers to do just that. At JFK Airport, creative agency Weiden + Kennedy set up a fun game called “Departure Roulette.” With the push of a button, travelers were told to give up their existing traveling plans and accept a new one without knowing where it was first. Immediately, they would board their next flight and embark on a very spontaneous adventure. This is the type of thing we always dream of doing, right? So I love that this collaboration has enabled people to do that. I can’t tell you how many times in college where I was having a “boring Friday night” and I thought to myself, wouldn’t it just be nice to go to the airport and take a weekend trip to …somewhere. But let’s be real, I didn’t have the paper to do that nor do I have the guts, nor did I want my parents to be upset with me when they found out I had done that via Twitter.

Check out the rest of the article here and one example of a man who took the plunge!

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The Benefits That Feed


It wasn’t long ago that we accepted a great benefits package as being one that included healthcare, vision, dental, PTO, and holidays. In fact, having those benefits at all (especially for a new college grad) was something to be proud of. When I talk to my parents now about what kinds of unique benefits are being offered, they are floored. I once visited a company that offered more than just the standard and they were benefits that were not just on paper  – ones that you could see right before you. As I stepped into the office, I was taken into the cafeteria where chefs were the masters behind the kitchen offering employees breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All around me, employees got from point A to point B on scooters and skateboards. In front of me was a music room filled with instruments that doubled up as a karaoke room and behind me? A fully stocked bar.

Our idea of “benefits” these days are changing and they are being implemented heavily in the Bay Area and New York City. Seattle, will you catch up? One of my favorite interviewees, Molly Young, recently wrote a piece for the Times on how food is such a huge selling point for companies these days on the East. Not only does it make employees extremely happy, but it allows them to be productive as well! Molly also comes from a start-up as well (Warby Parker) so naturally, we trust her opinion.

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Aziz Ansari on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Aziz Ansari stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and talks dating, technology, and NYC.

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