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Olivia Palermo x Banana Republic

We’ve sort of been a fan of Olivia Palermo’s ever since she was cast as the passive aggressive villain on “The City.” Years later, we’re just convinced that it was all editing done by the producers. It seems like everyone else in the world has put that past of hers behind as well because for the last few years all we see in Olivia is a style icon. She’s not a celebrity by any means and we don’t even see her publicly on red carpets too often, but we wish we could see more of her. Every outfit of hers is perfection so it’s no surprise that she’s snagging her 2nd retailer collaboration. You may remember her first collaboration with Nordstrom’s Chelsea 28.

You can expect to see her capsule collection in stores beginning fall 2017, but for now here’s a look at their spring campaign starring her.

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Golden Globes 2016 Red Carpet Arrivals

Zendaya in Marchesa

This was, hands down, the best look of the night. It’s so hard to hate on a Marchesa gown and of course Zendaya – the 19-year old startlet that everyone couldn’t wait to see on the red carpet this evening. I’m loving everything about this regal red look. It’s so age appropriate and really very pretty.

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A Collection Part 42

For the first time, we are publishing an “A Collection” post and starting the next one immediately. Hopefully, this means that we can have another one posted within the next six months. These are Veronica’s favorite posts and I even texted her this morning to let her know that she could expect it this evening. These posts are so interesting to me because there is usually little to no content. Instead, it’s a post of 50+ images that I’ve collected over 6 months that evoke something out of me. There’s no rhyme or reason. I can’t go through each photo and say why I chose each one. I just know that it’s important to me, that it means something and resonates with me in some way or another. I’ve never actually talked to Veronica about this, but while this doesn’t hold much content, I almost feel like she probably knows what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling through a collection of images. Maybe you all do! You tell me. :)

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Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Olivia Palermo

Wearing: Valentino

Where: American Museum of Natural History Museum Dance

Yes, Jordana Brewster donned a similar look recently for the “Furious 7” premiere. I’m obsessed with this print.

Readers, do you prefer the look with sleeves or sleeveless? I actually love Jordana’s color better and having it sleeveless, but we couldn’t not write a post about Olivia.


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Olivia Palermo Marries This Past Weekend

We couldn’t wait for Olivia Palermo to get married and we were sure that it was going to be the wedding of the year – we just didn’t think that it would happen this fast!

This past weekend, Olivia Palermo tied the knot to her longtime boyfriend German model Johannes Huebl in a small civil ceremony in New York. Wearing a simple Cashmere sweater tucked into a tulle skirt over white shorts, Olivia looked like the prettiest bride we’ve ever seen. The couple have been dating since 2008 when they met through mutual friends at a movie screening.

I am completely in love with this look.


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Olivia Palermo for Vogue Australia

She may have played the villain in MTV’s The City, but there is no denying that Olivia Palermo is a style icon in her own right. Someone should give her a reality show. However, if she doesn’t get one – we’d be satisfied with how much online attention she has been getting this year.

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A Collection Part 30

A Softer World

Happy spring readers! We’re long overdue for a Collection post so I thought I would leave you with one before I embark on the rest of my spring break venturing for the week. It’s definitely shorter than usual, but still packed with pretty pictures. I wanted to kick off this collection post with a comic from one of my favorite sites, A Softer World. Together, they are the perfect combination of beautiful photography and witty thoughts.


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Snaps For A Snapshot

Photo Cred: KCD

Who: Olivia Palermo

Wearing: Marchesa Dress and Valentino Shoes

Where: Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum Launch Party in New York City

Oh my gosh…I love this outfit. Olivia can do no wrong.


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Olivia Palermo Launches Her Blog

After months of talking about it, Olivia Palermo has finally launched her blog into the internetz. Olivia Palermo, is a style icon, but is more known for her role on The City as Whitney Port’s frenemy. If you’ve ever seen the show, Olivia would not be one of the characters you rooted for, but if you have never seen the show at all then you would love her in real life just for her outfits alone. Somewhere in that hot mess of a sentence, it makes sense. The lifestyle blog will cover fashion, traveling, and tips. So far it’s a little lackluster, but I’ll give it a shot and add it to my notepad of blogs. If we were going to judge on visual appeal though, Lauren Conrad’sThe Beauty Department” still takes the cake! Design Love Fest creator Bri Emery is a creative genius!

Check out Olivia Palermo’s self-titled blog here.

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