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15 Jan 2013

Blog Posts Roundup 1/15/13

weird menswear

1. Men’s Fashion…it’s something to be afraid of. Vern discovered this last week and it was just too ridiculous NOT to post. [Yahoo]


2. A little Japanese girl named Rino loves to eat the food that her mother makes her from all over the world. I can’t believe I spent this much time watching her eat, but it’s so cute. So worth it. Cuteness starts at 2:15. [Source]

3. It’s here! Check out Warby Parker’s annual report. It’s quite pretty. [Source]

4. OkCupid has launched a new dating app called Crazy Blind Date that will supposedly change dating for our generation. [Source]

5. I love spices. In fact, it’s always been a dream of mine to own a spice rack. I feel like you’re not a real adult unless you have one and actually use it. I have no idea what these spices taste like, but I found this post on [Cool Material] and I think any spice with this clever name has to be good. Or maybe it isn’t.

18 Nov 2012

Thought Catalog Roundup


  • hair face
  • 👋🏽
  • me in circles ⚫️
  • Santa Clara if it were in the desert
  • 〰️〰️〰️
  • Current worry: how my sleep schedule tonight will be affected by the royal wedding
  • Perfect end to a Friday night waiting for me at the end of this day
  • Refills?

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